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MySQL Cluster Manager 1.3 User Manual
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4.4.8 The stop cluster Command

stop cluster cluster_name

This command stops the cluster named cluster_name, if it is running, as shown in this example:

mcm> stop cluster mycluster;
| Command result               |
| Cluster stopped successfully |
1 row in set (21.31 sec)

stop cluster fails if the cluster is not in an operational state (see Section 4.4.6, “The show status Command”, for information about obtaining the cluster's status):

mcm> show status --cluster mycluster;
| Cluster   | Status  | Comment |
| mycluster | stopped |         |
1 row in set (0.01 sec)

mcm> stop cluster mycluster;
ERROR 5006 (00MGR): Cluster mycluster is stopped

stop cluster cannot be used on a cluster created for import until the import has been completed. See Section 4.4.1, “The create cluster Command”, and Section 3.5, “Importing MySQL Clusters into MySQL Cluster Manager”, for more information.

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