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Changes in MySQL Workbench 6.1.2 (2014-03-04, Beta)

Functionality Added or Changed

  • The ability to select multiple processes in the Client Connections table was added. (Bug #18043979)

  • When an error is generated while synchronizing a model to a database, the statement causing the error is now displayed alongside the generated error. (Bug #13702410, Bug #64208)

  • Create Model from SQL Script with Place imported objects on a diagram checked now prompts to configure the diagram dimensions, which is especially useful when a lot of objects are imported. (Bug #11764060, Bug #56848)

  • The validation routine now checks whether a column referred to by an FK has the same character set as the source column. (Bug #11749091, Bug #38136)

Bugs Fixed

  • The following sequence would crash MySQL Workbench: Execute a standard SELECT statement in the SQL editor, right-click on a row from the results, click on another row when the context-menu appears (to close it), and then right-click on another row from the results. (Bug #18237466, Bug #71238)

  • Data Export could only be opened once per session. If the connection was closed and reconnected, then it would work again (but only once). (Bug #18149809, Bug #71506)

  • The Visual Explain feature did not function with MySQL Server 5.7. (Bug #18141803, Bug #71464)

  • On OS X, general stability improvements were made to the codebase. (Bug #18132375, Bug #71473)

  • Executing a DROP from within the UI (via right-click on a database in the schema navigator) would cause the UI to freeze while the DROP operation was executed. (Bug #18123337, Bug #71457)

  • On OS X, Command + F did not open a search box in the SQL editor. (Bug #18055066, Bug #71326)

  • Having SQL_MODE set to "MYSQL40" would not allow the ALTER TABLE action to create new columns in MySQL Workbench. (Bug #18055044, Bug #64741)

  • Dropping a schema that had non-committed or reverted transactions could crash MySQL Workbench, but now the drop statement is executed as a user command so it can be aborted. (Bug #18054944, Bug #71327)

  • After editing an SQL file from outside of MySQL Workbench that was also open inside MySQL Workbench, a refresh would update a different (wrong) SQL editor tab in MySQL Workbench. (Bug #18051499, Bug #71321)

  • A MEB backup could not be scheduled for December 31. (Bug #18019619)

  • On OS X, executing Synchronize Database could crash MySQL Workbench. (Bug #18000412, Bug #71203)

  • Sorting by a column would sort the data starting with uppercase characters first, before sorting the lower case strings. The sorting algorithm now behaves like a typical ORDER BY clause, which does not prioritize uppercase characters. (Bug #17993866, Bug #71195)

  • On OS X, the auto-completion popup window remained until reopening MySQL Workbench. (Bug #17799326, Bug #18281362, Bug #70912, Bug #71771)

  • On Microsoft Windows, increased support for "High Contrast" modes was added. (Bug #17694247, Bug #70750)

  • MySQL Workbench would freeze when the connected MySQL server stopped responding, when the context help was running. (Bug #17667094)

  • The SQL editor could lose newline characters. The new forms editor is useful for this type of input, as the newlines are preserved. (Bug #17559560, Bug #70519)

  • While executing Database, Synchronize Model..., adding a ROW_FORMAT definition (such as "ROW_FORMAT = COMPACT;") would not add a valid ROW_FORMAT definition on the next execution of Synchronize Model..., and instead an invalid (empty) "ROW_FORMAT =" was added. (Bug #17454626, Bug #70129)

  • After creating two tables with an n:m relationship, attempting to create an n:m identifying relationship between the two tables would yield a misleading prompt that read "Select the Table to receive the Foreign Key." (Bug #17449878, Bug #67864)

  • When configuring an SSH connection, MySQL Workbench initially shows the $HOME directory, and hides all directories configured to be hidden, which often includes files and directories that begin with a dot. This means that the commonly used ~/.ssh/ directory is hidden by default. You can now right-click over the "Open File..." window and view a menu with the Show hidden files option.

    A workaround was to type in the full path to the .ssh directory. (Bug #17439032, Bug #70291)

  • The Search Table Data tool failed to function when used to search multiple schemas. (Bug #17404072, Bug #70232)

  • The diagram page size is now properly passed on to printer driver. For example, defining a diagram with an A3 page size now sends A3 to the printer driver, when before it reverted to A4. (Bug #17389155, Bug #70191)

  • When executing Database, Synchronize with any source on a model, the model schema was unintentionally renamed when enabling the Override Target option. (Bug #17299799)

  • On Microsoft Windows, Control + V would not paste a copied diagram. (Bug #17299778)

  • Using Create EER Model from Script would sometimes close the model without defining a schema. (Bug #17299745)

  • On Microsoft Windows, the Indexes section would disappear after restoring (after an undo) a table change from the history tab. (Bug #17299519)

  • Tables created with the n:m identifying relationship tool were missing the created timestamp. (Bug #17050577, Bug #69656)

  • On Linux, when closing a script tab that carried unsaved changes in the SQL editor, the model dialog that prompted to "save the script first" could become hidden behind the main MySQL Workbench window. (Bug #16672658, Bug #68802)

  • Selecting an element in a section (when the section was longer than the visible part of the overview panel) would scroll the view back up to the top of the panel, instead of preserving the current cursor focus. (Bug #14520978, Bug #66420)

  • The Scripting file chooser would generate an exception (without an option to cancel) when an unsupported file type was selected. A new Cancel button was added to this dialog. (Bug #14520515, Bug #66453)

  • The birds-eye image of the object canvas in the navigator view of the model sidebar did not always show the correct z-order, when objects overlapped on the canvas. (Bug #14456188)

  • Using a MySQL script that started with an empty line to create an EER diagram would generate an empty EER diagram. (Bug #14278179, Bug #65749)

  • When setting "On Delete" and "On Update" to "SET NULL" on Foreign Key fields that were marked as "NOT NULL", a generic "ERROR: Error 1005: Can't create table" error was emitted. The generated error is now more specific. (Bug #13029457, Bug #62464)

  • While creating a column with the serial data type generates a NOT NULL constraint with a UNIQUE INDEX for the column, MySQL Workbench would complain about a missing Primary Key. (Bug #11762455, Bug #55051)

  • When executing Database, Synchronize Model, the Model and Database Differences step now expands the folder of each database that contains differences. (Bug #11758101, Bug #50251)

  • Relationship lines now snap to the closest snap point, rather than the most recently passed-over snap point. (Bug #11755408, Bug #47178)