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MySQL Enterprise Backup 8.0 User's Guide
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MySQL Enterprise Backup 8.0 User's Guide  /  Using MySQL Enterprise Backup  /  Recovering or Restoring a Database

Chapter 5 Recovering or Restoring a Database

The ultimate purpose of backup data is to help recover from a database issue or to create a clone of the original database in another location (typically, to run report queries or to create a new replication slave). This section describes the procedures to handle those scenarios.

After a serious database issue, you might need to perform a recovery under severe time pressure. It is critical to confirm in advance:

  • How long the recovery will take, including any steps to transfer, unpack, and otherwise process the data.

  • That you have practiced and documented all steps of the recovery process, so that you can do it correctly in one try. If a hardware issue requires restoring the data to a different server, verify all privileges, storage capacity, and so on, on that server ahead of time.

  • That you have periodically verified the accuracy and completeness of the backup data, so that the system will be up and running soon after being recovered.

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