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MySQL Connector/Node.js Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL Connector/Node.js 8.0  /  Changes in MySQL Connector/Node.js 8.0.29 (2022-04-26, General Availability)

Changes in MySQL Connector/Node.js 8.0.29 (2022-04-26, General Availability)

Functionality Added or Changed

  • When a connection disabled SSL mode (such as ssl-mode=DISABLED), specifying other TLS/SSL connection options caused Connector/Node.js to throw an error. With this change, disabling SSL now means those additional TLS/SSL connection options are ignored. For example, defining tls-versions with ssl-mode=DISABLED raised an error in previous versions of Connector/Node.js.

    Now server certificates are only verified against a certificate authority if ssl-mode is either VERIFY_CA or VERIFY_IDENTITY. The exception is a warning message is logged if ssl-ca is set while ssl-mode is not equal to VERIFY_CA or VERIFY_IDENTITY. (Bug #26117220, WL #14837)

  • Updated the google-protobuf dependency from v3.14.0 to v3.19.4. Issues fixed in the newer Protobuf versions are described at (WL #15079)

Bugs Fixed

  • Removed the timekeeper package dependency, and replaced time travel functionality with manual time control using testdouble mocks. (Bug #33784970)

  • Closing a connection pool now closes all open connection requests to the connection pool, when before the open requests remained open until the application process was terminated. (Bug #33761268)

  • Creating a DATETIME index for a collection where the corresponding document field was provided as a native JavaScript Date instance yielded the following error: "Error: Incorrect datetime value". The Zulu Time indicator used for UTC date strings was replaced by an explicit "+00:00" suffix as the date indicator. (Bug #33740190)