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MySQL Shell 8.0  /  Getting Started with MySQL Shell  /  MySQL Shell Global Objects

4.5 MySQL Shell Global Objects

MySQL Shell includes a number of built-in global objects that exist in both JavaScript and Python modes. The built-in MySQL Shell global objects are as follows:

  • cluster represents an InnoDB cluster.

  • dba provides access to InnoDB cluster administration functions using the AdminAPI. See InnoDB Cluster.

  • session is available when a global session is established, and represents the global session.

  • db is available when the global session was established using an X Protocol connection with a default database specified, and represents that schema.

  • shell provides access to various MySQL Shell functions, for example:

  • util provides various MySQL Shell tools, including the upgrade checker utility, the JSON import utility, and the parallel table import utility. See Chapter 7, MySQL Shell Utilities.


The names of the MySQL Shell global objects are reserved as global variables and cannot be used, for example, as names of variables.

You can also create your own extension objects and register them as additional MySQL Shell global objects to make them available in a global context. For instructions to do this, see Section 6.2, “Adding Extension Objects to MySQL Shell”.