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MySQL Connector/NET Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL Connector/NET Version 8.x  /  Changes in MySQL Connector/NET 8.0.30 (2022-07-26, General Availability)

Changes in MySQL Connector/NET 8.0.30 (2022-07-26, General Availability)

Deprecation and Removal Notes

  • The MySql.Data.MySqlClient.Memcached namespace and its members now are deprecated. An alternative binary or text client is recommended for applications that access data using the InnoDB memcached plugin. (WL #15163)

  • The EMTrace extension is deprecated. The EMTrace project implements a trace-listener plugin that feeds data back to MySQL Enterprise Monitor using a REST server endpoint. (WL #15159)

Functionality Added or Changed

  • Connector/NET collation support now aligns with the collations that were either renamed or newly added by the server starting with MySQL 8.0.30. All current collations named utf8 are renamed to utf8mb3.

    The new collations are:

    Norwegian (same as Danish): Norwegian collation has two codes, nb (Norwegian Bokmål) and nn (Norwegian Nynorsk)

    • utf8mb4_nb_0900_ai_ci (same as utf8mb4_da_0900_ai_ci) (*)

    • utf8mb4_nb_0900_as_cs (same as utf8mb4_da_0900_as_cs but CASE FIRST OFF) (*)

    • utf8mb4_nn_0900_ai_ci (same as utf8mb4_da_0900_ai_ci) (*)

    • utf8mb4_nn_0900_as_cs (same as utf8mb4_da_0900_as_cs but CASE FIRST OFF) (*)

    Serbian with Latin characters (same as Croatian)

    • utf8mb4_sr_latn_0900_ai_ci (same as utf8mb4_hr_0900_ai_ci)

    • utf8mb4_sr_latn_0900_as_cs (same as utf8mb4_hr_0900_as_cs)

    Bosnian with Latin characters (same as Croatian)

    • utf8mb4_bs_0900_ai_ci (same as utf8mb4_hr_0900_ai_ci)

    • utf8mb4_bs_0900_as_cs (same as utf8mb4_hr_0900_as_cs)

    Bulgarian (same as Russian)

    • utf8mb4_bg_0900_ai_ci (same as utf8mb4_ru_0900_ai_ci)

    • utf8mb4_bg_0900_as_cs (same as utf8mb4_ru_0900_as_cs)

    Galician (same as standard Spanish)

    • utf8mb4_gl_0900_ai_ci (same as utf8mb4_es_0900_ai_ci)

    • utf8mb4_gl_0900_as_cs (same as utf8mb4_es_0900_as_cs)

    Mongolian written with Cyrillic letters (identical to Russian)

    • utf8mb4_mn_cyrl_0900_ai_ci (same as utf8mb4_ru_0900_ai_ci)

    • utf8mb4_mn_cyrl_0900_as_cs (same as utf8mb4_ru_0900_as_cs)

    (Bug #34156197, WL #15209)

  • Connector/NET now implements the MySqlConnectionStringBuilder.TryGetValue method. (Bug #104910, Bug #33351775)

Bugs Fixed

  • X DevAPI: Connector/NET permitted setting a null or empty string ("") value to represent a document path when modifying a collection. Now, the Set() method enforces using the dollar sign character ($) as the document path argument. (Bug #34243143)

  • The link to the Oracle Contributor Agreement (OCA) page specified in the CONTRIBUTING file was incorrect. (Bug #34082302)

  • Connections to a properly configured server using the named-pipe transport protocol were not possible when running MySQL Server as a Windows service. (Bug #33974737)

  • With the SSL mode set to VerifyCA or VerifyFull, SSL connections could not be established if the client certificates were chained. (Bug #33179908)

  • The MySql.Data NuGet package was dependent on an unmaintained version of BouncyCastle. This fix replaces the dependency with Portable.BouncyCastle, which contains the BouncyCastle DLL and is current. (Bug #106370, Bug #33827732)

  • The mechanism used to clean up idle connections in the connection pool performed poorly. This fix changes the idle list from type Queue<T> to type LinkedList<T> to reduce the overall number of idle connections remaining in the pool after a connection surge is over and the load requirement is reduced. (Bug #106368, Bug #33935441)

  • Type MySqlDbType.Enum could not be used with the MySqlParameter method in a prepared statement. (Bug #106247, Bug #33827735)

  • Previously, it was possible to cancel the MySqlConnection.OpenAsync operation if the CancellationToken object was canceled. This fix restores the original behavior. (Bug #106243, Bug #33781447)

    References: Reverted patches: Bug #28662512.

  • MySqlCommand.CommandText emitted an error if the stored procedure to execute included one or more backtick characters (`) in the name. (Bug #104913, Bug #33338458)