5.4 InnoDB Buffer Pool

The InnoDB Buffer Pool page displays information on the InnoDB buffer pool usage on the monitored server.

Table 5.8 InnoDB Buffer Pool Performance Page Regions

Buffer UsageGraphs the amount of megabytes in the InnoDB buffer pool which contain data and the number of megabytes held in dirty pages.
Row RequestsGraphs the number of logical read requests, logical read requests read from disk, and writes done to the buffer pool.
Page ActivityGraphs the number of buffer pool pages read, written and created.
Waits for Free PagesGraphs the number of times writes to the buffer pool waited for clean pages to become available.
Pages FlushedGraphs the number of buffer pool page-flush requests.
Pages LatchedGraphs the number of buffer pool pages latched.
Young Page ActivityGraphs the number of pages made young and not young in the LRU list.
Pending OperationsGraphs the number of pending reads, LRU writes, single-page writes and pages to be flushed during checkpointing.
Page Read AheadGraphs the number of pages reads into the buffer pool by the read ahead thread and the number of pages evicted.
Compression TimeGraphs the time, in seconds, spent compressing or uncompressing buffer pool pages.
Current UsagePie chart which displays how the buffer pool is currently used.
InnoDB Buffer ConfigurationLists the buffer-pool-specific system variables and their values.