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Changes in MySQL Workbench 6.1.6 (2014-05-16, General Availability)

Functionality Added or Changed

  • MySQL Workbench now shows a SSH fingerprint dialog box when connecting to an SSH server, to notify you when the fingerprint does not correspond to the fingerprint stored (in known_hosts) for that particular server. (Bug #11765158, Bug #58091)

Bugs Fixed

  • MySQL Workbench could crash with a MySQL connection that was defined with an unprivileged MySQL user. (Bug #18704357, Bug #72350)

  • Configuring MySQL Enterprise Backup using SSH would cause an online backup operation to fail, and it also generated an unhandled exception. (Bug #18676962)

  • The following scenario generated a segmentation fault in the EER diagram editor: Double-click a table with a FK, double-click a table with a FK, select the Foreign Keys tab, and to generate the "Index out of range" error and segfault, either double-click an existing table or create a new table. (Bug #18632808, Bug #72329)

  • The Don't create table placeholder for views option of the Forward Engineer SQL Create Script wizard did not function. (Bug #18614177, Bug #72366)

  • The Show in Editor functionality from the Client Connections context-menu would not function (the option was grayed out). (Bug #18598559, Bug #72349)

  • On OS X, the code completion tooltip could be displayed on top of a non-Workbench application. (Bug #18593798, Bug #72344)

  • Closing the Stored Procedure Editor after changing a stored procedure (and clicking Apply) would emit an "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." error. (Bug #18591542, Bug #72328)

  • In the EER diagram editor, tooltips are now hidden when mouse movements or clicks are registered, and they are also hidden when switching applications. (Bug #18536932, Bug #72257)

  • When generating a Visual Explain report, a group operation would cause the generated JSON output to contain a node error. (Bug #18534644, Bug #72180)

  • Altering (adding values to) an ENUM column potentially caused MySQL Workbench to crash. (Bug #18530674, Bug #72267)

  • Executing the Select Objects to Forward Engineer step in the Forward Engineering wizard would crash MySQL Workbench each time the wizard is executed after the first time. In other words, the wizard would only execute every step with success during its initial (first) execution. (Bug #18526002, Bug #72251)

  • Clicking a column header in an SQL result view sorts rows in ascending order, but clicking the column header a second time would not sort the rows in descending order. (Bug #18517317, Bug #72226)

  • The Query Stats panel contained the string "sigle" instead of the word "single." (Bug #18516611, Bug #72228)

  • Subsequent executions of Query, Execute (All or Selection) to Text would cause the result's tab title from the previous execution to turn blank. (Bug #18516486, Bug #72232)

  • With the Collect Resultset Field Metadata disabled, the Form Editor results view was blank. It now displays a message asking the user to enable the required Query, Collect Resultset Field Metadata preference. (Bug #18516369, Bug #72233)

  • Executing a Visual Explain would sometimes generate an error with the text "Error calling Python module function SQLIDEQueryAnalysis.visualExplain". (Bug #18509791, Bug #72216)

  • Changes made to a Trigger were not always recognized by the Apply action.

    A workaround was to edit the Trigger, close and reopen the table, and then continue to make changes before saving. (Bug #18502294, Bug #72198)

  • The PERFORMANCE schema navigator tab was disabled for MySQL server 5.5 (and below) MySQL connections, as the system requires a MySQL server 5.6 (and above) connection. Attempting a MySQL server 5.5 would report an error about a missing sys_55.sql configuration file. (Bug #18502244, Bug #72201)

  • The Beautify/Reformat feature would add whitespace to variable names, so that "@foo" would become "@ foo". (Bug #18502104, Bug #72193)

  • Rapidly clicking Execute in an SQL session too frequently sometimes caused MySQL Workbench to crash. (Bug #18491041)

  • On OS X, the background banner for the 6.1 installer (DMG file) incorrectly displayed 6.0. (Bug #18491018)

  • Executing Backup Restore with a MySQL user lacking the proper permissions would generate an unhandled exception. (Bug #18490779)

  • On Microsoft Windows, the Management, Client Connections, View Thread Stack feature failed to function. (Bug #18490766)

  • After clicking Apply to save changes to a result set in the SQL editor, the executed SQL statement was no longer being displayed. (Bug #18490695, Bug #72155)

  • On OS X, and after adding a backtick character on a German keyboard in the SQL editor, MySQL Workbench would crash after advancing from the backtick using Space while the code-completion drop-down was visible. (Bug #18445851)

  • Mixed case and lower cased triggers were not properly displayed in the Alter Table tab, causing them to not be visible or editable. (Bug #18436881, Bug #71868)

  • A MySQL connection that was created without a defined username and password failed to open, despite prompting for the username and password. (Bug #18436002)

  • Labels could be cut off from the exported image when exporting a Visual Explain, if there were "many" objects. (Bug #18374308, Bug #71980)

  • Visual Explain could fail to function for large EXPLAIN plans. (Bug #18373387, Bug #71973)

  • MySQL Workbench will now use the default schema when set, or use the last active schema even if after closing MySQL Workbench. Before, the last active schema was not preserved after a restart. (Bug #18352922, Bug #71900)

  • On OS X, when a Model Validation Plugin was executed on a nonempty document, only the first of the calls succeeded. All subsequent calls to these plugins showed an "Cannot execute db.plugin.wb.validate. Plugin requires unavailable argument value" error. (Bug #18338544, Bug #71917)

  • The bundled MySQL client library was upgraded to version 5.6.17, to solve the following MySQL client issue:

    MySQL client programs from a Community Edition distribution could not connect using SSL to a MySQL server from an Enterprise Edition. This was due to a difference in certificate handling by yaSSL and OpenSSL (used for Community and Enterprise, respectively). OpenSSL expected a blank certificate to be sent when not all of the --ssl-ca, --ssl-cert, and --ssl-key options were specified, and yaSSL did not do so. To resolve this, yaSSL has been modified to send a blank certificate when an option is missing. (Bug #18070573)

  • On Linux, starting/stopping the MySQL server from MySQL Workbench failed if "Default requiretty" was enabled in the system's /etc/sudoers file. (Bug #17438804, Bug #70289)

  • The File, Import, Import DBDesigner4 model operation failed and generate an error. (Bug #11766079, Bug #59115)