MySQL Cluster Manager 8.4 Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL Cluster Manager 8.4.1 (2024-07-02, LTS Release)

Changes in MySQL Cluster Manager 8.4.1 (2024-07-02, LTS Release)

Version 8.4.1 is the latest General Availability release of the 8.4 LTS series of MySQL Cluster Manager. It is suitable for use with MySQL NDB Cluster 8.4, 8.0, and 7.6.

Bugs Fixed

  • Agent: mcmd quit unexpectedly sometimes while trying to back up a large cluster. (Bug #36675015)

  • Client: MySQL Cluster Manager did not handle correctly the version information for some cluster parameters' introduction or removal, so that it was sometimes confused with the availability of those parameters for a cluster. (Bug #36647522)

  • Client: The format of the mysqld XML configuration file (mcm-installation-dir/var/mysqld.xml) has been updated to better organize the configuration information. (Bug #36298214)

  • Certain restrictions for upgrading and downgrading on MySQL Cluster Manager have been removed. Please refer to Upgrading and Downgrading NDB Cluster for valid upgrade and downgrade paths for MySQL NDB Cluster and MySQL Cluster Manager. (Bug #36610348, Bug #36720575)

  • Some Windows binaries for MySQL Cluster Manager had wrong or missing version or product name information under its Properties. (Bug #36510070)