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Changes in MySQL Workbench 6.2.5 (2015-03-03, General Availability)

Bugs Fixed

  • The Options File editor would display the equals sign character ("=") as a space (" ") when the equals sign was used in an option's value. (Bug #20404658)

  • The bundled MySQL client was upgraded to MySQL 5.6.23. (Bug #20375565)

  • The Fedora RPM would not install on Fedora 21 due to missing ctemplate dependencies. This is due to changes introduced in ctemplate version 0.97, where the "ReloadIfChanged" function was replaced with "ReloadAllIfChanged". (Bug #20323716, Bug #75421)

  • On Linux with FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standard) enabled, MySQL Workbench would fail to connect and emit a "Cannot start SSH tunnel manager" error. Creating local connections on FIPS enabled systems is now functional, although SSH tunneling (for remote connections) remains unavailable due to limitations with the underlining paramiko library. (Bug #20236376, Bug #75262)

  • On Windows, MySQL Workbench failed to schedule weekly or monthly MySQL Enterprise Backup backups.

    As a workaround, change "/ST " to " /ST " on lines 754 and 757 of mysqlwbmeb.vbs. (Bug #20174892)

  • Executing Data Export with Export to Dump Project Folder enabled would fail and emit unhandled exception: 'builtin_function_or_method' object has no attribute '__getitem__';. (Bug #20168180, Bug #20542086, Bug #75136, Bug #75845)

  • The Linux RPM builds failed to check for the libzip and libtinyxml dependencies, and the installation process would continue when the system did not have either of them installed. (Bug #20128947, Bug #75012)

  • The model synchronization wizard would produce an incorrect synchronization SQL script if table or column mappings were modified. The generated script did not contain all of these modifications. (Bug #20128561, Bug #74878)

  • The Connection Group folders would not properly display all connections when 40+ connections were stored in a single folder. (Bug #20119383, Bug #74763)

  • On Linux, the action buttons were hidden after clicking Next from the initial Forward Engineer wizard menu.

    As a workaround, the window could be resized by dragging the bottom right corner, or by double clicking the top of the window to resize the window. (Bug #20091734, Bug #74983)

  • Executing Data Export against multiple databases with the Export to Dump Project Folder option enabled would fail and generate an unhandled exception; "Error Unhandled exception: 'builtin_function_or_method' object has no attribute '__getitem__'".

    As a workaround, an export with the Export to self-contained file option functioned properly. (Bug #20085036, Bug #74967)

  • On Linux, the Saved password in keychain functionality for a MySQL connection would not always save correctly. A possible workaround was to execute "export GNOME_KEYRING_CONTROL=1" before starting MySQL Workbench. (Bug #20074563, Bug #74771)

  • After editing a trigger once, future changes were not seen. Other triggers were no longer visible until the table was closed and reopened.

    As a workaround; after editing a trigger, click Apply from the "Select an existing trigger" screen, click Apply again, then click on the trigger name for expected behavior. (Bug #20061687)

  • Stability improvements were made to the modeling file saving and loading mechanisms. (Bug #20041632, Bug #74884)

  • On Linux and OS X, creating a MySQL Enterprise Backup backup job with scheduling enabled would fail to function. (Bug #20034934, Bug #74872)

  • A typo was fixed in the generated MySQL Workbench log file, the word "where" was changed to "were". (Bug #20016911, Bug #74784)

  • When clicking the Replace and Find button in the SQL editor without selected text, a replace-string was inserted at the current cursor position before the editor highlighted the next match. If instead text was selected, the selected text was also replaced with the replace-string even if it did not match the found-string.

    Now, selected text does not affect the "Replace and Find" functionality. (Bug #19957424, Bug #76499)

  • On Linux, the query result view did not populate with libglib version 2.42 and above. This affected Linux distributions that recently upgraded libglib, such as Ubuntu 14.10 and OpenSUSE 13.2.

    To solve this, additional builds were added. For example, Ubuntu 14.10 builds are now available as Ubuntu 14.04 builds fail on Ubuntu 14.10. (Bug #19831054, Bug #74147)

  • MySQL Workbench did not show the index type for spatial indexes. (Bug #19802579, Bug #74332)

  • The Synchronize Model wizard would fail on forward engineered tables that had hash partitioning enabled and then disabled. It assumed that partitioning was still enabled. (Bug #19515501, Bug #72909)

  • Opening a model from the operating system's file explorer (and not from within MySQL Workbench itself) would add duplicate entries to each table's context menu in the schema explorer. (Bug #19313268, Bug #73363)

  • Attempts to install the SYS performance helper schema with a "Local Socket/Pipe" enabled MySQL connection would fail, and do so without reporting an error. (Bug #19313081, Bug #73421)

  • Under User Accounts, attempting to change the password for the default 'root'@'::1' user would fail and with "Invalid host specification: The host specification "::1" is not valid. Please correct it and try again.". (Bug #19313045, Bug #73420)

  • The measurement units used by the performance reports were sometimes incorrect. (Bug #19273555, Bug #73344)

  • The results grid rendering functionality was improved. Before, some queries took an unreasonable amount of time to display the results. (Bug #18952956, Bug #72946)

  • Clicking Revert after adding a trigger under the Alter Table's Triggers tab would fail to remove the trigger name from the trigger list, although it did delete the trigger. (Bug #18492291)

  • The Reset saved passwords functionality did not always reset (delete) saved passwords in the vault. (Bug #18492237)

  • Migrating from SQL Server 2005 to MySQL would emit "copytable: Invalid timestamp literal detected" errors if the source database contained a DATETIME column with one or more NULL values. (Bug #18117211, Bug #71350)

  • The buttons after executing "Data Export" or "Data Import/Restore" operations was changed from Start Import / Start Export to Import Again / Export Again. (Bug #17665484)

  • Due to "result grid" size limitations (e.g., 64k with GTK on Linux), the text there is truncated at some point. Now, an error is generated if the entered text will be truncated.

    To enter long text using the GUI, click Open Value in Editor from a fields context menu to open an editor window. (Bug #14383416, Bug #66031)

  • Importing a DBDesigner 4 model containing INSERT statements could crash MySQL Workbench. (Bug #12949941, Bug #62317)

  • The DBDoc Model Reporting window was undersized. (Bug #12937567)

  • Pasting a "Start of Heading" (SOH) control character into the SQL editor could cause MySQL Workbench, and potentially the system, to crash. (Bug #74593, Bug #19899245)

  • On Windows, closing MySQL Workbench after opening the SQL editor would cause a MySQL Workbench process to hang (remain active).

    On Linux and OS X, this instead delayed the MySQL Workbench shutdown for several extra seconds.