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MySQL 5.6 Reference Manual  /  Functions and Operators  /  Loadable Function Reference

12.2 Loadable Function Reference

The following table lists each function that is loadable at runtime and provides a short description of each one. For a table listing built-in functions and operators, see Section 12.1, “Built-In Function and Operator Reference”

For general information about loadable functions, see Section 5.6, “MySQL Server Loadable Functions”.

Table 12.2 Loadable Functions

Name Description Introduced
asymmetric_decrypt() Decrypt ciphertext using private or public key 5.6.21
asymmetric_derive() Derive symmetric key from asymmetric keys 5.6.21
asymmetric_encrypt() Encrypt cleartext using private or public key 5.6.21
asymmetric_sign() Generate signature from digest 5.6.21
asymmetric_verify() Verify that signature matches digest 5.6.21
create_asymmetric_priv_key() Create private key 5.6.21
create_asymmetric_pub_key() Create public key 5.6.21
create_dh_parameters() Generate shared DH secret 5.6.21
create_digest() Generate digest from string 5.6.21
mysql_firewall_flush_status() Reset firewall status variables
normalize_statement() Normalize SQL statement to digest form
read_firewall_users() Update firewall account profile cache
read_firewall_whitelist() Update firewall account profile recorded-statement cache
set_firewall_mode() Establish firewall account profile operational mode