MySQL Cluster Manager 8.4 Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL Cluster Manager 8.4.0 (2024-04-30, LTS Release)

Changes in MySQL Cluster Manager 8.4.0 (2024-04-30, LTS Release)

MySQL Cluster Manager 8.4.0 marks the start of a new series of LTS (Long Term Support) releases. MySQL Cluster Manager 8.4.0 is recommended for use on production systems.

The 8.4.X LTS releases will focus on security and bug fixes while the next Innovation series will include new features.

MySQL Cluster Manager 8.4.0 is suitable for use with MySQL NDB Cluster 8.4, 8.0, and 7.6.

Listed below are functionality changes and bug fixes for MySQL Cluster Manager 8.4.0, in comparison to release 8.3.0.

Functionality Added or Changed

Bugs Fixed

  • Agent: The default authentication plugin for the mysqld version is now used when mcmd makes a connection. This is done to avoid excessive deprecation warnings in the mysqld log in case mcmd attempts to use deprecated plugins. (Bug #36215227)

  • Agent: The configuration for a mysqld node could not be loaded if the configuration file used !include to import another configuration file and the file path for the import contained any dashes (-) in it. (Bug #36029115)

  • Agent: The --background option, deprecated in release 8.1.0, has now been removed. You can no longer use it with any mcm client commands. (Bug #25480576)

  • Client: Some help texts of the mcm client commands contained artifacts, which have now been removed. (Bug #36398066, Bug #36210786)

  • Client: Auto completion for client commands did not always work. It has been fixed, but is also disabled now by default. To enable the function, use the --auto-rehash variable to TRUE when you start the mcm client. (Bug #34968330)