20.5 Metadata Options

These options control the generation of metadata about backups. Some metadata is stored in the backup directory, other metadata is stored in tables within the mysql database of the backed-up instance.

  • --no-history-logging

    Turns off the recording of backup progress and history in logging tables inside the backed-up database server. See Section 17.3, “Using the MySQL Enterprise Backup Logs” for details about these tables.

    Default: history logging is enabled.

  • --comments=STRING

    Command-Line Format --comments=STRING
    Type String

    Specifies a comment string that describes or identifies the backup. Surround multi-word comments with appropriate quotation marks. The string is saved in a file meta/comments.txt in the backup. For example: --comments="Backup of HR data on 2010/12/10".

  • --comments-file=PATH

    Command-Line Format --comments-file=PATH
    Type File name

    Specifies path to a file containing comments describing the backup. This file is saved as meta/comments.txt in the backup. For example: --comments-file=/path/to/comments.txt.

    This option overrides the --comments option if both are specified.