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9.9 Tagging ReplicaSets

Tagging is supported by ReplicaSets, and their instances. For the purpose of tagging, ReplicaSets support the setOption(), setInstanceOption() and options() operations. These operations function in generally the same way as their Cluster equivalents. For more information, see Section 6.9, “Tagging Metadata”. This section documents the differences in working with tags for ReplicaSets.


There are no other options which can be configured for ReplicaSets and their instances. For ReplicaSets, the options documented at Section 7.5.1, “Setting Options for InnoDB Cluster” are not supported. The only supported option is the tagging described here.

The ReplicaSet.options() operation shows information about the tags assigned to individual ReplicaSet instances as well as to the ReplicaSet itself.

The option argument of ReplicaSet.setOption() and ReplicaSet.setInstanceOption() only support options with the tag namespace and throw an error otherwise.

The ReplicaSet.setInstanceOption(instance, option, value) and ReplicaSet.setOption(option, value) operations behave in the same way as the Cluster equivalent operations.

There are no differences in hiding instances as described at Removing Instances from Routing. For example, to hide the ReplicaSet instance rs-1, issue:

mysql-js> myReplicaSet.setInstanceOption("icadmin@rs-1:3306", "tag:_hidden", true);

A MySQL Router that has been bootstrapped against the ReplicaSet detects the change and removes the rs-1 instance from the routing destinations.