2.1 Install using Helm Charts

Helm is an optional package manager for Kubernetes that helps manage Kubernetes applications; Helm uses charts to define, install, and upgrade Kubernetes Operators. For Helm specific usage information, see the Helm Quickstart and Installing Helm guides. Alternatively, see Section 2.2, “Install using Manifest Files”.

Add the Helm repository:

$> helm repo add mysql-operator https://mysql.github.io/mysql-operator/
$> helm repo update

Install MySQL Operator for Kubernetes, this simple example defines the release name as my-mysql-operator using a new namespace named mysql-operator:

$> helm install my-mysql-operator mysql-operator/mysql-operator \
   --namespace mysql-operator --create-namespace

The operator deployment is customizable through other options that override built-in defaults. For example, useful when using a local (air-gapped) private container registry to use with the operator.

To use MySQL Operator for Kubernetes to create MySQL InnoDB Clusters, see Chapter 3, MySQL InnoDB Cluster.