MySQL  8.0.16
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1 /* Copyright (c) 2005, 2019, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
3  This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
4  it under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2.0,
5  as published by the Free Software Foundation.
7  This program is also distributed with certain software (including
8  but not limited to OpenSSL) that is licensed under separate terms,
9  as designated in a particular file or component or in included license
10  documentation. The authors of MySQL hereby grant you an additional
11  permission to link the program and your derivative works with the
12  separately licensed software that they have included with MySQL.
14  This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
15  but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
17  GNU General Public License, version 2.0, for more details.
19  You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
20  along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
21  Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin St, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA */
23 #ifndef RPL_RLI_H
24 #define RPL_RLI_H
26 #if defined(__SUNPRO_CC)
27 /*
28  Solaris Studio 12.5 has a bug where, if you use dynamic_cast
29  and then later #include this file (which Boost does), you will
30  get a compile error. Work around it by just including it right now.
31 */
32 #include <cxxabi.h>
33 #endif
35 #include <sys/types.h>
36 #include <time.h>
37 #include <atomic>
38 #include <memory>
39 #include <string>
40 #include <vector>
42 #include "binlog_event.h"
43 #include "lex_string.h"
44 #include "m_string.h"
45 #include "map_helpers.h"
46 #include "my_bitmap.h"
47 #include "my_dbug.h"
48 #include "my_inttypes.h"
49 #include "my_io.h"
50 #include "my_loglevel.h"
51 #include "my_psi_config.h"
52 #include "my_sys.h"
56 #include "mysql/psi/mysql_mutex.h"
57 #include "mysql/thread_type.h"
58 #include "prealloced_array.h" // Prealloced_array
59 #include "sql/binlog.h" // MYSQL_BIN_LOG
60 #include "sql/log_event.h" //Gtid_log_event
61 #include "sql/psi_memory_key.h"
62 #include "sql/query_options.h"
63 #include "sql/rpl_gtid.h" // Gtid_set
64 #include "sql/rpl_info.h" // Rpl_info
65 #include "sql/rpl_mts_submode.h" // enum_mts_parallel_type
67 #include "sql/rpl_tblmap.h" // table_mapping
68 #include "sql/rpl_utility.h" // Deferred_log_events
69 #include "sql/sql_class.h" // THD
70 #include "sql/system_variables.h"
71 #include "sql/table.h"
74 class Master_info;
75 class Rpl_filter;
76 class Rpl_info_handler;
78 class Slave_worker;
79 class String;
80 struct LEX_MASTER_INFO;
87 typedef struct slave_job_item {
93 /*******************************************************************************
94 Replication SQL Thread
96 Relay_log_info contains:
97  - the current relay log
98  - the current relay log offset
99  - master log name
100  - master log sequence corresponding to the last update
101  - misc information specific to the SQL thread
103 Relay_log_info is initialized from a repository, i.e. table or file, if there is
104 one. Otherwise, data members are intialized with defaults by calling
105 init_relay_log_info().
107 The table/file shall be updated whenever: (i) the relay log file
108 is rotated, (ii) SQL Thread is stopped, (iii) while processing a Xid_log_event,
109 (iv) after a Query_log_event (i.e. commit or rollback) and (v) after processing
110 any statement written to the binary log without a transaction context.
112 The Xid_log_event is a commit for transactional engines and must be handled
113 differently to provide reliability/data integrity. In this case, positions
114 are updated within the context of the current transaction. So
116  . If the is stored in a transactional repository and the server
117  crashes before successfully committing the transaction the changes to the
118  position table will be rolled back along with the data.
120  . If the is stored in a non-transactional repository, for instance,
121  a file or a system table created using MyIsam, and the server crashes before
122  successfully committing the transaction the changes to the position table
123  will not be rolled back but data will.
125 In particular, when there are mixed transactions, i.e a transaction that updates
126 both transaction and non-transactional engines, the Xid_log_event is still used
127 but reliability/data integrity cannot be achieved as we shall explain in what
128 follows.
130 Changes to non-transactional engines, such as MyIsam, cannot be rolled back if a
131 failure happens. For that reason, there is no point in updating the positions
132 within the boundaries of any on-going transaction. This is true for both commit
133 and rollback. If a failure happens after processing the pseudo-transaction but
134 before updating the positions, the transaction will be re-executed when the
135 slave is up most likely causing an error that needs to be manually circumvented.
136 This is a well-known issue when non-transactional statements are executed.
138 Specifically, if rolling back any transaction, positions are updated outside the
139 transaction boundaries. However, there may be a problem in this scenario even
140 when only transactional engines are updated. This happens because if there is a
141 rollback and such transaction is written to the binary log, a non-transactional
142 engine was updated or a temporary table was created or dropped within its
143 boundaries.
145 In particular, in both STATEMENT and MIXED logging formats, this happens because
146 any temporary table is automatically dropped after a shutdown/startup.
147 See BUG#26945 for further details.
149 Statements written to the binary log outside the boundaries of a transaction are
150 DDLs or maintenance commands which are not transactional. These means that they
151 cannot be rolled back if a failure happens. In such cases, the positions are
152 updated after processing the events. If a failure happens after processing the
153 statement but before updating the positions, the statement will be
154 re-executed when the slave is up most likely causing an error that needs to be
155 manually circumvented. This is a well-known issue when non-transactional
156 statements are executed.
158 The --sync-relay-log-info does not have effect when a system table, either
159 transactional or non-transactional is used.
161 To correctly recovery from failures, one should combine transactional system
162 tables along with the --relay-log-recovery.
163 *******************************************************************************/
164 class Relay_log_info : public Rpl_info {
165  friend class Rpl_info_factory;
167  public:
168  /*
169  The per-channel filter associated with this RLI
170  */
172  /**
173  Flags for the state of the replication.
174  */
176  /** The replication thread is inside a statement */
179  /** Flag counter. Should always be last */
181  };
183  /*
184  The SQL thread owns one Relay_log_info, and each client that has
185  executed a BINLOG statement owns one Relay_log_info. This function
186  returns zero for the Relay_log_info object that belongs to the SQL
187  thread and nonzero for Relay_log_info objects that belong to
188  clients.
189  */
190  inline bool belongs_to_client() {
192  return !info_thd->slave_thread;
193  }
194 /* Instrumentation key for performance schema for mts_temp_table_LOCK */
197 #endif
198  /*
199  Lock to protect race condition while transferring temporary table from
200  worker thread to coordinator thread and vice-versa
201  */
203  /*
204  Lock to acquire by methods that concurrently update lwm of committed
205  transactions and the min waited timestamp and its index.
206  */
209  /*
210  If true, events with the same server id should be replicated. This
211  field is set on creation of a relay log info structure by copying
212  the value of ::replicate_same_server_id and can be overridden if
213  necessary. For example of when this is done, check,
214  where the BINLOG statement can be used to execute "raw" events.
215  */
218  /*
219  Protected with internal locks.
220  Must get data_lock when resetting the logs.
221  */
224  /*
225  Identifies when the recovery process is going on.
226  See sql/rpl_slave.h:init_recovery for further details.
227  */
230  /* The following variables are safe to read any time */
232  /*
233  When we restart slave thread we need to have access to the previously
234  created temporary tables. Modified only on init/end and by the SQL
235  thread, read only by SQL thread.
236  */
239  /* parent Master_info structure */
242  /* number of temporary tables open in this channel */
243  std::atomic<int32> atomic_channel_open_temp_tables{0};
245  /** the status of the commit timestamps for the relay log */
246  enum {
247  /*
248  no GTID log event has been processed, so it is not known if this log
249  has commit timestamps
250  */
252  // the immediate master does not support commit timestamps
254  // the immediate master supports commit timestamps
258  /**
259  @return the pointer to the Gtid_monitoring_info.
260  */
262  return gtid_monitoring_info;
263  }
265  /**
266  Stores the details of the transaction which has just started processing.
268  This function is called by the STS applier or MTS worker when applying a
269  Gtid.
271  @param gtid_arg the gtid of the trx
272  @param original_ts_arg the original commit timestamp of the transaction
273  @param immediate_ts_arg the immediate commit timestamp of the transaction
274  @param skipped true if the transaction was gtid skipped
275  */
276  void started_processing(Gtid gtid_arg, ulonglong original_ts_arg,
277  ulonglong immediate_ts_arg, bool skipped = false) {
278  gtid_monitoring_info->start(gtid_arg, original_ts_arg, immediate_ts_arg,
279  skipped);
280  }
282  /**
283  Stores the details of the transaction which has just started processing.
285  This function is called by the MTS coordinator when queuing a Gtid to
286  a worker.
288  @param gtid_log_ev_arg the gtid log event of the trx
289  */
290  void started_processing(Gtid_log_event *gtid_log_ev_arg) {
291  Gtid gtid = {0, 0};
292  if (gtid_log_ev_arg->get_type() == ASSIGNED_GTID) {
293  gtid = {gtid_log_ev_arg->get_sidno(true), gtid_log_ev_arg->get_gno()};
294  }
295  started_processing(gtid, gtid_log_ev_arg->original_commit_timestamp,
296  gtid_log_ev_arg->immediate_commit_timestamp);
297  }
299  /**
300  When the processing of a transaction is completed, that timestamp is
301  recorded, the information is copied to last_processed_trx and the
302  information in processing_trx is cleared.
304  If the transaction was "applied" but GTID-skipped, the copy will not
305  happen and the last_processed_trx will keep its current value.
306  */
309  /**
310  @return True if there is a transaction being currently processed
311  */
314  }
316  /**
317  Clears the processing_trx structure fields. Normally called when there is an
318  error while processing the transaction.
319  */
322  /**
323  Clears the Gtid_monitoring_info fields.
324  */
327  /**
328  When a transaction is retried, the error number and message, and total number
329  of retries are stored. The timestamp for this error is also set here.
331  @param transient_errno_arg Transient error number.
332  @param transient_err_message_arg Transient error message.
333  @param trans_retries_arg Number of times this transaction has been
334  retried so far.
335  */
336  void retried_processing(uint transient_errno_arg,
337  const char *transient_err_message_arg,
338  ulong trans_retries_arg) {
340  transient_errno_arg, transient_err_message_arg, trans_retries_arg);
341  }
343  /*
344  If on init_info() call error_on_rli_init_info is true that means
345  that previous call to init_info() terminated with an error, RESET
346  SLAVE must be executed and the problem fixed manually.
347  */
350  /**
351  Variable is set to true as long as
352  original_commit_timestamp > immediate_commit_timestamp so that the
353  corresponding warning is only logged once.
354  */
357  /*
358  Let's call a group (of events) :
359  - a transaction
360  or
361  - an autocommiting query + its associated events (INSERT_ID,
362  TIMESTAMP...)
363  We need these rli coordinates :
364  - relay log name and position of the beginning of the group we currently are
365  executing. Needed to know where we have to restart when replication has
366  stopped in the middle of a group (which has been rolled back by the slave).
367  - relay log name and position just after the event we have just
368  executed. This event is part of the current group.
369  Formerly we only had the immediately above coordinates, plus a 'pending'
370  variable, but this dealt wrong with the case of a transaction starting on a
371  relay log and finishing (commiting) on another relay log. Case which can
372  happen when, for example, the relay log gets rotated because of
373  max_binlog_size.
374  */
375  protected:
376  /**
377  Event group means a group of events of a transaction. group_relay_log_name
378  and group_relay_log_pos record the place before where all event groups
379  are applied. When slave starts, it resume to apply events from
380  group_relay_log_pos. They will be initialized to the begin of the first
381  relay log file if it is a new slave(including SLAVE RESET). Then,
382  group_relay_log_pos is advanced after each transaction is applied
383  successfully in single thread slave. For MTS, group_relay_log_pos
384  is updated by mts checkpoint mechanism. group_relay_log_pos and
385  group_relay_log_name are stored into relay_log_info file/table
386  periodically. When server startup, they are loaded from relay log info
387  file/table.
388  */
392  /* The suffix number of relay log name */
397  /* current event's start position in relay log */
399  /*
400  Original log name and position of the group we're currently executing
401  (whose coordinates are group_relay_log_name/pos in the relay log)
402  in the master's binlog. These concern the *group*, because in the master's
403  binlog the log_pos that comes with each event is the position of the
404  beginning of the group.
406  Note: group_master_log_name, group_master_log_pos must only be
407  written from the thread owning the Relay_log_info (SQL thread if
408  !belongs_to_client(); client thread executing BINLOG statement if
409  belongs_to_client()).
410  */
414  private:
416  /*
417  Identifies when this object belongs to the SQL thread and was not
418  created for a client thread or some other purpose including
419  Slave_worker instance initializations. Ends up serving the same
420  purpose as the belongs_to_client method, but its value is set
421  earlier on in the class constructor.
422  */
423  bool rli_fake;
424  /* Flag that ensures the retrieved GTID set is initialized only once. */
427  /**
428  Stores information on the last processed transaction or the transaction
429  that is currently being processed.
431  STS:
432  - timestamps of the currently applying/last applied transaction
434  MTS:
435  - coordinator thread: timestamps of the currently scheduling/last scheduled
436  transaction in a worker's queue
437  - worker thread: timestamps of the currently applying/last applied
438  transaction
439  */
442  /**
443  It will be set to true when receiver truncated relay log for some reason.
444  The truncated data may already be read by applier. So applier need to check
445  it each time the binlog_end_pos is updated.
446  */
447  bool m_relay_log_truncated = false;
449  public:
456  void add_logged_gtid(rpl_sidno sidno, rpl_gno gno) {
458  DBUG_ASSERT(sidno <= get_sid_map()->get_max_sidno());
459  gtid_set->ensure_sidno(sidno);
460  gtid_set->_add_gtid(sidno, gno);
461  }
463  /**
464  Adds a GTID set to received GTID set.
466  @param gtid_set the gtid_set to add
469  */
472  const Gtid_set *get_gtid_set() const { return gtid_set; }
474  bool reinit_sql_thread_io_cache(const char *log, bool need_data_lock);
476  /**
477  Check if group_relay_log_name is in index file.
479  @param [out] errmsg An error message is returned if error happens.
481  @retval false It is valid.
482  @retval true It is invalid. In this case, *errmsg is set to point to
483  the error message.
484 */
485  bool is_group_relay_log_name_invalid(const char **errmsg);
486  /**
487  Reset group_relay_log_name and group_relay_log_pos to the start of the
488  first relay log file. The caller must hold data_lock.
490  @param[out] errmsg An error message is set into it if error happens.
492  @retval false Success
493  @retval true Error
494  */
495  bool reset_group_relay_log_pos(const char **errmsg);
496  /*
497  Update the error number, message and timestamp fields. This function is
498  different from va_report() as va_report() also logs the error message in the
499  log apart from updating the error fields.
500  */
501  void fill_coord_err_buf(loglevel level, int err_code,
502  const char *buff_coord) const;
504  /*
505  Flag that the group_master_log_pos is invalid. This may occur
506  (for example) after CHANGE MASTER TO RELAY_LOG_POS. This will
507  be unset after the first event has been executed and the
508  group_master_log_pos is valid again.
509  */
512  /*
513  Handling of the relay_log_space_limit optional constraint.
514  ignore_log_space_limit is used to resolve a deadlock between I/O and SQL
515  threads, the SQL thread sets it to unblock the I/O thread and make it
516  temporarily forget about the constraint.
517  */
521  /*
522  Used by the SQL thread to instructs the IO thread to rotate
523  the logs when the SQL thread needs to purge to release some
524  disk space.
525  */
530  /**
531  Reset the delay.
532  This is used by RESET SLAVE to clear the delay.
533  */
534  void clear_sql_delay() { sql_delay = 0; }
536  /*
537  Needed for problems when slave stops and we want to restart it
538  skipping one or more events in the master log that have caused
539  errors, and have been manually applied by DBA already.
540  */
541  volatile uint32 slave_skip_counter;
542  volatile ulong abort_pos_wait; /* Incremented on change master */
546  /*
547  Condition and its parameters from START SLAVE UNTIL clause.
549  UNTIL condition is tested with is_until_satisfied() method that is
550  called by exec_relay_log_event(). is_until_satisfied() caches the result
551  of the comparison of log names because log names don't change very often;
552  this cache is invalidated by parts of code which change log names with
553  notify_*_log_name_updated() methods. (They need to be called only if SQL
554  thread is running).
555  */
556  enum {
565  } until_condition;
567  char cached_charset[6];
569  /*
570  trans_retries varies between 0 to slave_transaction_retries and counts how
571  many times the slave has retried the present transaction; gets reset to 0
572  when the transaction finally succeeds. retried_trans is a cumulative
573  counter: how many times the slave has retried a transaction (any) since
574  slave started.
575  */
578  /*
579  If the end of the hot relay log is made of master's events ignored by the
580  slave I/O thread, these two keep track of the coords (in the master's
581  binlog) of the last of these events seen by the slave I/O thread. If not,
582  ign_master_log_name_end[0] == 0.
583  As they are like a Rotate event read/written from/to the relay log, they
584  are both protected by rli->relay_log.LOCK_binlog_end_pos.
585  */
589  /*
590  Indentifies where the SQL Thread should create temporary files for the
591  LOAD DATA INFILE. This is used for security reasons.
592  */
596  /**
597  Identifies the last time a checkpoint routine has been executed.
598  */
599  struct timespec last_clock;
601  /**
602  Invalidates cached until_log_name and event_relay_log_name comparison
603  result. Should be called after switch to next relay log if
604  there chances that sql_thread is running.
605  */
606  inline void notify_relay_log_change() {
608  dynamic_cast<Until_position *>(until_option)->notify_log_name_change();
609  }
611  /**
612  Receiver thread notifies that it truncated some data from relay log.
613  data_lock will be acquired, so the caller should not hold data_lock.
614  */
616  /**
617  Applier clears the flag after it handled the situation. The caller must
618  hold data_lock.
619  */
622  /**
623  The same as @c notify_group_relay_log_name_update but for
624  @c group_master_log_name.
625  */
628  dynamic_cast<Until_position *>(until_option)->notify_log_name_change();
629  }
631  inline void inc_event_relay_log_pos() {
633  }
635  /**
636  Last executed event group coordinates are updated and optionally
637  forcibly flushed to a repository.
638  @param log_pos a value of the executed position to update to
639  @param need_data_lock whether data_lock should be acquired
640  @param force the value is passed to eventual flush_info()
641  */
642  int inc_group_relay_log_pos(ulonglong log_pos, bool need_data_lock,
643  bool force = false);
645  int wait_for_pos(THD *thd, String *log_name, longlong log_pos,
646  double timeout);
647  /**
648  Wait for a GTID set to be executed.
650  @param thd The thread for status changes and kill status
651  @param gtid A char array with a GTID set
652  @param timeout Number of seconds to wait before timing out
653  @param update_THD_status Shall the method update the THD stage
655  @retval 0 The set is already executed
656  @retval -1 There was a timeout waiting for the set
657  @retval -2 There was an issue while waiting.
658  */
659  int wait_for_gtid_set(THD *thd, const char *gtid, double timeout,
660  bool update_THD_status = true);
661  /**
662  Wait for a GTID set to be executed.
664  @param thd The thread for status changes and kill status
665  @param gtid A String with a GTID set
666  @param timeout Number of seconds to wait before timing out
667  @param update_THD_status Shall the method update the THD stage
669  @retval 0 The set is already executed
670  @retval -1 There was a timeout waiting for the set
671  @retval -2 There was an issue while waiting.
672  */
673  int wait_for_gtid_set(THD *thd, String *gtid, double timeout,
674  bool update_THD_status = true);
675  /**
676  Wait for a GTID set to be executed.
678  @param thd The thread for status changes and kill status
679  @param wait_gtid_set A GTID_set object
680  @param timeout Number of seconds to wait before timing out
681  @param update_THD_status Shall the method update the THD stage
683  @retval 0 The set is already executed
684  @retval -1 There was a timeout waiting for the set
685  @retval -2 There was an issue while waiting.
686  */
687  int wait_for_gtid_set(THD *thd, const Gtid_set *wait_gtid_set, double timeout,
688  bool update_THD_status = true);
690  void close_temporary_tables();
692  RPL_TABLE_LIST *tables_to_lock; /* RBR: Tables to lock */
693  uint tables_to_lock_count; /* RBR: Count of tables to lock */
694  table_mapping m_table_map; /* RBR: Mapping table-id to table */
695  /* RBR: Record Rows_query log event */
698  bool get_table_data(TABLE *table_arg, table_def **tabledef_var,
699  TABLE **conv_table_var) const {
700  DBUG_ASSERT(tabledef_var && conv_table_var);
701  for (TABLE_LIST *ptr = tables_to_lock; ptr != NULL; ptr = ptr->next_global)
702  if (ptr->table == table_arg) {
703  *tabledef_var = &static_cast<RPL_TABLE_LIST *>(ptr)->m_tabledef;
704  *conv_table_var = static_cast<RPL_TABLE_LIST *>(ptr)->m_conv_table;
705  DBUG_PRINT("debug", ("Fetching table data for table %s.%s:"
706  " tabledef: %p, conv_table: %p",
707  table_arg->s->db.str, table_arg->s->table_name.str,
708  *tabledef_var, *conv_table_var));
709  return true;
710  }
711  return false;
712  }
714  /**
715  Last charset (6 bytes) seen by slave SQL thread is cached here; it helps
716  the thread save 3 @c get_charset() per @c Query_log_event if the charset is
717  not changing from event to event (common situation). When the 6 bytes are
718  equal to 0 is used to mean "cache is invalidated".
719  */
721  bool cached_charset_compare(char *charset) const;
723  void cleanup_context(THD *, bool);
725  void clear_tables_to_lock();
726  int purge_relay_logs(THD *thd, const char **errmsg, bool delete_only = false);
728  /*
729  Used to defer stopping the SQL thread to give it a chance
730  to finish up the current group of events.
731  The timestamp is set and reset in @c sql_slave_killed().
732  */
735  /* The original master commit timestamp in microseconds since epoch */
738  /*
739  A container to hold on Intvar-, Rand-, Uservar- log-events in case
740  the slave is configured with table filtering rules.
741  The withhold events are executed when their parent Query destiny is
742  determined for execution as well.
743  */
746  /*
747  State of the container: true stands for IRU events gathering,
748  false does for execution, either deferred or direct.
749  */
752  /*****************************************************************************
753  WL#5569 MTS
755  legends:
756  C - Coordinator;
757  W - Worker;
758  WQ - Worker Queue containing event assignments
759  */
760  // number's is determined by global slave_parallel_workers
763  // To map a database to a worker
764  malloc_unordered_map<std::string,
767  bool inited_hash_workers; // flag to check if mapping_db_to_worker is inited
769  mysql_mutex_t slave_worker_hash_lock; // for mapping_db_to_worker
770  mysql_cond_t slave_worker_hash_cond; // for mapping_db_to_worker
772  /*
773  For the purpose of reporting the worker status in performance schema table,
774  we need to preserve the workers array after worker thread was killed. So, we
775  copy this array into the below vector which is used for reporting
776  until next init_workers(). Note that we only copy those attributes that
777  would be useful in reporting worker status. We only use a few attributes in
778  this object as of now but still save the whole object. The idea is
779  to be future proof. We will extend performance schema tables in future
780  and then we would use a good number of attributes from this object.
781  */
783  std::vector<Slave_worker *> workers_copy_pfs;
785  /*
786  This flag is turned ON when the workers array is initialized.
787  Before destroying the workers array we check this flag to make sure
788  we are not destroying an unitilized array. For the purpose of reporting the
789  worker status in performance schema table, we need to preserve the workers
790  array after worker thread was killed. So, we copy this array into
791  workers_copy_pfs array which is used for reporting until next
792  init_workers().
793  */
796  volatile ulong pending_jobs;
799  mysql_mutex_t exit_count_lock; // mutex of worker exit count
801  ulonglong mts_pending_jobs_size; // actual mem usage by WQ:s
802  ulonglong mts_pending_jobs_size_max; // max of WQ:s size forcing C to wait
803  bool mts_wq_oversize; // C raises flag to wait some memory's released
805  *last_assigned_worker; // is set to a Worker at assigning a group
806  /*
807  master-binlog ordered queue of Slave_job_group descriptors of groups
808  that are under processing. The queue size is @c checkpoint_group.
809  */
811  /*
812  Container for references of involved partitions for the current event group
813  */
814  // CGAP dynarray holds id:s of partitions of the Current being executed Group
816  // deferred array to hold partition-info-free events
819  bool curr_group_seen_gtid; // current group started with Gtid-event or not
820  bool curr_group_seen_begin; // current group started with B-event or not
821  bool curr_group_isolated; // current group requires execution in isolation
822  bool mts_end_group_sets_max_dbs; // flag indicates if partitioning info is
823  // discovered
824  volatile ulong
825  mts_wq_underrun_w_id; // Id of a Worker whose queue is getting empty
826  /*
827  Ongoing excessive overrun counter to correspond to number of events that
828  are being scheduled while a WQ is close to be filled up.
829  `Close' is defined as (100 - mts_worker_underrun_level) %.
830  The counter is incremented each time a WQ get filled over that level
831  and decremented when the level drops below.
832  The counter therefore describes level of saturation that Workers
833  are experiencing and is used as a parameter to compute a nap time for
834  Coordinator in order to avoid reaching WQ limits.
835  */
836  volatile long mts_wq_excess_cnt;
837  long mts_worker_underrun_level; // % of WQ size at which W is considered
838  // hungry
839  ulong mts_coordinator_basic_nap; // C sleeps to avoid WQs overrun
840  ulong opt_slave_parallel_workers; // cache for ::opt_slave_parallel_workers
841  ulong slave_parallel_workers; // the one slave session time number of workers
842  ulong
843  exit_counter; // Number of workers contributed to max updated group index
845  ulong recovery_parallel_workers; // number of workers while recovering
846  uint rli_checkpoint_seqno; // counter of groups executed after the most
847  // recent CP
848  uint checkpoint_group; // cache for ::opt_mts_checkpoint_group
849  MY_BITMAP recovery_groups; // bitmap used during recovery
851  ulong mts_recovery_group_cnt; // number of groups to execute at recovery
852  ulong mts_recovery_index; // running index of recoverable groups
855  /*
856  While distibuting events basing on their properties MTS
857  Coordinator changes its mts group status.
858  Transition normally flowws to follow `=>' arrows on the diagram:
860  +----------------------------+
861  V |
862  MTS_NOT_IN_GROUP => |
863  {MTS_IN_GROUP => MTS_END_GROUP --+} while (!killed) => MTS_KILLED_GROUP
865  MTS_END_GROUP has `->' loop breaking link to MTS_NOT_IN_GROUP when
866  Coordinator synchronizes with Workers by demanding them to
867  complete their assignments.
868  */
869  enum {
870  /*
871  no new events were scheduled after last synchronization,
872  includes Single-Threaded-Slave case.
873  */
876  MTS_IN_GROUP, /* at least one not-terminal event scheduled to a Worker */
877  MTS_END_GROUP, /* the last scheduled event is a terminal event */
878  MTS_KILLED_GROUP /* Coordinator gave up to reach MTS_END_GROUP */
881  /*
882  MTS statistics:
883  */
884  ulonglong mts_events_assigned; // number of events (statements) scheduled
885  ulonglong mts_groups_assigned; // number of groups (transactions) scheduled
886  volatile ulong
887  mts_wq_overrun_cnt; // counter of all mts_wq_excess_cnt increments
888  ulong wq_size_waits_cnt; // number of times C slept due to WQ:s oversize
889  /*
890  Counter of how many times Coordinator saw Workers are filled up
891  "enough" with assignements. The enough definition depends on
892  the scheduler type.
893  */
895  std::atomic<longlong>
896  mts_total_wait_overlap; // Waiting time corresponding to above
897  /*
898  Stats to compute Coordinator waiting time for any Worker available,
899  applies solely to the Commit-clock scheduler.
900  */
902  ulong mts_wq_overfill_cnt; // counter of C waited due to a WQ queue was full
903  /*
904  Statistics (todo: replace with WL5631) applies to either Coordinator and
905  Worker. The exec time in the Coordinator case means scheduling. The read
906  time in the Worker case means getting an event out of Worker queue
907  */
910  struct timespec ts_exec[2]; // per event pre- and post- exec timestamp
911  struct timespec stats_begin; // applier's bootstrap time
913  /*
914  A sorted array of the Workers' current assignement numbers to provide
915  approximate view on Workers loading.
916  The first row of the least occupied Worker is queried at assigning
917  a new partition. Is updated at checkpoint commit to the main RLI.
918  */
921  /* end of MTS statistics */
923  /**
924  Storage for holding newly computed values for the last executed
925  event group coordinates while the current group of events is
926  being committed, see @c pre_commit, post_commit.
927  */
933  /* Returns the number of elements in workers array/vector. */
934  inline size_t get_worker_count() {
936  return workers.size();
937  else
938  return workers_copy_pfs.size();
939  }
941  /*
942  Returns a pointer to the worker instance at index n in workers
943  array/vector.
944  */
947  if (n >= workers.size()) return NULL;
949  return workers[n];
950  } else if (workers_copy_pfs.size()) {
951  if (n >= workers_copy_pfs.size()) return NULL;
953  return workers_copy_pfs[n];
954  } else
955  return NULL;
956  }
958  /**
959  The method implements updating a slave info table. It's
960  specialized differently for STS and MTS.
961  */
962  virtual bool commit_positions();
964  /*Channel defined mts submode*/
966  /* MTS submode */
969  /* most of allocation in the coordinator rli is there */
970  void init_workers(ulong);
972  /* counterpart of the init */
973  void deinit_workers();
975  /**
976  returns true if there is any gap-group of events to execute
977  at slave starting phase.
978  */
979  inline bool is_mts_recovery() const { return mts_recovery_group_cnt != 0; }
985  recovery_groups_inited = false;
986  }
987  }
989  /**
990  returns true if events are to be executed in parallel
991  */
992  inline bool is_parallel_exec() const {
993  bool ret = (slave_parallel_workers > 0) && !is_mts_recovery();
995  DBUG_ASSERT(!ret || !workers.empty());
997  return ret;
998  }
1000  /**
1001  returns true if Coordinator is scheduling events belonging to
1002  the same group and has not reached yet its terminal event.
1003  */
1004  inline bool is_mts_in_group() {
1006  }
1008  /**
1009  Check if it is time to compute MTS checkpoint.
1011  @retval true It is time to compute MTS checkpoint.
1012  @retval false It is not MTS or it is not time for computing checkpoint.
1013  */
1015  /**
1016  While a group is executed by a Worker the relay log can change.
1017  Coordinator notifies Workers about this event. Worker is supposed
1018  to commit to the recovery table with the new info.
1019  */
1022  /**
1023  While a group is executed by a Worker the relay log can change.
1024  Coordinator notifies Workers about this event. Coordinator and Workers
1025  maintain a bitmap of executed group that is reset with a new checkpoint.
1026  */
1027  void reset_notified_checkpoint(ulong count, time_t new_ts,
1028  bool update_timestamp = false);
1030  /**
1031  Called when gaps execution is ended so it is crash-safe
1032  to reset the last session Workers info.
1033  */
1034  bool mts_finalize_recovery();
1035  /*
1036  * End of MTS section ******************************************************/
1038  /* The general cleanup that slave applier may need at the end of query. */
1039  inline void cleanup_after_query() {
1041  }
1042  /* The general cleanup that slave applier may need at the end of session. */
1044  if (deferred_events) delete deferred_events;
1045  }
1047  /**
1048  Helper function to do after statement completion.
1050  This function is called from an event to complete the group by
1051  either stepping the group position, if the "statement" is not
1052  inside a transaction; or increase the event position, if the
1053  "statement" is inside a transaction.
1055  @param event_log_pos
1056  Master log position of the event. The position is recorded in the
1057  relay log info and used to produce information for <code>SHOW
1058  SLAVE STATUS</code>.
1059  */
1060  int stmt_done(my_off_t event_log_pos);
1062  /**
1063  Set the value of a replication state flag.
1065  @param flag Flag to set
1066  */
1067  void set_flag(enum_state_flag flag) { m_flags |= (1UL << flag); }
1069  /**
1070  Get the value of a replication state flag.
1072  @param flag Flag to get value of
1074  @return @c true if the flag was set, @c false otherwise.
1075  */
1076  bool get_flag(enum_state_flag flag) { return m_flags & (1UL << flag); }
1078  /**
1079  Clear the value of a replication state flag.
1081  @param flag Flag to clear
1082  */
1083  void clear_flag(enum_state_flag flag) { m_flags &= ~(1UL << flag); }
1085  private:
1086  /**
1087  Auxiliary function used by is_in_group.
1089  The execute thread is in the middle of a statement in the
1090  following cases:
1091  - User_var/Intvar/Rand events have been processed, but the
1092  corresponding Query_log_event has not been processed.
1093  - Table_map or Row events have been processed, and the last Row
1094  event did not have the STMT_END_F set.
1096  @retval true Replication thread is inside a statement.
1097  @retval false Replication thread is not inside a statement.
1098  */
1099  bool is_in_stmt() const {
1100  bool ret = (m_flags & (1UL << IN_STMT));
1101  DBUG_PRINT("info", ("is_in_stmt()=%d", ret));
1102  return ret;
1103  }
1104  /**
1105  Auxiliary function used by is_in_group.
1107  @retval true The execute thread is inside a statement or a
1108  transaction, i.e., either a BEGIN has been executed or we are in
1109  the middle of a statement.
1110  @retval false The execute thread thread is not inside a statement
1111  or a transaction.
1112  */
1113  bool is_in_trx_or_stmt() const {
1114  bool ret = is_in_stmt() || (info_thd->variables.option_bits & OPTION_BEGIN);
1115  DBUG_PRINT("info", ("is_in_trx_or_stmt()=%d", ret));
1116  return ret;
1117  }
1119  public:
1120  /**
1121  A group is defined as the entire range of events that constitute
1122  a transaction or auto-committed statement. It has one of the
1123  following forms:
1125  (Gtid)? Query(BEGIN) ... (Query(COMMIT) | Query(ROLLBACK) | Xid)
1126  (Gtid)? (Rand | User_var | Int_var)* Query(DDL)
1128  Thus, to check if the execute thread is in a group, there are
1129  two cases:
1131  - If the master generates Gtid events (5.7.5 or later, or 5.6 or
1132  later with GTID_MODE=ON), then is_in_group is the same as
1133  info_thd->owned_gtid.sidno != 0, since owned_gtid.sidno is set
1134  to non-zero by the Gtid_log_event and cleared to zero at commit
1135  or rollback.
1137  - If the master does not generate Gtid events (i.e., master is
1138  pre-5.6, or pre-5.7.5 with GTID_MODE=OFF), then is_in_group is
1139  the same as is_in_trx_or_stmt().
1141  @retval true Replication thread is inside a group.
1142  @retval false Replication thread is not inside a group.
1143  */
1144  bool is_in_group() const {
1145  bool ret = is_in_trx_or_stmt() || info_thd->owned_gtid.sidno != 0;
1146  DBUG_PRINT("info", ("is_in_group()=%d", ret));
1147  return ret;
1148  }
1150  int count_relay_log_space();
1152  /**
1153  Initialize the relay log info. This function does a set of operations
1154  on the rli object like initializing variables, loading information from
1155  repository, setting up name for relay log files and index, MTS recovery
1156  (if necessary), calculating the received GTID set for the channel and
1157  storing the updated rli object configuration into the repository.
1159  When this function is called in a change master process and the change
1160  master procedure will purge all the relay log files later, there is no
1161  reason to try to calculate the received GTID set of the channel based on
1162  existing relay log files (they will be purged). Allowing reads to existing
1163  relay log files at this point may lead to put the server in a state where
1164  it will be no possible to configure it if it was reset when encryption of
1165  replication log files was ON and the keyring plugin is not available
1166  anymore.
1168  @param skip_received_gtid_set_recovery When true, skips the received GTID
1169  set recovery.
1171  @retval 0 Success.
1172  @retval 1 Error.
1173  */
1174  int rli_init_info(bool skip_received_gtid_set_recovery = false);
1175  void end_info();
1176  int flush_info(bool force = false);
1177  int flush_current_log();
1182  }
1184  future_event_relay_log_pos = log_pos;
1185  }
1187  inline const char *get_group_master_log_name() {
1188  return group_master_log_name;
1189  }
1191  inline void set_group_master_log_name(const char *log_file_name) {
1192  strmake(group_master_log_name, log_file_name,
1193  sizeof(group_master_log_name) - 1);
1194  }
1195  inline void set_group_master_log_pos(ulonglong log_pos) {
1196  group_master_log_pos = log_pos;
1197  }
1199  inline const char *get_group_relay_log_name() { return group_relay_log_name; }
1201  inline void set_group_relay_log_name(const char *log_file_name) {
1202  strmake(group_relay_log_name, log_file_name,
1203  sizeof(group_relay_log_name) - 1);
1204  }
1205  inline void set_group_relay_log_name(const char *log_file_name, size_t len) {
1206  strmake(group_relay_log_name, log_file_name, len);
1207  }
1208  inline void set_group_relay_log_pos(ulonglong log_pos) {
1209  group_relay_log_pos = log_pos;
1210  }
1212  inline const char *get_event_relay_log_name() { return event_relay_log_name; }
1214  inline void set_event_relay_log_name(const char *log_file_name) {
1215  strmake(event_relay_log_name, log_file_name,
1216  sizeof(event_relay_log_name) - 1);
1219  }
1223  event_relay_log_number = number;
1224  }
1226  /**
1227  Given the extension number of the relay log, gets the full
1228  relay log path. Currently used in Slave_worker::retry_transaction()
1230  @param [in] number extension number of relay log
1231  @param[in, out] name The full path of the relay log (per-channel)
1232  to be read by the slave worker.
1233  */
1234  void relay_log_number_to_name(uint number, char name[FN_REFLEN + 1]);
1235  uint relay_log_name_to_number(const char *name);
1240  inline void set_event_relay_log_pos(ulonglong log_pos) {
1241  event_relay_log_pos = log_pos;
1242  }
1243  inline const char *get_rpl_log_name() {
1244  return (group_master_log_name[0] ? group_master_log_name : "FIRST");
1245  }
1247  static size_t get_number_info_rli_fields();
1249  /**
1250  Indicate that a delay starts.
1252  This does not actually sleep; it only sets the state of this
1253  Relay_log_info object to delaying so that the correct state can be
1256  Requires rli->data_lock.
1258  @param delay_end The time when the delay shall end.
1259  */
1260  void start_sql_delay(time_t delay_end);
1262  /* Note that this is cast to uint32 in show_slave_status(). */
1263  time_t get_sql_delay() { return sql_delay; }
1264  void set_sql_delay(time_t _sql_delay) { sql_delay = _sql_delay; }
1265  time_t get_sql_delay_end() { return sql_delay_end; }
1267  Relay_log_info(bool is_slave_recovery,
1269  PSI_mutex_key *param_key_info_run_lock,
1270  PSI_mutex_key *param_key_info_data_lock,
1271  PSI_mutex_key *param_key_info_sleep_lock,
1272  PSI_mutex_key *param_key_info_thd_lock,
1273  PSI_mutex_key *param_key_info_data_cond,
1274  PSI_mutex_key *param_key_info_start_cond,
1275  PSI_mutex_key *param_key_info_stop_cond,
1276  PSI_mutex_key *param_key_info_sleep_cond,
1277 #endif
1278  uint param_id, const char *param_channel, bool is_rli_fake);
1279  virtual ~Relay_log_info();
1281  /*
1282  Determines if a warning message on unsafe execution was
1283  already printed out to avoid clutering the error log
1284  with several warning messages.
1285  */
1288  /*
1289  'sql_thread_kill_accepted is set to true when killed status is recognized.
1290  */
1298  return row_stmt_start_timestamp;
1299  }
1307  }
1311  public:
1312  /**
1313  Delete the existing event and set a new one. This class is
1314  responsible for freeing the event, the caller should not do that.
1316  @return 1 if an error was encountered, 0 otherwise.
1317  */
1320  /**
1321  Return the current Format_description_log_event.
1322  */
1324  return rli_description_event;
1325  }
1327  /**
1328  adaptation for the slave applier to specific master versions.
1329  */
1332  ulong current_version);
1333  uchar slave_version_split[3]; // bytes of the slave server version
1334  /*
1335  relay log info repository should be updated on relay log
1336  rotate. But when the transaction is split across two relay logs,
1337  update the repository will cause unexpected results and should
1338  be postponed till the 'commit' of the transaction is executed.
1340  A flag that set to 'true' when this type of 'forced flush'(at the
1341  time of rotate relay log) is postponed due to transaction split
1342  across the relay logs.
1343  */
1349  commit_order_mngr = mngr;
1350  }
1352  /*
1353  Following set function is required to initialize the 'until_option' during
1354  MTS relay log recovery process.
1356  Ideally initialization of 'until_option' is done through
1357  rli::init_until_option. This init_until_option requires the main server
1358  thread object and it makes use of the thd->lex->mi object to initialize the
1359  'until_option'.
1361  But MTS relay log recovery process happens before the main server comes
1362  up at this time the THD object will not be available. Hence the following
1363  set function does the initialization of 'until_option'.
1364  */
1367  until_option = option;
1369  }
1373  if (until_option) {
1374  delete until_option;
1375  until_option = NULL;
1376  }
1378  }
1382  /**
1383  Get coordinator's RLI. Especially used get the rli from
1384  a slave thread, like this: thd->rli_slave->get_c_rli();
1385  thd could be a SQL thread or a worker thread
1386  */
1387  virtual Relay_log_info *get_c_rli() { return this; }
1389  virtual const char *get_for_channel_str(bool upper_case = false) const;
1391  /**
1392  Set replication filter for the channel.
1393  */
1394  inline void set_filter(Rpl_filter *channel_filter) {
1395  rpl_filter = channel_filter;
1396  }
1398  protected:
1401  private:
1402  /*
1403  Commit order manager to order commits made by its workers. In context of
1404  Multi Source Replication each worker will be ordered by the coresponding
1405  corrdinator's order manager.
1406  */
1409  /**
1410  Delay slave SQL thread by this amount of seconds.
1411  The delay is applied per transaction and based on the immediate master's
1412  commit time. Exceptionally, if a server in the replication chain does not
1413  support the commit timestamps in Gtid_log_event, the delay is applied per
1414  event and is based on the event timestamp.
1415  This is set with CHANGE MASTER TO MASTER_DELAY=X.
1417  Guarded by data_lock. Initialized by the client thread executing
1418  START SLAVE. Written by client threads executing CHANGE MASTER TO
1419  MASTER_DELAY=X. Read by SQL thread and by client threads
1420  executing SHOW SLAVE STATUS. Note: must not be written while the
1421  slave SQL thread is running, since the SQL thread reads it without
1422  a lock when executing flush_info().
1423  */
1424  time_t sql_delay;
1426  /**
1427  During a delay, specifies the point in time when the delay ends.
1429  This is used for the SQL_Remaining_Delay column in SHOW SLAVE STATUS.
1431  Guarded by data_lock. Written by the sql thread. Read by client
1432  threads executing SHOW SLAVE STATUS.
1433  */
1436  uint32 m_flags;
1438  /*
1439  Before the MASTER_DELAY parameter was added (WL#344),
1440  had 4 lines. Now it has 5 lines.
1441  */
1444  /*
1445  Before the WL#5599, had 5 lines. Now it has 6 lines.
1446  */
1449  /*
1450  Before the Id was added (BUG#2334346),
1451  had 6 lines. Now it has 7 lines.
1452  */
1453  static const int LINES_IN_RELAY_LOG_INFO_WITH_ID = 7;
1455  /*
1456  Add a channel in the slave relay log info
1457  */
1460  bool read_info(Rpl_info_handler *from);
1461  bool write_info(Rpl_info_handler *to);
1466  /*
1467  Runtime state for printing a note when slave is taking
1468  too long while processing a row event.
1469  */
1473  /**
1474  sets the suffix required for relay log names in multisource
1475  replication. When --relay-log option is not provided, the
1476  names of the relay log files are relaylog.0000x or
1477  relaylog-CHANNEL.00000x in the case of MSR. However, if
1478  that option is provided, then the names of the relay log
1479  files are <relay-log-option>.0000x or
1480  <relay-log-option>-CHANNEL.00000x in the case of MSR.
1482  The function adds a channel suffix (according to the channel to
1483  file name conventions and conversions) to the relay log file.
1485  @todo: truncate the log file if length exceeds.
1487  @param[in, out] buff buffer to store the complete relay log file name
1488  @param[in] buff_size size of buffer buff
1489  @param[in] base_name the base name of the relay log file
1490  */
1491  const char *add_channel_to_relay_log_name(char *buff, uint buff_size,
1492  const char *base_name);
1494  /*
1495  Applier thread InnoDB priority.
1496  When two transactions conflict inside InnoDB, the one with
1497  greater priority wins.
1498  Priority must be set before applier thread start so that all
1499  executed transactions have the same priority.
1500  */
1503  /* The object stores and handles START SLAVE UNTIL option */
1506  public:
1507  /*
1508  The boolean is set to true when the binlog (rli_fake) or slave
1509  (rli_slave) applier thread detaches any engine ha_data
1510  it has dealt with at time of XA START processing.
1511  The boolean is reset to false at the end of XA PREPARE,
1512  XA COMMIT ONE PHASE for the binlog applier, and
1513  at internal rollback of the slave applier at the same time with
1514  the engine ha_data re-attachment.
1515  */
1517  /**
1518  Reference to being applied event. The member is set at event reading
1519  and gets reset at the end of the event lifetime.
1520  See more in @c RLI_current_event_raii that provides the main
1521  interface to the member.
1522  */
1525  /**
1526  Raised when slave applies and writes to its binary log statement
1527  which is not atomic DDL and has no XID assigned. Checked at commit
1528  time to decide whether it is safe to update slave info table
1529  within the same transaction as the write to binary log or this
1530  should be deffered. The deffered scenario applies for not XIDed events
1531  in which case such update might be lost on recovery.
1532  */
1535  void set_thd_tx_priority(int priority) { thd_tx_priority = priority; }
1539  const char *get_until_log_name();
1543  }
1545  return until_option != NULL &&
1547  }
1549  return until_option != NULL &&
1551  }
1552  /**
1553  Intialize until option object when starting slave.
1555  @param[in] thd The thread object of current session.
1556  @param[in] master_param the parameters of START SLAVE.
1558  @return int
1559  @retval 0 Succeeds to initialize until option object.
1560  @retval <> 0 A defined error number is return if any error happens.
1561  */
1562  int init_until_option(THD *thd, const LEX_MASTER_INFO *master_param);
1564  /**
1565  Detaches the engine ha_data from THD. The fact
1566  is memorized in @c is_engine_ha_detached flag.
1568  @param thd a reference to THD
1569  */
1571  void detach_engine_ha_data(THD *thd);
1573  /**
1574  Reattaches the engine ha_data to THD. The fact
1575  is memorized in @c is_engine_ha_detached flag.
1577  @param thd a reference to THD
1578  */
1580  void reattach_engine_ha_data(THD *thd);
1581  /**
1582  Drops the engine ha_data flag when it is up.
1583  The method is run at execution points of the engine ha_data
1584  re-attachment.
1586  @return true when THD has detached the engine ha_data,
1587  false otherwise
1588  */
1591  bool rc = false;
1594  rc = !(is_engine_ha_data_detached = false); // return the old value
1596  return rc;
1597  }
1599  /**
1600  Execute actions at replicated atomic DLL post rollback time.
1601  This include marking the current atomic DDL query-log-event
1602  as having processed.
1603  This measure is necessary to avoid slave info table update execution
1604  when @c pre_commit() hook is called as part of DDL's eventual
1605  implicit commit.
1606  */
1607  void post_rollback() {
1608  static_cast<Query_log_event *>(current_event)->has_ddl_committed = true;
1609  }
1611  /**
1612  The method implements a pre-commit hook to add up a new statement
1613  typically to a DDL transaction to update the slave info table.
1614  Note, in the non-transactional repository case the slave info
1615  is updated after successful commit of the main transaction.
1617  @return false as success, otherwise true
1618  */
1619  bool pre_commit() {
1620  bool rc = false;
1622  if (is_transactional()) {
1623  static_cast<Query_log_event *>(current_event)->has_ddl_committed = true;
1624  rc = commit_positions();
1625  }
1626  return rc;
1627  }
1628  /**
1629  Cleanup of any side effect that pre_commit() inflicts, including
1630  restore of the last executed group coordinates in case the current group
1631  has been destined to rollback, and signaling to possible waiters
1632  in the positive case.
1634  @param on_rollback when true the method carries out rollback action
1635  */
1636  virtual void post_commit(bool on_rollback);
1637 };
1639 bool mysql_show_relaylog_events(THD *thd);
1641 /**
1642  @param thd a reference to THD
1643  @return true if thd belongs to a Worker thread and false otherwise.
1644 */
1645 inline bool is_mts_worker(const THD *thd) {
1647 }
1649 /**
1650  Auxiliary function to check if we have a db partitioned MTS
1651  */
1654 /**
1655  Checks whether the supplied event encodes a (2pc-aware) DDL
1656  that has been already committed.
1658  @param ev A reference to Query-log-event
1659  @return true when the event is already committed transactional DDL
1660 */
1661 inline bool is_committed_ddl(Log_event *ev) {
1662  return ev->get_type_code() == binary_log::QUERY_EVENT &&
1663  /* has been already committed */
1664  static_cast<Query_log_event *>(ev)->has_ddl_committed;
1665 }
1667 /**
1668  Checks whether the transaction identified by the argument
1669  is executed by a slave applier thread is an atomic DDL
1670  not yet committed (see @c Query_log_event::has_ddl_committed).
1671  THD::is_operating_substatement_implicitly filters out intermediate
1672  commits done by non-atomic DDLs.
1673  The error-tagged atomic statements are regarded as non-atomic
1674  therefore this predicate returns negative in such case.
1676  Note that call to is_atomic_ddl() returns "approximate" outcome in
1677  this case as it misses information about type of tables used by the DDL.
1679  This can be a problem for binlogging slave, as updates to slave info
1680  which happen in the same transaction as write of binary log event
1681  without XID might be lost on recovery. To avoid this problem
1682  RLI::ddl_not_atomic flag is employed which is set to true when
1683  non-atomic DDL without XID is written to the binary log.
1685  "Approximate" outcome is always fine for non-binlogging slave as in
1686  this case commit happens using one-phase routine for which recovery
1687  is always correct.
1689  @param thd a pointer to THD describing the transaction context
1690  @return true when a slave applier thread is set to commmit being processed
1691  DDL query-log-event, otherwise returns false.
1692 */
1694  DBUG_ASSERT(thd);
1696  Relay_log_info *rli = thd->rli_slave;
1698  /* Early return is about an error in the SQL thread initialization */
1699  if (!rli) return false;
1701  return ((thd->system_thread == SYSTEM_THREAD_SLAVE_SQL ||
1703  rli->current_event)
1704  ? (rli->is_transactional() &&
1705  /* has not yet committed */
1706  (rli->current_event->get_type_code() ==
1708  !static_cast<Query_log_event *>(rli->current_event)
1709  ->has_ddl_committed) &&
1710  /* unless slave binlogger identified non-atomic */
1711  !rli->ddl_not_atomic &&
1712  /* slave info is not updated when a part of multi-DROP-TABLE
1713  commits */
1715  (is_atomic_ddl(thd, true) &&
1717  /* error-tagged atomic DDL do not update yet slave info */
1718  static_cast<Query_log_event *>(rli->current_event)
1719  ->error_code == 0)
1720  : false;
1721 }
1723 /**
1724  RAII class to control the slave applier execution context binding
1725  with a being handled event. The main object of control is Query-log-event
1726  containing DDL statement.
1727  The member RLI::current_event is set to refer to an event once it is
1728  read, e.g by next_event() and is reset to NULL at exiting a
1729  read-exec loop. Once the event is destroyed RLI::current_event must be reset
1730  or guaranteed not be accessed anymore.
1731  In the MTS execution the worker is reliably associated with an event
1732  only with the latter is not deferred. This includes Query-log-event.
1733 */
1737  public:
1739  : m_rli(rli_arg) {
1740  m_rli->current_event = ev;
1741  }
1744 };
1746 #endif /* RPL_RLI_H */
Format_description_log_event * get_rli_description_event() const
Return the current Format_description_log_event.
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1323
void set_group_relay_log_pos(ulonglong log_pos)
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1208
void set_flag(enum_state_flag flag)
Set the value of a replication state flag.
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1067
ulonglong uint64
Definition: my_inttypes.h:72
bool is_relay_log_recovery
Definition: rpl_rli.h:228
Definition: query_options.h:74
unsigned long long int ulonglong
Definition: my_inttypes.h:69
std::unique_ptr< T, void(*)(T *)> unique_ptr_with_deleter
std::unique_ptr, but with a custom delete function.
Definition: map_helpers.h:118
Sid_map * get_sid_map()
Definition: rpl_rli.h:452
void clear_processing_trx()
Clears the processing_trx structure fields.
Definition: rpl_rli.h:320
Instrumentation helpers for mutexes.
uint event_relay_log_number
Definition: rpl_rli.h:393
int rpl_sidno
Type of SIDNO (source ID number, first component of GTID)
Definition: rpl_gtid.h:93
bool is_satisfied_at_start_slave()
Check if the until option is already satisfied at coordinator starting.
Definition: rpl_slave_until_options.h:66
void set_group_relay_log_name(const char *log_file_name, size_t len)
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1205
enum Relay_log_info::@61 mts_group_status
Definition: rpl_filter.h:211
int stmt_done(my_off_t event_log_pos)
Helper function to do after statement completion.
unsigned char uchar
Definition: my_inttypes.h:49
char * str
Definition: mysql_lex_string.h:35
Structure to hold parameters for CHANGE MASTER, START SLAVE, and STOP SLAVE.
Definition: sql_lex.h:377
ulonglong event_relay_log_pos
Definition: rpl_rli.h:394
bool is_relay_log_truncated()
Definition: rpl_rli.h:450
t pos
ulonglong log_space_limit
Definition: rpl_rli.h:518
void clear_sql_delay()
Reset the delay.
Definition: rpl_rli.h:534
char ign_master_log_name_end[FN_REFLEN]
Definition: rpl_rli.h:586
Checkable_rwlock * get_sid_lock()
Definition: rpl_rli.h:454
Definition: rpl_slave_commit_order_manager.h:37
mysql_cond_t pending_jobs_cond
Definition: rpl_rli.h:798
Definition: rpl_mts_submode.h:44
Definition: rpl_rli.h:561
Gtid_set * gtid_set
Definition: rpl_rli.h:415
void started_processing(Gtid_log_event *gtid_log_ev_arg)
Stores the details of the transaction which has just started processing.
Definition: rpl_rli.h:290
Definition: rpl_rli.h:876
void clear_flag(enum_state_flag flag)
Clear the value of a replication state flag.
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1083
bool workers_array_initialized
Definition: rpl_rli.h:794
void clear_mts_recovery_groups()
Definition: rpl_rli.h:981
ssize_t count
Definition: memcached.c:386
ulonglong mts_groups_assigned
Definition: rpl_rli.h:885
my_off_t get_until_log_pos()
Until_option * until_option
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1504
Definition: rpl_mts_submode.h:52
#define base_name(A)
Definition: my_sys.h:704
void set_commit_order_manager(Commit_order_manager *mngr)
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1348
const string name("\ame\)
bool cached_charset_compare(char *charset) const
my_off_t new_group_relay_log_pos
Definition: rpl_rli.h:931
void finish()
Sets the final information, copy processing info to last_processed and clears processing info...
An instrumented cond structure.
Definition: mysql_cond_bits.h:49
ulong mts_recovery_group_cnt
Definition: rpl_rli.h:851
enum enum_thread_type system_thread
Definition: sql_class.h:2104
Definition: rpl_info_handler.h:54
void rewind()
void finished_processing()
When the processing of a transaction is completed, that timestamp is recorded, the information is cop...
Definition: rpl_rli.h:307
void post_rollback()
Execute actions at replicated atomic DLL post rollback time.
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1607
Some integer typedefs for easier portability.
uint relay_log_name_to_number(const char *name)
Definition: binlog.h:322
void deinit_workers()
The method to invoke at slave threads stop.
time_t set_row_stmt_start_timestamp()
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1295
void set_thd_tx_priority(int priority)
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1535
bool replicate_same_server_id
Definition: rpl_rli.h:216
bool long_find_row_note_printed
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1471
bool read_info(Rpl_info_handler *from)
ulonglong max_updated_index
Definition: rpl_rli.h:844
void reattach_engine_ha_data(THD *thd)
Reattaches the engine ha_data to THD.
struct timespec ts_exec[2]
Definition: rpl_rli.h:910
volatile long mts_wq_excess_cnt
Definition: rpl_rli.h:836
Contains the classes representing events occuring in the replication stream.
ulonglong log_space_total
Definition: rpl_rli.h:518
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1453
Checkable_rwlock * get_sid_lock() const
Return the sid_lock.
Definition: rpl_gtid.h:685
void cleanup_context(THD *, bool)
bool is_group_master_log_pos_invalid
Definition: rpl_rli.h:510
void set_master_info(Master_info *info)
void bitmap_free(MY_BITMAP *map)
time_t last_event_start_time
Definition: rpl_rli.h:733
bool belongs_to_client()
Definition: rpl_rli.h:190
struct System_variables variables
Definition: sql_class.h:955
struct slave_job_item Slave_job_item
bool reinit_sql_thread_io_cache(const char *log, bool need_data_lock)
ulonglong mts_pending_jobs_size
Definition: rpl_rli.h:801
For binlog version 4.
Definition: log_event.h:1458
void set_event_start_pos(my_off_t pos)
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1237
size_t slave_patternload_file_size
Definition: rpl_rli.h:594
char new_group_relay_log_name[FN_REFLEN]
Definition: rpl_rli.h:930
This is a subclass if Gtid_event and Log_event.
Definition: log_event.h:3562
bool is_mts_in_group()
returns true if Coordinator is scheduling events belonging to the same group and has not reached yet ...
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1004
Sergei Dialog Client Authentication NULL
bool empty() const
Definition: prealloced_array.h:184
Generic return type for many functions that can succeed or fail.
Definition: rpl_gtid.h:118
void _add_gtid(rpl_sidno sidno, rpl_gno gno)
Adds the given GTID to this Gtid_set.
Definition: rpl_gtid.h:1364
Flags for the state of the replication.
Definition: rpl_rli.h:175
void slave_close_thread_tables(THD *)
Sid_map * get_sid_map() const
Return the Sid_map associated with this Gtid_set.
Definition: rpl_gtid.h:1702
ulong opt_slave_parallel_workers
Definition: rpl_rli.h:840
ulonglong option_bits
OPTION_xxx constants, e.g. OPTION_PROFILING.
Definition: system_variables.h:203
bool set_info_search_keys(Rpl_info_handler *to)
To search in the slave repositories, each slave info object (mi, rli or worker) should use a primary ...
volatile ulong abort_pos_wait
Definition: rpl_rli.h:542
ulong wq_size_waits_cnt
Definition: rpl_rli.h:888
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1447
TODO: Move this structure to libbinlogevents/include/control_events.h when we start using C++11...
Definition: rpl_gtid.h:924
Represents a bidirectional map between SID and SIDNO.
Definition: rpl_gtid.h:582
void cached_charset_invalidate()
Last charset (6 bytes) seen by slave SQL thread is cached here; it helps the thread save 3 get_charse...
std::atomic< int32 > atomic_channel_open_temp_tables
Definition: rpl_rli.h:243
bool reported_unsafe_warning
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1286
Prealloced_array< Slave_job_item, 8 > curr_group_da
Definition: rpl_rli.h:817
Mts_submode * current_mts_submode
Definition: rpl_rli.h:967
void store_transient_error(uint transient_errno_arg, const char *transient_err_message_arg, ulong trans_retries_arg)
Stores the information about the last transient error in the current transaction, namely: the error n...
bool reset_group_relay_log_pos(const char **errmsg)
Reset group_relay_log_name and group_relay_log_pos to the start of the first relay log file...
void clear_gtid_monitoring_info()
Clears the Gtid_monitoring_info fields.
Definition: rpl_rli.h:325
Definition: rpl_info_factory.h:42
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1743
void set_group_master_log_name(const char *log_file_name)
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1191
char event_relay_log_name[FN_REFLEN]
Definition: rpl_rli.h:391
Gtid_monitoring_info * gtid_monitoring_info
Stores information on the last processed transaction or the transaction that is currently being proce...
Definition: rpl_rli.h:440
bool is_satisfied_after_dispatching_event()
check if the until option is satisfied after applied or dispatched a event.
Definition: rpl_slave_until_options.h:96
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1458
THD * info_thd
Definition: rpl_info.h:77
Definition: thread_type.h:36
Commit_order_manager * commit_order_mngr
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1407
volatile my_off_t group_master_log_pos
Definition: rpl_rli.h:412
Instrumentation helpers for conditions.
void notify_relay_log_change()
Invalidates cached until_log_name and event_relay_log_name comparison result.
Definition: rpl_rli.h:606
void cleanup_after_session()
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1043
Specifies that the transaction has been assigned a GTID (UUID:NUMBER).
Definition: rpl_gtid.h:3505
void add_logged_gtid(rpl_sidno sidno, rpl_gno gno)
Definition: rpl_rli.h:456
uchar slave_version_split[3]
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1333
bool sql_force_rotate_relay
Definition: rpl_rli.h:526
enum Relay_log_info::@60 until_condition
Using this class is fraught with peril, and you need to be very careful when doing so...
Definition: sql_string.h:159
This is the abstract base class for slave start until options.
Definition: rpl_slave_until_options.h:55
time_t mts_last_online_stat
Definition: rpl_rli.h:920
Master_info * mi
Definition: rpl_rli.h:240
ulonglong mts_events_assigned
Definition: rpl_rli.h:884
bool is_satisfied_before_dispatching_event(const Log_event *ev)
check if the until option is satisfied before applying or dispatching a event.
Definition: rpl_slave_until_options.h:82
virtual void post_commit(bool on_rollback)
Cleanup of any side effect that pre_commit() inflicts, including restore of the last executed group c...
mysql_mutex_t mts_gaq_LOCK
Definition: rpl_rli.h:207
void set_group_relay_log_name(const char *log_file_name)
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1201
Definition: table.h:1294
Definition: table.h:724
unsigned int PSI_mutex_key
Instrumented mutex key.
Definition: psi_mutex_bits.h:49
uint sql_slave_skip_counter
a copy of active_mi->rli->slave_skip_counter, for showing in SHOW GLOBAL VARIABLES, INFORMATION_SCHEMA.GLOBAL_VARIABLES and @sql_slave_skip_counter without taking all the mutexes needed to access active_mi->rli->slave_skip_counter properly.
Definition: rpl_rli.h:559
bool is_processing_trx()
Definition: rpl_rli.h:312
Group Assigned Queue whose first element identifies first gap in committed sequence.
Definition: rpl_rli_pdb.h:335
bool is_mts_recovery() const
returns true if there is any gap-group of events to execute at slave starting phase.
Definition: rpl_rli.h:979
mysql_mutex_t slave_worker_hash_lock
Definition: rpl_rli.h:769
bool slave_thread
Definition: sql_class.h:2298
void retried_processing(uint transient_errno_arg, const char *transient_err_message_arg, ulong trans_retries_arg)
When a transaction is retried, the error number and message, and total number of retries are stored...
Definition: rpl_rli.h:336
void cleanup_after_query()
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1039
bool is_in_stmt() const
Auxiliary function used by is_in_group.
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1099
bool recovery_groups_inited
Definition: rpl_rli.h:850
long mts_worker_underrun_level
Definition: rpl_rli.h:837
ulonglong future_event_relay_log_pos
Definition: rpl_rli.h:395
virtual int set_rli_description_event(Format_description_log_event *fdle)
Delete the existing event and set a new one.
void inc_event_relay_log_pos()
Definition: rpl_rli.h:631
Definition: rpl_info.h:42
uint32 m_flags
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1436
time_t last_master_timestamp
Definition: rpl_rli.h:528
bool mts_recovery_group_seen_begin
Definition: rpl_rli.h:853
Definition: binlog_event.h:279
#define DBUG_PRINT(keyword, arglist)
Definition: my_dbug.h:110
ulong mts_wq_no_underrun_cnt
Definition: rpl_rli.h:894
char group_relay_log_name[FN_REFLEN]
Event group means a group of events of a transaction.
Definition: rpl_rli.h:389
Definition: rpl_rli.h:255
Flag counter.
Definition: rpl_rli.h:180
bool pre_commit()
The method implements a pre-commit hook to add up a new statement typically to a DDL transaction to u...
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1619
#define DBUG_ASSERT(A)
Definition: my_dbug.h:128
Definition: rpl_rli.h:878
ulong mts_recovery_index
Definition: rpl_rli.h:852
char group_master_log_name[FN_REFLEN]
Definition: rpl_rli.h:411
int flush_info(bool force=false)
Stores the file and position where the execute-slave thread are in the relay log: ...
size_t size() const
Definition: prealloced_array.h:185
char * strmake(char *dst, const char *src, size_t length)
int wait_for_gtid_set(THD *thd, const char *gtid, double timeout, bool update_THD_status=true)
Wait for a GTID set to be executed.
LEX_STRING table_name
Definition: table.h:725
Legends running throughout the module:
Definition: rpl_rli_pdb.h:72
int inc_group_relay_log_pos(ulonglong log_pos, bool need_data_lock, bool force=false)
Last executed event group coordinates are updated and optionally forcibly flushed to a repository...
time_t get_sql_delay()
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1263
structure to define some default "config_option" option settings
Definition: innodb_config.h:180
int rli_init_info(bool skip_received_gtid_set_recovery=false)
Initialize the relay log info.
ulong mts_wq_overfill_cnt
Definition: rpl_rli.h:902
Definition: rpl_rli.h:164
It is an abstract class for until master position and until relay log position.
Definition: rpl_slave_until_options.h:130
ulong trans_retries
Definition: rpl_rli.h:576
bool is_transactional()
Definition: rpl_info.h:110
bool is_mts_worker(const THD *thd)
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1645
ulong exit_counter
Definition: rpl_rli.h:843
void assert_some_lock() const
Assert that some thread holds either the read or the write lock.
Definition: rpl_gtid.h:522
Definition: rpl_rli.h:564
bool is_until_satisfied_after_dispatching_event()
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1548
enum Relay_log_info::@59 commit_timestamps_status
the status of the commit timestamps for the relay log
bool write_info(Rpl_info_handler *to)
malloc_unordered_map< std::string, unique_ptr_with_deleter< db_worker_hash_entry > > mapping_db_to_worker
Definition: rpl_rli.h:766
volatile uint32 slave_skip_counter
Definition: rpl_rli.h:541
void start_sql_delay(time_t delay_end)
Indicate that a delay starts.
mysql_mutex_t log_space_lock
Definition: rpl_rli.h:543
virtual ~Relay_log_info()
std::unordered_map, but with my_malloc, so that you can track the memory used using PSI memory keys...
Definition: map_helpers.h:175
Slave_worker * get_worker(size_t n)
Definition: rpl_rli.h:945
uint64 original_commit_timestamp
Definition: rpl_rli.h:736
time_t sql_delay
Delay slave SQL thread by this amount of seconds.
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1424
bool is_atomic_ddl_commit_on_slave(THD *thd)
Checks whether the transaction identified by the argument is executed by a slave applier thread is an...
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1693
void set_event_relay_log_number(uint number)
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1222
int count_relay_log_space()
virtual const char * get_for_channel_str(bool upper_case=false) const
RAII class to control the slave applier execution context binding with a being handled event...
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1734
mysql_mutex_t exit_count_lock
Definition: rpl_rli.h:799
Definition: my_bitmap.h:42
bool is_group_relay_log_name_invalid(const char **errmsg)
Check if group_relay_log_name is in index file.
bool gtid_retrieved_initialized
Definition: rpl_rli.h:425
Definition: rpl_rli.h:874
my_off_t new_group_master_log_pos
Definition: rpl_rli.h:929
Definition: table.h:1295
int get_thd_tx_priority()
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1537
TABLE * save_temporary_tables
Definition: rpl_rli.h:237
Maps table id&#39;s (integers) to table pointers.
Definition: rpl_tblmap.h:50
bool unflag_detached_engine_ha_data()
Drops the engine ha_data flag when it is up.
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1590
ulonglong get_future_event_relay_log_pos()
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1180
std::vector< Slave_worker * > workers_copy_pfs
Definition: rpl_rli.h:783
This is the abstract base class for binary log events.
Definition: log_event.h:517
ulong retried_trans
Definition: rpl_rli.h:576
volatile ulong mts_wq_overrun_cnt
Definition: rpl_rli.h:887
bool mysql_show_relaylog_events(THD *thd)
Execute a SHOW RELAYLOG EVENTS statement.
struct timespec last_clock
Identifies the last time a checkpoint routine has been executed.
Definition: rpl_rli.h:599
bool inited_hash_workers
Definition: rpl_rli.h:767
size_t get_worker_count()
Definition: rpl_rli.h:934
rpl_sidno get_sidno(bool need_lock)
Return the SIDNO relative to the global sid_map for this GTID.
Defines various enable/disable and HAVE_ macros related to the performance schema instrumentation sys...
Log_event * data
Definition: rpl_rli.h:88
unsigned int len
Definition: rpl_rli.h:563
bool is_processing_trx_set()
Returns true if the processing_trx is set, false otherwise.
unsigned int uint
void end_info()
The replication thread is inside a statement.
Definition: rpl_rli.h:177
#define FN_REFLEN
Definition: my_io.h:82
MYSQL_BIN_LOG relay_log
Definition: rpl_rli.h:222
long long int longlong
Definition: my_inttypes.h:70
mysql_mutex_t data_lock
Definition: rpl_info.h:57
table_mapping m_table_map
Definition: rpl_rli.h:694
mysql_mutex_t mts_temp_table_LOCK
Definition: rpl_rli.h:202
void fill_coord_err_buf(loglevel level, int err_code, const char *buff_coord) const
Update the error number, message and timestamp fields.
uint relay_number
Definition: rpl_rli.h:89
time_t my_time(int)
Return current time.
Definition: my_systime.h:169
Gtid owned_gtid
The GTID of the currently owned transaction.
Definition: sql_class.h:3316
void set_future_event_relay_log_pos(ulonglong log_pos)
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1183
Gtid_monitoring_info * get_gtid_monitoring_info()
Definition: rpl_rli.h:261
Slave_worker_array workers
Definition: rpl_rli.h:761
MY_BITMAP recovery_groups
Definition: rpl_rli.h:849
void set_long_find_row_note_printed()
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1303
bool m_relay_log_truncated
It will be set to true when receiver truncated relay log for some reason.
Definition: rpl_rli.h:447
Prealloced_array< db_worker_hash_entry *, 4 > curr_group_assigned_parts
Definition: rpl_rli.h:815
void start(Gtid gtid_arg, ulonglong original_ts_arg, ulonglong immediate_ts_arg, bool skipped_arg=false)
Sets the initial monitoring information.
Relay_log_info(bool is_slave_recovery, PSI_mutex_key *param_key_info_run_lock, PSI_mutex_key *param_key_info_data_lock, PSI_mutex_key *param_key_info_sleep_lock, PSI_mutex_key *param_key_info_thd_lock, PSI_mutex_key *param_key_info_data_cond, PSI_mutex_key *param_key_info_start_cond, PSI_mutex_key *param_key_info_stop_cond, PSI_mutex_key *param_key_info_sleep_cond, uint param_id, const char *param_channel, bool is_rli_fake)
void clear()
Clear all monitoring information.
uint tables_to_lock_count
Definition: rpl_rli.h:693
const char * get_group_relay_log_name()
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1199
bool sql_thread_kill_accepted
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1291
Instrumentation helpers for mutexes.
mysql_cond_t slave_worker_hash_cond
Definition: rpl_rli.h:770
ulong recovery_parallel_workers
Definition: rpl_rli.h:845
void reset_row_stmt_start_timestamp()
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1301
Common header for many mysys elements.
Commit_order_manager * get_commit_order_manager()
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1346
unsigned long long int original_commit_timestamp
Timestamp when the transaction was committed on the originating master.
Definition: control_events.h:810
bool is_mts_db_partitioned(Relay_log_info *rli)
Auxiliary function to check if we have a db partitioned MTS
bool is_in_group() const
A group is defined as the entire range of events that constitute a transaction or auto-committed stat...
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1144
int flush_current_log()
ulonglong get_group_relay_log_pos()
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1200
void reset_notified_relay_log_change()
While a group is executed by a Worker the relay log can change.
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1442
volatile ulong mts_wq_underrun_w_id
Definition: rpl_rli.h:825
Represents a set of GTIDs.
Definition: rpl_gtid.h:1302
Definition: my_psi_config.h:38
Definition of the global "loglevel" enumeration.
bool get_table_data(TABLE *table_arg, table_def **tabledef_var, TABLE **conv_table_var) const
Definition: rpl_rli.h:698
Binary log event definitions.
bool is_until_satisfied_before_dispatching_event(const Log_event *ev)
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1544
static bool update_timestamp(THD *thd, set_var *var)
bool mts_finalize_recovery()
Called when gaps execution is ended so it is crash-safe to reset the last session Workers info...
void set_event_relay_log_pos(ulonglong log_pos)
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1240
void clear_until_option()
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1371
unsigned long my_off_t
Definition: my_inttypes.h:88
const char * add_channel_to_relay_log_name(char *buff, uint buff_size, const char *base_name)
sets the suffix required for relay log names in multisource replication.
Relay_log_info * m_rli
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1735
bool force_flush_postponed_due_to_split_trans
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1344
void set_group_master_log_pos(ulonglong log_pos)
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1195
Stores information to monitor a transaction during the different replication stages.
Definition: rpl_gtid.h:1161
int purge_relay_logs(THD *thd, const char **errmsg, bool delete_only=false)
Purges relay logs.
char slave_patternload_file[FN_REFLEN]
Definition: rpl_rli.h:593
std::atomic< longlong > mts_total_wait_overlap
Definition: rpl_rli.h:896
void detach_engine_ha_data(THD *thd)
Detaches the engine ha_data from THD.
Slave_worker * last_assigned_worker
Definition: rpl_rli.h:805
int init_until_option(THD *thd, const LEX_MASTER_INFO *master_param)
Intialize until option object when starting slave.
void set_filter(Rpl_filter *channel_filter)
Set replication filter for the channel.
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1394
mysql_cond_t log_space_cond
Definition: rpl_rli.h:544
Definition: rpl_mi.h:85
PSI_memory_key key_memory_db_worker_hash_entry
ulonglong group_relay_log_pos
Definition: rpl_rli.h:390
bool is_time_for_mts_checkpoint()
Check if it is time to compute MTS checkpoint.
ulong mts_slave_worker_queue_len_max
Definition: rpl_rli.h:800
const char * get_group_master_log_name()
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1187
static int flag
ulong slave_parallel_workers
Definition: rpl_rli.h:841
ulonglong stats_read_time
Definition: rpl_rli.h:909
bool get_flag(enum_state_flag flag)
Get the value of a replication state flag.
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1076
bool is_operating_substatement_implicitly
Definition: sql_class.h:1926
virtual Relay_log_info * get_c_rli()
Get coordinator&#39;s RLI.
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1387
PSI_mutex_key m_key_mts_temp_table_LOCK
Definition: rpl_rli.h:196
my_off_t event_start_pos
Definition: rpl_rli.h:398
ulonglong stats_exec_time
Definition: rpl_rli.h:908
uint get_event_relay_log_number()
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1221
const Gtid_set * get_gtid_set() const
Definition: rpl_rli.h:472
An instrumented mutex structure.
Definition: mysql_mutex_bits.h:49
bool is_engine_ha_data_detached
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1516
bool mts_wq_oversize
Definition: rpl_rli.h:803
bool is_committed_ddl(Log_event *ev)
Checks whether the supplied event encodes a (2pc-aware) DDL that has been already committed...
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1661
Definition: rpl_rli_pdb.h:515
Definition: rpl_rli.h:253
const char * get_until_log_name()
Format_description_log_event * rli_description_event
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1399
enum_return_status add_gtid_set(const Gtid_set *gtid_set)
Adds a GTID set to received GTID set.
static size_t get_number_info_rli_fields()
Slave_committed_queue * gaq
Definition: rpl_rli.h:810
void reset_notified_checkpoint(ulong count, time_t new_ts, bool update_timestamp=false)
While a group is executed by a Worker the relay log can change.
void relay_log_number_to_name(uint number, char name[FN_REFLEN+1])
Given the extension number of the relay log, gets the full relay log path.
Rpl_filter * rpl_filter
Definition: rpl_rli.h:171
ABI for instrumented mutexes.
enum_return_status ensure_sidno(rpl_sidno sidno)
Allocates space for all sidnos up to the given sidno in the array of intervals.
bool ddl_not_atomic
Raised when slave applies and writes to its binary log statement which is not atomic DDL and has no X...
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1533
Common #defines and includes for file and socket I/O.
bool mts_end_group_sets_max_dbs
Definition: rpl_rli.h:822
enum_mts_parallel_type channel_mts_submode
Definition: rpl_rli.h:965
void set_sql_delay(time_t _sql_delay)
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1264
Deferred_log_events * deferred_events
Definition: rpl_rli.h:744
rpl_sidno sidno
SIDNO of this Gtid.
Definition: rpl_gtid.h:926
A Query event is written to the binary log whenever the database is modified on the master...
Definition: log_event.h:1242
void unset_long_find_row_note_printed()
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1305
Relay_log_info & operator=(const Relay_log_info &info)
void close_temporary_tables()
void set_current_event(Log_event *ev)
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1742
bool rli_fake
Definition: rpl_rli.h:423
bool is_long_find_row_note_printed()
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1309
Definition: my_loglevel.h:32
#define mysql_mutex_unlock(M)
Definition: mysql_mutex.h:53
const char * get_event_relay_log_name()
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1212
int wait_for_pos(THD *thd, String *log_name, longlong log_pos, double timeout)
Waits until the SQL thread reaches (has executed up to) the log/position or timed out...
ulonglong get_event_relay_log_pos()
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1213
time_t get_row_stmt_start_timestamp()
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1293
Prealloced_array< Slave_worker *, 4 > Slave_worker_array
Definition: rpl_rli.h:85
volatile ulong pending_jobs
Definition: rpl_rli.h:796
mysql_cond_t logical_clock_cond
Definition: rpl_rli.h:208
bool is_commit_in_middle_of_statement
Definition: sql_class.h:3376
#define mysql_mutex_lock(M)
Definition: mysql_mutex.h:44
Definition: rpl_rli.h:87
bool is_atomic_ddl(THD *thd, bool using_trans_arg)
The function lists all DDL instances that are supported for crash-recovery (WL9175).
void set_until_option(Until_option *option)
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1365
rpl_gno get_gno() const
Return the GNO for this GTID.
Definition: log_event.h:3719
uint rli_checkpoint_seqno
Definition: rpl_rli.h:846
enum_gtid_type get_type() const
Return the gtid type for this Gtid_log_event: this can be either ANONYMOUS_GTID, AUTOMATIC_GTID, or ASSIGNED_GTID.
Definition: log_event.h:3683
It is used to record the original query for the rows events in RBR.
Definition: log_event.h:3460
void notify_relay_log_truncated()
Receiver thread notifies that it truncated some data from relay log.
char cached_charset[6]
Definition: rpl_rli.h:567
void set_event_relay_log_name(const char *log_file_name)
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1214
Log_event_type get_type_code() const
Definition: log_event.h:774
ulonglong ign_master_log_pos_end
Definition: rpl_rli.h:587
Log_event * current_event
Reference to being applied event.
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1523
int thd_tx_priority
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1501
Log info(cout, "NOTE")
A table definition from the master.
Definition: rpl_utility.h:245
Definition: table.h:2439
This has the functionality of mysql_rwlock_t, with two differences:
Definition: rpl_gtid.h:429
Definition: rpl_rli.h:557
ulong adapt_to_master_version_updown(ulong master_version, ulong current_version)
The method compares two supplied versions and carries out down- or up- grade customization of executi...
Extend the normal table list with a few new fields needed by the slave thread, but nowhere else...
Definition: rpl_utility.h:450
bool gtid_timestamps_warning_logged
Variable is set to true as long as original_commit_timestamp > immediate_commit_timestamp so that the...
Definition: rpl_rli.h:355
bool is_parallel_exec() const
returns true if events are to be executed in parallel
Definition: rpl_rli.h:992
my_off_t relay_pos
Definition: rpl_rli.h:90
const char * get_rpl_log_name()
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1243
void started_processing(Gtid gtid_arg, ulonglong original_ts_arg, ulonglong immediate_ts_arg, bool skipped=false)
Stores the details of the transaction which has just started processing.
Definition: rpl_rli.h:276
void init_workers(ulong)
The method to invoke at slave threads start.
Prealloced_array< ulong, 16 > least_occupied_workers
Definition: rpl_rli.h:919
void clear_relay_log_truncated()
Applier clears the flag after it handled the situation.
ulonglong get_group_master_log_pos()
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1190
Definition: rpl_rli.h:877
ulonglong mts_pending_jobs_size_max
Definition: rpl_rli.h:802
char new_group_master_log_name[FN_REFLEN]
Storage for holding newly computed values for the last executed event group coordinates while the cur...
Definition: rpl_rli.h:928
bool is_in_trx_or_stmt() const
Auxiliary function used by is_in_group.
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1113
RPL_TABLE_LIST * tables_to_lock
Definition: rpl_rli.h:692
time_t get_sql_delay_end()
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1265
Definition: rpl_utility.h:462
Definition: thread_type.h:41
long long int rpl_gno
Type of GNO, the second (numeric) component of GTID.
Definition: rpl_gtid.h:99
void clear_tables_to_lock()
struct timespec stats_begin
Definition: rpl_rli.h:911
unsigned long ulong
Definition: my_inttypes.h:46
RLI_current_event_raii(Relay_log_info *rli_arg, Log_event *ev)
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1738
uint checkpoint_group
Definition: rpl_rli.h:848
my_off_t get_event_start_pos()
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1238
time_t sql_delay_end
During a delay, specifies the point in time when the delay ends.
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1434
void clear_processing_trx()
Clear only the processing_trx monitoring info.
ulong mts_coordinator_basic_nap
Definition: rpl_rli.h:839
ulong adapt_to_master_version(Format_description_log_event *fdle)
adaptation for the slave applier to specific master versions.
bool curr_group_isolated
Definition: rpl_rli.h:821
void notify_group_master_log_name_update()
The same as notify_group_relay_log_name_update but for group_master_log_name.
Definition: rpl_rli.h:626
unsigned long long int immediate_commit_timestamp
Timestamp when the transaction was committed on the nearest master.
Definition: control_events.h:812
bool curr_group_seen_gtid
Definition: rpl_rli.h:819
virtual bool commit_positions()
The method implements updating a slave info table.
bool is_until_satisfied_at_start_slave()
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1541
bool ignore_log_space_limit
Definition: rpl_rli.h:519
time_t row_stmt_start_timestamp
Definition: rpl_rli.h:1470
ulonglong mts_total_wait_worker_avail
Definition: rpl_rli.h:901
bool error_on_rli_init_info
Definition: rpl_rli.h:348
bool deferred_events_collecting
Definition: rpl_rli.h:750
For each client connection we create a separate thread with THD serving as a thread/connection descri...
Definition: sql_class.h:776
Rows_query_log_event * rows_query_ev
Definition: rpl_rli.h:696
bool curr_group_seen_begin
Definition: rpl_rli.h:820
Relay_log_info * rli_slave
Definition: sql_class.h:898
mysql_mutex_t pending_jobs_lock
Definition: rpl_rli.h:797
Definition: rpl_rli.h:251
Definition: rpl_rli.h:558