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MySQL Shell Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL Shell 8.0.25 (2021-05-11, General Availability)

Changes in MySQL Shell 8.0.25 (2021-05-11, General Availability)

Bugs Fixed

  • When the consistent option is set to true for MySQL Shell's instance dump utility util.dumpInstance(), schema dump utility util.dumpSchemas(), and table dump utility util.dumpTables(), the utility locks the tables for backup during the dump. If the user ID used to run the utility has the RELOAD privilege, the utility uses a FLUSH TABLES WITH READ LOCK statement to set a global read lock. If the user ID does not have that privilege but does have the LOCK TABLES privilege, the utility issues a series of LOCK TABLES statements. Previously, the utility would issue these statements in the same session, causing previously locked tables to be unlocked. The utility now locks the system tables in the main thread’s session, and creates additional sessions to lock the other tables that are being dumped. (Bug #32788788)

  • MySQL Database Service validates that all user accounts have passwords, but MySQL Shell's instance dump utility util.dumpInstance did not previously check this when the ocimds option was specified, resulting in errors when loading the dump files. The utility now includes this in the compatibility checks and returns an error if a user account does not have a password set, except where the user account is identified as a role. The skip_invalid_accounts modification, which can be applied using the compatibility option, now also removes user accounts that do not have passwords set. In the case of a user account that is identified as a role, the utility dumps the account using the CREATE ROLE statement. (Bug #32741098)

  • In some situations, MySQL Shell's dump loading utility util.loadDump() did not delete the progress state file when the resetProgress option was specified. (Bug #32734880)

  • When MySQL Shell's dump loading utility util.loadDump() was used to apply a dump that was still in the process of being created (with the waitDumpTimeout option), and pre-authenticated requests were used for the dump, an authorization error could be returned when fetching the .idx file for a table. The utility’s behavior when handling the manifest has now been refactored to create the correct handle to the .idx files and use the correct pre-authenticated request URL. (Bug #32734817)