5.5 Global Table/Row Statistics

The Global Table/Row Statistics dashboard displays information on the table and row activity on the monitored server.

Table 5.9 Tables / Rows Performance Page Regions

Opened TablesGraphs the number of cached frm files and the total number of opened tables.
Currently Open TablesGraphs the number of tables open in the table cache.
Temporary TablesGraphs the number of temporary tables created, and the number of temporary tables converted to disk-based tables.
Table LocksGraphs the number of times a table lock request was granted immediately and the number of times it could not be granted immediately.
Table Scan RatioGraphs the ratio of rows read via indexes versus rows read via table scan.
Row ReadsGraphs the average of rows read via indexes per second and the rows read via scan.
Row WritesGraphs the number of requests to write, update or delete a row.
SortsGraphs the number of sorts performed using ranges and scans.
Rows SortedGraphs the number of sorted rows.
Sort Merge PassesGraphs the number of merge passes performed by the sort algorithm.
Table ConfigurationLists the table-specific system variables and their values.