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Changes in MySQL Workbench 6.1.0 (Not released, Internal)

This is the first private alpha release of the 6.1.x branch.

Functionality Added or Changed

  • A global Arrange, Align to Grid preference was added, which affects the Snap To Grid option in the EER Diagram editor. (Bug #11754669, Bug #46306)

  • The 'Visual Explain' feature was rewritten with a new layout. The raw EXPLAIN output and JSON output are also displayed.

  • A new Performance Dashboard was added to the Navigator. It is a graphical representation of the data/query flow of the connected MySQL server that shows status info from SHOW STATUS, P_S and other places.

  • A new Performance Reports page was added to the Navigator. It provides a list of Performance Schema based server-wide performance reports.

  • A Thread Stack view was added, and can be accessed by right-clicking a connection entry in the Client Connections tab and choosing View Thread Stack.

Bugs Fixed

  • On the home screen, the model tile layout is wider, and tooltips were added in case the title does not fit. (Bug #17959942, Bug #71154)

  • When using the main menu to load the administration pages, the tabs only appear or switch if the administration tab was open, and not yet closed. (Bug #17753473)

  • Event privileges manipulation was added to Server, Users and Privileges under the Schema Privileges tab. (Bug #17733771, Bug #70810)

  • MySQL Workbench now checks and validates MEB related variables before use, when before it assumed they were always defined. (Bug #17509559)

  • Browsing the "Backup Storage directory" would generate an unhandled exception. The sequence for this browsing is Online Backup, New Job, Options, Browse. (Bug #17307519)

  • A new MySQL Utilities installation was not detected when installed while MySQL Workbench was open. (Bug #17307175)

  • Checking the Server Status of a remotely managed MySQL connection would throw an unhandled exception when pressing OK at the password prompt, after not entering a password. (Bug #17300394)

  • On Microsoft Windows, the plugin icon was cropped if a plugin was installed. (Bug #17300272)

  • Information in the Object Info panel could not be copied to the clipboard. (Bug #15884708, Bug #67587)

  • With modeling, a red key now indicates that a key is both a PK and FK. This coincides with a red diamond representing FKs, and a yellow key for PKs. (Bug #11761658, Bug #54172)