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Security in MySQL
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Security in MySQL  /  Using Encrypted Connections  /  SSL Library-Dependent Capabilities

5.4 SSL Library-Dependent Capabilities

MySQL can be compiled using OpenSSL or yaSSL, both of which enable encrypted connections based on the OpenSSL API:

  • MySQL Enterprise Edition binary distributions are compiled using yaSSL.

  • MySQL Community Edition binary distributions are compiled using yaSSL.

  • MySQL Community Edition source distributions can be compiled using either OpenSSL or yaSSL (see Configuring SSL Library Support).

OpenSSL and yaSSL offer the same basic functionality, but additional features are available in MySQL distributions compiled using OpenSSL:

  • OpenSSL supports a more flexible syntax for specifying ciphers for the --ssl-cipher option, and supports a wider range of encryption ciphers from which to choose. See Command Options for Encrypted Connections, and Section 5.2, “Encrypted Connection TLS Protocols and Ciphers”.

  • OpenSSL supports the --ssl-capath option. MySQL distributions compiled using yaSSL do not because yaSSL does not look in any directory and do not follow a chained certificate tree. yaSSL requires that all components of the CA certificate tree be contained within a single CA certificate tree and that each certificate in the file has a unique SubjectName value. To work around this limitation, concatenate the individual certificate files comprising the certificate tree into a new file and specify that file as the value of the --ssl-ca option.