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Posted by shimon doodkin on September 14 2009 1:50am[Delete] [Edit]

false positive case after upgrade

the character sets dir configuration was missing and no tables repair was needed.

i had a strange issue.
i had upgraded mysql from public repository with apt-get
and after then had disk full error and had to restart.
after repairing the disk full error i have discovered the data selected from tables is gibberish.
in phpmyadmin the type of all tables was VIEW
and they all ware corrupt even if i repair them or optimize or check... and when i repair it with myisamchk it does nothing.
just shows :
myisamchk -eron emaillist, the errors:
- recovering (with sort) MyISAM-table 'emaillist'
Data records: 4255
- Fixing index 1
Found link that points at -1735598930481103523 (outside data file) at 27888
Found block that points outside data file at 268252
Found block that points outside data file at 268572
Found block that points outside data file at 268844
Found block that points outside data file at 268916

and nothing was changed after the repair.

in phpmyadmin when i click on a table it selected SHOW FULL COLUMNS and it showd an error similar to: the table is corrupt unknown COLLATIONS #16 error #1273

i have started to search, where are those collation numbers came from, and found that in mysql schema database there is a collations table
and my number 16 was missing
and i saw that the list is suspiciously small.
when i ran 'mysql --help' there was no charset directory

the solution was to set the in my.cnf

and it worked like a charm

Posted by Victor Praigs on March 1 2014 5:33pm[Delete] [Edit]

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