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Changes in MySQL Workbench 6.1.7 (2014-06-27, General Availability)

Bugs Fixed

  • Security Fix: The linked OpenSSL library for MySQL Workbench Commercial 6.1.7 has been updated from version 1.0.1g to version 1.0.1h. Versions of OpenSSL prior to and including 1.0.1g are reported to be vulnerable to CVE-2014-0224.

    This change does not affect the Oracle-produced MySQL Community build of MySQL Workbench 6.1.7, which uses the yaSSL library instead.

  • On Ubuntu Linux, the 32-bit build was discontinued. Ubuntu 32-bit users must now build from the source. (Bug #19124922, Bug #73140)

  • Under certain conditions (with a subquery), Visual Explain would fail with the error "error calling Python module function SQLIDEQueryAnalysis.visualExplain", even when the tabular EXPLAIN was properly generated. (Bug #18997475, Bug #72725)

  • The Backup Recovery process could fail and generate an unhandled exception titled "list indices must be integers, not NoneType" after clicking Cancel. General improvements were made to this functionality. (Bug #18925451)

  • The Form Editor could generate an "Index was out of range" error after adding a new record and then clicking Add Record. (Bug #18891983, Bug #72844)

  • The schema selection step of the migration wizard would not display the complete names of the schemas nor complete the migration process if the schema name contained a dot. (Bug #18844624, Bug #72757)

  • On Ubuntu 14, the dependency check was updated to allow any of mysql-client, mysql-client-5.6 or mysql-community-client client libraries. Previously, the dependency check could fail. (Bug #18841046, Bug #72729)

  • Sometimes MySQL Workbench would crash when connecting to a remote Linux host using SSH. (Bug #18817608, Bug #72486)

  • The Backup Restore action would hang with a MySQL server running in a MySQL Sandbox environment that used MySQL Sandbox to start/stop the MySQL server. (Bug #18814560)

  • Executing the following steps (in order) would generate an error: change layer name, change layer color, and then resize layer. (Bug #18760955, Bug #72647)

  • With the Move Model tool enabled, dragging a model while hovering (and pausing) over a table would generate a tooltip that would not go away. (Bug #18718801, Bug #72555)

  • For a new EER diagram, editing a text object after adding a different text object could cause MySQL Workbench to crash.

    A workaround was to close the new diagram and model, and then reopen the model and diagram. (Bug #18718784, Bug #72559)

  • MySQL error code 1698 (ER_ACCESS_DENIED_NO_PASSWORD_ERROR) is now handled as an authentication error. (Bug #18711142, Bug #72536)

  • After enabling Import from Folder in the Data Import / Restore wizard for a connection, doing the same for a second connection would reset (deselect) this option in the first connection. (Bug #18685308, Bug #72492)

  • A new "Override sudo command line" option was added to the connection manager under the System Profile in the connection editor for systems other than Windows. It can (optionally) configure the sudo command line to use on any operation requiring root access for administration tasks.

    If left blank (the default), MySQL Workbench continue to pass in -S and -p. Otherwise, you can replace the default sudo command. This should only be defined if the server configuration requires it. (Bug #18679748)

  • For Linux, Ubuntu 14.04 builds now exist. (Bug #18622692, Bug #72388)

  • Preferences, SQL Queries, Confirm Data Changes did not generate the Apply Data option. (Bug #18492280)

  • On OS X, the "Oracle Linux 6" entry was missing from the MySQL connections installation type listing. (Bug #18445795)

  • Column sorting did not function properly for the Performance Reports. (Bug #18427135)

  • On OS X, pressing Option + Shift with the Arrow buttons did not function as expected in the SQL editor. This key combination selects adds a word (string) to the current selection. (Bug #18385643, Bug #72014)

  • When creating a table, the FULLTEXT and SPATIAL index types were not present in the index type drop-down list when non-MyISAM tables were selected. (Bug #18376840, Bug #71998)