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MySQL Shell Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL Shell 8.0.34 (2023-07-18, General Availability)

Changes in MySQL Shell 8.0.34 (2023-07-18, General Availability)

AdminAPI Bugs Fixed

  • Rebooting a replica cluster from complete outage could result in the cluster rejoining the ClusterSet, but not the instance members of the replica cluster. This happened only if the primary cluster was under heavy load or the replica cluster was missing transactions from the ClusterSet. (Bug #35444244)

  • If the X Protocol port was changed for a cluster member and that member restarted, the AdminAPI did not update the metadata with the new port number, leading to connection errors and so on.

    As of this release, cluster.status() checks for port changes and cluster.rescan() updates the metadata with the new port number. (Bug #35410360)

  • During a failover of a ClusterSet replication channel, the ClusterSet.status() value clusterSetReplicationStatus reported ERROR and globalStatus returned OK_NOT_REPLICATING. Errors and warnings relating to misconfigured or stopped channels were also returned. These statuses and errors were misleading as the channel was attempting to connect to another source or replica.

    As of this release, clusterSetReplicationStatus returns CONNECTING, and globalStatus returns OK while a channel connection attempt is ongoing. If there is an error, it is ignored until the channel state updates to either ON or OFF.

    Additionally, the ReplicaSet.status() field, status, also returns CONNECTING. (Bug #34614769)

Utilities Bugs Fixed

  • Under certain circumstances, util.loadDump() could fail when retrieving a file from AWS S3, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage, or Azure Blob Storage, even though the file was downloadable by other means.

    As of this release, if CURL errors occur, such as 52: CURLE_GOT_NOTHING. 56 CURLE_RECV_ERROR, or 28: CURLE_OPERATION_TIMEDOUT utils.loadDump() retries the download. (Bug #35362775, Bug #35392531)

  • If an exception occurred while importing a single, uncompressed file with util.import_table(), MySQL Shell crashed. (Bug #35313366)

  • The upgrade checker utility did not check stored procedures and routines for the deprecated qualifier syntax .tbl_name. (Bug #35046623)

  • If chunking was enabled for a dump of tables, but the primary key or unique index used to chunk the table contained an ENUM column, some of the tables rows were not exported to the dump. This occurred if the ENUM column's values were not ordered alphabetically.

    As of this release, primary keys or unique indexes which contain one or more ENUM columns, are ignored when selecting an index for chunking. (Bug #110352, Bug #35180061)

Functionality Added or Changed

  • MySQL Shell now supports the --loose prefix.

    For more information on this prefix, see Program Option Modifiers. (Bug #110141, Bug #35112454)

Bugs Fixed

  • The MySQL configuration utility mysql_config_editor was not bundled with MySQL Shell 8.0.33. (Bug #35459202)

    References: This issue is a regression of: Bug #34097411.

  • MySQL Shell command line did not correctly handle missing optional arguments. A NULL value was used instead of a valid value, resulting in an error. (Bug #109827, Bug #35068427)