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4.8.2 The import config Command

import config [--dryrun|-y] cluster_name

This command imports the configuration of an autonomous or wild cluster into the cluster named cluster_name.

import config requires a single argument, the name of the cluster created using MySQL Cluster Manager—that is, cluster_name—into which you wish to import the configuration of a MySQL Cluster created externally into one created using MySQL Cluster Manager. The cluster named in the command must already exist in MySQL Cluster Manager; you are also strongly advised to use create cluster --import when creating cluster_name.

import config also supports a --dryrun option (short form: -y). When this option is used, only the checks required for importing the configuration data are performed. This makes it possible to perform tests without actually copying any of this data into a cluster under MCM control.

import config is available in MySQL Cluster Manager 1.3.1 and later.

For more information about importing clusters into MySQL Cluster Manager, including examples, see Section 3.5, “Importing MySQL Clusters into MySQL Cluster Manager”.