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MySQL Connector/NET Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL Connector/NET Version 8.x  /  Changes in MySQL Connector/NET 8.0.26 (2021-07-20, General Availability)

Changes in MySQL Connector/NET 8.0.26 (2021-07-20, General Availability)

Deprecation and Removal Notes

  • The TLSv1 and TLSv1.1 connection protocols now are deprecated and support for them is subject to removal in a future version of Connector/NET. (WL #14554)

Functionality Added or Changed

  • The authentication_ldap_sasl_client plugin using GSSAPI/Kerberos is disabled for .NET applications running on Windows. (Bug #32867404)

  • Connector/NET now supports Entity Framework Core (EF Core) 6.0 Preview, which targets .NET 5 at the time of this release. EF Core 6.0 does not target any .NET Standard version. EF Core 6.0 will not run on .NET Framework. (WL #14578)

  • Applications that use Connector/NET now can define query attribute metadata on a per-query basis, without the use of workarounds such as specially formatted comments included in query strings. This capability is implemented using the Attributes property of the MySqlCommand class:

    myCommand.Attributes.SetAttribute("queryAttribute", "value of the query attribute");
    myCommand.Attributes.SetAttribute("queryAttribute2", DateTime.Now);

    For more information, see Using MySqlCommand. (WL #14209)

  • Connector/NET now implements the authentication_kerberos_client plugin to support Kerberos authentication for classic MySQL protocol connections made by applications running on Linux (see Connector/NET Authentication). (WL #14429)

  • A new connection-string option named DefaultAuthenticationPlugin enables an application to specify a valid authentication plugin to use instead of the server-side default authentication plugin (see Options for Classic MySQL Protocol Only). This option applies to classic MySQL protocol connections only.

Bugs Fixed

  • An error was returned during a connection attempt using either the named pipe or shared memory protocol to a MySQL server properly configured to accept these connections. (Bug #32853205)

  • The ReplaceOne and AddOrRplaceOne methods in the MySqlX.XDevAPI namespace ignored the _id parameter within each implementation. This fix now validates _id values and raises an error when a collection’s ID and document parameters are mismatched. (Bug #32763765)

  • A data table declared using valid database.table syntax within an Entity Framework model could have extra database names in the generated query (for example, database.database.table). (Bug #32358174, Bug #101236)