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Changes in MySQL Workbench 6.2.0 (Not released, Internal)

Functionality Added or Changed

  • The schema navigator now includes new overlay icons for common operations such as table data view, table edit, and table/schema inspector. (Bug #18621683, Bug #13813178, Bug #72384, Bug #64493)

  • The NONBLOCKING modifier (SHOW SLAVE STATUS NONBLOCKING) in MySQL 5.7+ is now supported. (Bug #18383812, WL #6402)

  • An option was added that converts SQL keywords to uppercase when using the SQL beautification tool. (Bug #18124415, Bug #71459)

  • A new "Pin Tab" feature was added that saves (pins) result set tabs to the SQL Editor. To use, right-click on a result set menu and select Pin Tab from the context menu. (Bug #16171532, Bug #67364)

  • Shared SQL snippets were added. They allow multiple users to share SQL code by storing the snippets in a shared MySQL instance. (Bug #13596578, Bug #64007)

  • For Microsoft Windows, 64-bit binaries are now built to go along with the 32-bit versions. (Bug #12589701, Bug #61263)

  • An option to include (attach) SQL scripts was added in the forward engineer and synchronization wizards. (Bug #11748756, Bug #37299)

  • Visual Explain now allows you to "drill down" into large to very large explain plans.

  • The result set panel now integrates Visual Explain, and offers an execution plan for all executed queries.

  • Database modeling was updated to allow changes to the formatting of note objects, and attached SQL scripts can now be included in the forward engineering and synchronization scripts.

  • The Run SQL Script command can now be executed on SQL scripts, without first loading the scripts.

  • The result tabs can now be "pinned" for persistent data views.

  • The improved results handling include better column auto-sizing and saved width preferences. The fonts can also be customized.

  • The migration wizard now supports migration from Microsoft Access.

  • MySQL Fabric cluster connectivity: Browse, view status, and connect to any MySQL instance in a Fabric Cluster.

  • The Metadata Locks view shows the locked connections that are blocked or being waiting on.

  • The MySQL 5.7 SQL syntax and configuration options are now supported.

  • A new spatial data viewer that offers graphical views of result sets containing GEOMETRY data. This utilizes the GIS capabilities in MySQL 5.7+.

Bugs Fixed

  • On OS X, closed query tabs could reopen after restarting MySQL Workbench. (Bug #19376105, Bug #73487)

  • A clear warning was added that fully enabling all "Performance Schema" instrumentation options causes performance degradation. (Bug #18984148)

  • The results grid Filter Rows box failed to filter out partial matches. (Bug #18974865, Bug #72214)

  • When importing a CSV file, only the first line was displayed. (Bug #18849285, Bug #72768)

  • A newly created SSH / TCP connection required MySQL Workbench to be restarted before it could be used with Enterprise features. (Bug #18673220)

  • The refresh button on the results grid did not function. (Bug #18670542, Bug #72471)

  • The log viewer did not take into account the log file changes in MySQL server 5.7.2+. (Bug #18632608)

  • Column widths in the results view window would sometimes not fit, thus requiring the columns to be resized manually.

    In addition to the autofit function being fixed, adjusted column widths are now preserved. (Bug #18589588, Bug #14079636, Bug #72332, Bug #65223)

  • Multiple trigger support in MySQL server 5.7+ was added. (Bug #18547239, WL #3253)

  • The SQL parser was updated to reflect the SQL grammar changes in MySQL 5.7. (Bug #18545678, Bug #18545802)

  • A failed WMI managed connection would not emit an error, and would instead report the connection as being valid. (Bug #18492248)

  • Sort on numeric columns did not function properly. (Bug #18447936, Bug #72104)

  • The text boxes in the "Object" and "Session" windows could be edited. (Bug #18445344)

  • A specific error message was added for failed MySQL connections when the max_user_connections limit was reached. (Bug #18431229, Bug #72026)

  • The mouseover tooltips in the Visual Explain window would sometimes hide unrelated content. (Bug #18251611, Bug #71711)

  • A new configuration option was added to configure the font in the results view window. (Bug #17490024, Bug #70388)

  • Models that were auto-saved could not be recovered. (Bug #17299758)

  • The "precision" keyword was not considered valid in MySQL Workbench. The SQL editor, reverse engineering wizard, and table editor were updated to accept the "precision" keyword. (Bug #17169591, Bug #69754)

  • Opening BLOB field data (such as an average sized image) in the Value Editor could take 10-40 seconds to load. (Bug #16715370, Bug #69049)

  • In the scripting editor, the Control + F keyboard shortcut inserted an ACK character instead of loading the "Find and Replace" dialog. (Bug #14495634, Bug #66302)

  • Reordering tabs could cause query execution in an unexpected tab. (Bug #14221754, Bug #65557)

  • The Control + S keyboard shortcut would not save the Python file in the scripting shell. (Bug #14172988)

  • Textual content would not wrap the text when resizing a text object. (Bug #12546783, Bug #61092)

  • A new context menu item was added that adds all tables in the privileges role editor. (Bug #11763614, Bug #56346)

  • A new button was added to select all privileges when assigning privileges to a role. (Bug #11763614, Bug #56346)

  • On Microsoft Windows, the Microsoft visual C++ 2013 redistributable package is now used instead of the 2010 version.

  • The Lua scripting language is no longer supported in the Scripting Shell. For additional information about Python support, see Extending Workbench.