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2.1.1 Connecting using Individual Parameters

In addition to specifying connection parameters using a path, it is also possible to define the connection data when starting MySQL Shell using separate command parameters for each value. For a full reference of MySQL Shell command options see Section A.1, “mysqlsh — The MySQL Shell”.

Use the following connection related parameters:

The command options behave similarly to the options used with the mysql client described at Connecting to the MySQL Server.

For consistency, the following aliases are supported for some parameters:

When parameters are specified in multiple ways, for example using both the --uri option and specifying individual parameters such as --user, the following rules apply:

  • If an argument is specified more than once the value of the last appearance is used.

  • If both individual connection arguments and --uri are specified, the value of --uri is taken as the base and the values of the individual arguments override the specific component from the base URI.

    For example to override user from the URI:

    shell> mysqlsh --uri user@localhost:33065 --user otheruser

The following examples show how to use command parameters to specify connections. Attempt to establish an X Protocol connection with a specified user at port 33065.

shell> mysqlsh --mysqlx -u user -h localhost -P 33065

Attempt to establish a classic MySQL protocol connection with a specified user.

shell> mysqlsh --mysql -u user -h localhost