5.3 Statements

The Statements dashboard displays information on the various types of statement executed on the monitored server.

Table 5.7 Statements Performance Page Regions

DML StatementsGraphs the number and type of DML statements. The following statement types are graphed: SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, REPLACE, DELETE and Call Procedures.
Transaction StatementsGraphs the number and type of Transaction statements. The following transaction statements are graphed: BEGIN, COMMIT, ROLLBACK, SAVEPOINT, ROLLBACK TO SAVEPOINT and RELEASE SAVEPOINT.
Row ActivityGraphs the type of row activity and the number of rows acted upon.
Index Usage RatioGraphs the change in rows read by indexes versus rows read by table scans.
Temporary TablesGraphs the number of temporary tables created in the database and on disk.
Sort ActivityGraphs the number of sort merge passes, the number of sorts done using ranges, and the number of sorts performed by scanning tables.
Statement ConfigurationLists the statement-specific system variables and their values.
Optimizer ConfigurationLists the optimizer-specific system variables and their values.