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MySQL Shell Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL Shell 8.0.37 (2024-04-30, General Availability)

Changes in MySQL Shell 8.0.37 (2024-04-30, General Availability)

AdminAPI Added or Changed Functionality

  • Cloning version compatibility checks for donor and recipient instances are relaxed. As of this release, with certain conditions, only the major and minor version numbers need to match, the patch number is now disregarded.

    The following conditions apply:

    • Only version 8.0.17, or higher, can perform cloning.

    • If both versions are 8.0.37, or higher, only the major and minor versions are required to match.

    • If the version is 8.0.17, or higher, and less than 8.0.37, major, minor, and patch numbers must match.

    (Bug #36054489)

AdminAPI Bugs Fixed

  • If the primary instance of a Replica Cluster was changed, attempting to remove that Cluster from the Cluster set failed with the following error:

            ERROR: Error enabling automatic super_read_only management at secondary:port: 
            MySQL Error 3910 (HY000): The function 'group_replication_enable_member_action' failed. 
            Member must be the primary or OFFLINE.

    (Bug #36400360)

  • dba.createReplicaSet with adoptFromAR:true could fail if the host and port values returned were not properly configured on the target instance. The error returned did not provide useful information.

    As of this release, if the target instance does not have properly configured host and port values, it is ignored and the user is informed. (Bug #36201015)

Utilities Bugs Fixed

  • The dump utilities included the MySQL HeatWave Service-reserved username oracle-cloud-agent resulting in the following error:

            User 'oracle-cloud-agent'@'localhost' is using an unsupported 
            authentication plugin 'auth_socket' (fix this with 'skip_invalid_accounts' compatibility option)

    The following users are now excluded when loading to, or dumping from, an MySQL HeatWave Service instance:

    • ocidbm

    • oracle-cloud-agent

    • rrhhuser

    (Bug #36159820)

  • Loading a dump on Windows platforms failed if sql_mode was set to STRICT_ALL_TABLES. The following error was returned:

            ERROR 1231 (42000): Variable 'wait_timeout' can't be set to the value of '31536000'

    The load utility attempted to set a maximum value for wait_timeout which is not permitted on Windows platforms. (Bug #36119568)

  • Under certain circumstances, the Upgrade Checker utility's reserved keywords check did not generate warnings for the FULL and INTERSECT keywords. (Bug #114423, Bug #36424093)

  • The upgrade checker utility did not check for all old temporal types. Under certain circumstances, this could result in an upgrade failure. (Bug #112991, Bug #36029331)

Functionality Added or Changed

  • The V8 JavaScript engine used by MySQL Shell was updated to version (WL #15948)