MySQL Shell 8.4  /  MySQL InnoDB ReplicaSet  /  Dissolving a ReplicaSet

9.12 Dissolving a ReplicaSet

This section describes how to dissolve a ReplicaSet using replicaSet.dissolve().

ReplicaSets are dissolved in the following way:

  • Replication accounts are dropped from all contactable members.

  • The metadata schema is dropped from all contactable members.

  • The asynchronous replication channel is stopped on all contactable members.

If any instance is unreachable, the operation fails, generating an error. To ignore unreachable instances and dissolve the ReplicaSet, use the force option. You can also use this option if a timeout is reached waiting for all transactions to be applied on a secondary member.


If force is used in interactive mode, no prompts are displayed.

replicaSet.dissolve() accepts a timeout option, which specifies the number of seconds to wait for pending transactions to be applied in each contactable instance of the ReplicaSet. The default value is retrieved from the dba.gtidWaitTimeout option.