MySQL  8.0.16
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Common header for many mysys elements. More...

#include "my_config.h"
#include <limits.h>
#include <stdarg.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <time.h>
#include "m_string.h"
#include "my_compiler.h"
#include "my_inttypes.h"
#include "my_loglevel.h"
#include "my_psi_config.h"
#include "my_sharedlib.h"
#include "mysql/components/services/my_io_bits.h"
#include "mysql/components/services/mysql_cond_bits.h"
#include "mysql/components/services/mysql_mutex_bits.h"
#include "mysql/components/services/psi_file_bits.h"
#include "mysql/components/services/psi_memory_bits.h"
#include "mysql/components/services/psi_stage_bits.h"
#include "mysql/psi/psi_base.h"

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struct  st_my_file_info
struct  MY_TMPDIR
struct  IO_CACHE
struct  ST_FILE_ID
struct  USED_MEM
 struct for once_alloc (block) More...


#define MY_INIT(name)
#define MYSYS_ERRMSG_SIZE   (512)
 Max length of an error message generated by mysys utilities. More...
#define MYSYS_STRERROR_SIZE   (128)
#define MY_FILE_ERROR   ((size_t)-1)
#define MY_FFNF   1 /* Fatal if file not found */
#define MY_FNABP   2 /* Fatal if not all bytes read/writen */
#define MY_NABP   4 /* Error if not all bytes read/writen */
#define MY_FAE   8 /* Fatal if any error */
#define MY_WME   16 /* Write message on error */
#define MY_WAIT_IF_FULL   32 /* Wait and try again if disk full error */
#define MY_IGNORE_BADFD   32 /* my_sync: ignore 'bad descriptor' errors */
#define MY_SYNC_DIR   8192 /* my_create/delete/rename: sync directory */
#define MY_REPORT_WAITING_IF_FULL   64 /* my_write: set status as waiting */
#define MY_FULL_IO   512 /* For my_read - loop intil I/O is complete */
#define MY_DONT_CHECK_FILESIZE   128 /* Option to init_io_cache() */
#define MY_LINK_WARNING   32 /* my_redel() gives warning if links */
#define MY_COPYTIME   64 /* my_redel() copys time */
#define MY_DELETE_OLD   256 /* my_create_with_symlink() */
#define MY_RESOLVE_LINK   128 /* my_realpath(); Only resolve links */
#define MY_HOLD_ORIGINAL_MODES   128 /* my_copy() holds to file modes */
#define MY_SEEK_NOT_DONE   32 /* my_lock may have to do a seek */
#define MY_DONT_WAIT   64 /* my_lock() don't wait if can't lock */
#define MY_ZEROFILL   32 /* my_malloc(), fill array with zero */
#define MY_ALLOW_ZERO_PTR   64 /* my_realloc() ; zero ptr -> malloc */
#define MY_FREE_ON_ERROR   128 /* my_realloc() ; Free old ptr on error */
#define MY_HOLD_ON_ERROR   256 /* my_realloc() ; Return old ptr on error */
#define MY_DONT_OVERWRITE_FILE   1024 /* my_copy: Don't overwrite file */
#define MY_THREADSAFE   2048 /* my_seek(): lock fd mutex */
#define MY_SYNC   4096 /* my_copy(): sync dst file */
#define MYF_RW   MYF(MY_WME + MY_NABP) /* For my_read & my_write */
#define MY_CHECK_ERROR   1 /* Params to my_end; Check open-close */
#define MY_GIVE_INFO   2 /* Give time info about process*/
#define MY_DONT_FREE_DBUG   4 /* Do not call DBUG_END() in my_end() */
#define ME_BELL   4 /* DEPRECATED: Ring bell then printing message */
#define ME_ERRORLOG   64 /* Write the error message to error log */
#define ME_FATALERROR   1024 /* Fatal statement error */
#define MY_REPLACE_DIR   1 /* replace dir in name with 'dir' */
#define MY_REPLACE_EXT   2 /* replace extension with 'ext' */
#define MY_UNPACK_FILENAME   4 /* Unpack name (~ -> home) */
#define MY_RESOLVE_SYMLINKS   16 /* Resolve all symbolic links */
#define MY_RETURN_REAL_PATH   32 /* return full path for file */
#define MY_SAFE_PATH   64 /* Return NULL if too long path */
#define MY_RELATIVE_PATH   128 /* name is relative to 'dir' */
#define MY_APPEND_EXT   256 /* add 'ext' as additional extension*/
#define MY_SEEK_SET   0
#define MY_SEEK_CUR   1
#define MY_SEEK_END   2
#define MY_WAIT_FOR_USER_TO_FIX_PANIC   60 /* in seconds */
#define MY_WAIT_GIVE_USER_A_MESSAGE   10 /* Every 10 times of prev */
#define MIN_COMPRESS_LENGTH   50 /* Don't compress small bl. */
#define DFLT_INIT_HITS   3
#define MY_KEEP_PREALLOC   1
#define MY_MARK_BLOCKS_FREE   2 /* move used to free list and reuse them */
#define MY_ERRNO_EDOM   33
#define MY_ERRNO_ERANGE   34
#define my_safe_alloca(size, max_alloca_sz)
#define my_safe_afree(ptr, size, max_alloca_sz)   if (size > max_alloca_sz) my_free(ptr)
#define DEBUG_SYNC_C(_sync_point_name_)
#define DEBUG_SYNC_C_IF_THD(thd, _sync_point_name_)
#define my_get_large_page_size()   (0)
#define my_alloca(SZ)   alloca((size_t)(SZ))
#define MY_ALL_CHARSETS_SIZE   2048
#define RECORD_CACHE_SIZE   (uint)(64 * 1024 - MALLOC_OVERHEAD)
#define my_access   access
#define is_filename_allowed(name, length, allow_cwd)   (true)
#define my_delete_allow_opened(fname, flags)   my_delete((fname), (flags))
#define my_print_open_files()
#define base_name(A)   (A + dirname_length(A))
#define flush_io_cache(info)   my_b_flush_io_cache((info), 1)
#define dynamic_element(array, array_index, type)   ((type)((array)->buffer) + (array_index))
#define alloc_root_inited(A)   ((A)->inited())
#define PROT_READ   1
#define PROT_WRITE   2
#define MAP_NORESERVE   0
#define MAP_SHARED   0x0001
#define MAP_PRIVATE   0x0002
#define MAP_NOSYNC   0x0800
#define MAP_FAILED   ((void *)-1)
#define MS_SYNC   0x0000


typedef int(* IO_CACHE_CALLBACK) (IO_CACHE *)
typedef int(* qsort2_cmp) (const void *, const void *, const void *)
typedef void(* my_error_reporter) (enum loglevel level, uint ecode,...)
typedef uint32 ha_checksum


enum  cache_type {
enum  file_type {
enum  my_syslog_options { MY_SYSLOG_PIDS = 1 }


void * my_multi_malloc (PSI_memory_key key, myf flags,...)
void my_b_clear (IO_CACHE *info)
bool my_b_inited (const IO_CACHE *info)
int my_b_read (IO_CACHE *info, uchar *buffer, size_t count)
int my_b_write (IO_CACHE *info, const uchar *buffer, size_t count)
int _my_b_get (IO_CACHE *info)
int my_b_get (IO_CACHE *info)
my_off_t my_b_tell (const IO_CACHE *info)
ucharmy_b_get_buffer_start (const IO_CACHE *info)
size_t my_b_get_bytes_in_buffer (const IO_CACHE *info)
my_off_t my_b_get_pos_in_file (const IO_CACHE *info)
int my_b_copy_to_file (IO_CACHE *cache, FILE *file)
size_t my_b_bytes_in_cache (const IO_CACHE *info)
int my_copy (const char *from, const char *to, myf MyFlags)
int my_delete (const char *name, myf MyFlags)
int my_getwd (char *buf, size_t size, myf MyFlags)
int my_setwd (const char *dir, myf MyFlags)
void * my_once_alloc (size_t Size, myf MyFlags)
void my_once_free (void)
char * my_once_strdup (const char *src, myf myflags)
void * my_once_memdup (const void *src, size_t len, myf myflags)
File my_open (const char *FileName, int Flags, myf MyFlags)
File my_register_filename (File fd, const char *FileName, enum file_type type_of_file, uint error_message_number, myf MyFlags)
File my_create (const char *FileName, int CreateFlags, int AccessFlags, myf MyFlags)
int my_close (File Filedes, myf MyFlags)
int my_mkdir (const char *dir, int Flags, myf MyFlags)
int my_readlink (char *to, const char *filename, myf MyFlags)
int my_is_symlink (const char *filename, ST_FILE_ID *file_id)
int my_realpath (char *to, const char *filename, myf MyFlags)
int my_is_same_file (File file, const ST_FILE_ID *file_id)
 Return non-zero if the file descriptor and a previously lstat-ed file identified by file_id point to the same file. More...
File my_create_with_symlink (const char *linkname, const char *filename, int createflags, int access_flags, myf MyFlags)
int my_delete_with_symlink (const char *name, myf MyFlags)
int my_rename_with_symlink (const char *from, const char *to, myf MyFlags)
int my_symlink (const char *content, const char *linkname, myf MyFlags)
size_t my_read (File Filedes, uchar *Buffer, size_t Count, myf MyFlags)
 Read a chunk of bytes from a file with retry's if needed If flag MY_FULL_IO is set then keep reading until EOF is found. More...
size_t my_pread (File Filedes, uchar *Buffer, size_t Count, my_off_t offset, myf MyFlags)
int my_rename (const char *from, const char *to, myf MyFlags)
my_off_t my_seek (File fd, my_off_t pos, int whence, myf MyFlags)
my_off_t my_tell (File fd, myf MyFlags)
size_t my_write (File Filedes, const uchar *Buffer, size_t Count, myf MyFlags)
 Write a chunk of bytes to a file. More...
size_t my_pwrite (File Filedes, const uchar *Buffer, size_t Count, my_off_t offset, myf MyFlags)
 Write a chunk of bytes to a file at a given position. More...
size_t my_fread (FILE *stream, uchar *Buffer, size_t Count, myf MyFlags)
size_t my_fwrite (FILE *stream, const uchar *Buffer, size_t Count, myf MyFlags)
my_off_t my_fseek (FILE *stream, my_off_t pos, int whence)
my_off_t my_ftell (FILE *stream)
int my_openlog (const char *eventSourceName, int option, int facility)
 Opens/Registers a new handle for system logging. More...
int my_closelog ()
 Closes/de-registers the system logging handle. More...
int my_syslog (const CHARSET_INFO *cs, enum loglevel level, const char *msg)
 Sends message to the system logger. More...
int check_if_legal_filename (const char *path)
int check_if_legal_tablename (const char *path)
const char * get_global_errmsg (int nr)
void wait_for_free_space (const char *filename, int errors)
FILE * my_fopen (const char *FileName, int Flags, myf MyFlags)
FILE * my_fdopen (File Filedes, const char *name, int Flags, myf MyFlags)
FILE * my_freopen (const char *path, const char *mode, FILE *stream)
 Change the file associated with a file stream. More...
int my_fclose (FILE *fd, myf MyFlags)
File my_fileno (FILE *fd)
int my_chsize (File fd, my_off_t newlength, int filler, myf MyFlags)
int my_fallocator (File fd, my_off_t newlength, int filler, myf MyFlags)
 Change size of the specified file. More...
void thr_set_sync_wait_callback (void(*before_sync)(void), void(*after_sync)(void))
int my_sync (File fd, myf my_flags)
int my_sync_dir (const char *dir_name, myf my_flags)
int my_sync_dir_by_file (const char *file_name, myf my_flags)
char * my_strerror (char *buf, size_t len, int errnum)
 Get a string describing a system or handler error. More...
const char * my_get_err_msg (int nr)
 Get an error format string from one of the my_error_register()ed sets. More...
void my_error (int nr, myf MyFlags,...)
 Fill in and print a previously registered error message. More...
void my_printf_error (uint my_err, const char *format, myf MyFlags,...)
 Print an error message. More...
void my_printv_error (uint error, const char *format, myf MyFlags, va_list ap)
 Print an error message. More...
int my_error_register (const char *(*get_errmsg)(int), int first, int last)
 Register error messages for use with my_error(). More...
bool my_error_unregister (int first, int last)
 Unregister formerly registered error messages. More...
void my_message (uint my_err, const char *str, myf MyFlags)
 Print an error message. More...
void my_message_stderr (uint my_err, const char *str, myf MyFlags)
 Print an error message on stderr. More...
void my_message_local_stderr (enum loglevel, uint ecode, va_list args)
 Issue a message locally (i.e. More...
void my_message_local (enum loglevel ll, uint ecode,...)
 Issue a message locally (i.e. More...
bool my_init (void)
 Initialize my_sys functions, resources and variables. More...
void my_end (int infoflag)
const char * my_filename (File fd)
MY_MODE get_file_perm (ulong perm_flags)
bool my_chmod (const char *filename, ulong perm_flags, myf my_flags)
bool init_tmpdir (MY_TMPDIR *tmpdir, const char *pathlist)
char * my_tmpdir (MY_TMPDIR *tmpdir)
void free_tmpdir (MY_TMPDIR *tmpdir)
size_t dirname_part (char *to, const char *name, size_t *to_res_length)
 Gives directory part of filename. More...
size_t dirname_length (const char *name)
 Get the string length of the directory part of name, including the last FN_LIBCHAR. More...
int test_if_hard_path (const char *dir_name)
bool has_path (const char *name)
char * convert_dirname (char *to, const char *from, const char *from_end)
 Convert directory name to use under this system. More...
void to_unix_path (char *name)
 Convert filename to unix style filename. More...
char * fn_ext (char *name)
const char * fn_ext (const char *name)
char * fn_same (char *toname, const char *name, int flag)
char * fn_format (char *to, const char *name, const char *dir, const char *form, uint flag)
 Formats a filename with possible replace of directory of extension Function can handle the case where 'to' == 'name' For a description of the flag values, consult my_sys.h The arguments should be in unix format. More...
size_t strlength (const char *str)
 Calculate the length of str not including any trailing ' '-bytes. More...
size_t normalize_dirname (char *to, const char *from)
 Convert a directory name to a format which can be compared as strings. More...
size_t unpack_dirname (char *to, const char *from)
 Fixes a directory name so that can be used by open(). More...
size_t cleanup_dirname (char *to, const char *from)
Remove unwanted chars from dirname. More...
size_t system_filename (char *to, const char *from)
 Convert filename (unix standard) to system standard Used before system command's like open(), create() More...
size_t unpack_filename (char *to, const char *from)
 Fix filename so it can be used by open, create. More...
char * intern_filename (char *to, const char *from)
 Fix a filename to intern (UNIX format). More...
char * my_path (char *to, const char *progname, const char *own_pathname_part)
char * my_load_path (char *to, const char *path, const char *own_path_prefix)
 Returns full load-path for a file. More...
bool array_append_string_unique (const char *str, const char **array, size_t size)
 Append str to array, or move to the end if it already exists. More...
void my_store_ptr (uchar *buff, size_t pack_length, my_off_t pos)
my_off_t my_get_ptr (uchar *ptr, size_t pack_length)
int init_io_cache_ext (IO_CACHE *info, File file, size_t cachesize, enum cache_type type, my_off_t seek_offset, bool use_async_io, myf cache_myflags, PSI_file_key file_key)
int init_io_cache (IO_CACHE *info, File file, size_t cachesize, enum cache_type type, my_off_t seek_offset, bool use_async_io, myf cache_myflags)
bool reinit_io_cache (IO_CACHE *info, enum cache_type type, my_off_t seek_offset, bool use_async_io, bool clear_cache)
void setup_io_cache (IO_CACHE *info)
int _my_b_read (IO_CACHE *info, uchar *Buffer, size_t Count)
int _my_b_read_r (IO_CACHE *info, uchar *Buffer, size_t Count)
void init_io_cache_share (IO_CACHE *read_cache, IO_CACHE_SHARE *cshare, IO_CACHE *write_cache, uint num_threads)
void remove_io_thread (IO_CACHE *info)
int _my_b_seq_read (IO_CACHE *info, uchar *Buffer, size_t Count)
int _my_b_net_read (IO_CACHE *info, uchar *Buffer, size_t Count)
 Read buffered from the net. More...
int _my_b_write (IO_CACHE *info, const uchar *Buffer, size_t Count)
int my_b_append (IO_CACHE *info, const uchar *Buffer, size_t Count)
int my_b_safe_write (IO_CACHE *info, const uchar *Buffer, size_t Count)
int my_block_write (IO_CACHE *info, const uchar *Buffer, size_t Count, my_off_t pos)
int my_b_flush_io_cache (IO_CACHE *info, int need_append_buffer_lock)
int end_io_cache (IO_CACHE *info)
size_t my_b_fill (IO_CACHE *info)
void my_b_seek (IO_CACHE *info, my_off_t pos)
size_t my_b_gets (IO_CACHE *info, char *to, size_t max_length)
my_off_t my_b_filelength (IO_CACHE *info)
size_t my_b_printf (IO_CACHE *info, const char *fmt,...)
 Simple printf version. More...
size_t my_b_vprintf (IO_CACHE *info, const char *fmt, va_list ap)
 Implementation of my_b_printf. More...
bool open_cached_file (IO_CACHE *cache, const char *dir, const char *prefix, size_t cache_size, myf cache_myflags)
bool real_open_cached_file (IO_CACHE *cache)
void close_cached_file (IO_CACHE *cache)
File create_temp_file (char *to, const char *dir, const char *pfx, int mode, myf MyFlags)
bool my_init_dynamic_array (DYNAMIC_ARRAY *array, PSI_memory_key key, uint element_size, void *init_buffer, uint init_alloc, uint alloc_increment)
bool insert_dynamic (DYNAMIC_ARRAY *array, const void *element)
void * alloc_dynamic (DYNAMIC_ARRAY *array)
void * pop_dynamic (DYNAMIC_ARRAY *)
void claim_dynamic (DYNAMIC_ARRAY *array)
void delete_dynamic (DYNAMIC_ARRAY *array)
void freeze_size (DYNAMIC_ARRAY *array)
static void reset_dynamic (DYNAMIC_ARRAY *array)
bool init_dynamic_string (DYNAMIC_STRING *str, const char *init_str, size_t init_alloc, size_t alloc_increment)
bool dynstr_append (DYNAMIC_STRING *str, const char *append)
bool dynstr_append_mem (DYNAMIC_STRING *str, const char *append, size_t length)
bool dynstr_append_os_quoted (DYNAMIC_STRING *str, const char *append,...)
bool dynstr_set (DYNAMIC_STRING *str, const char *init_str)
bool dynstr_realloc (DYNAMIC_STRING *str, size_t additional_size)
bool dynstr_trunc (DYNAMIC_STRING *str, size_t n)
void dynstr_free (DYNAMIC_STRING *str)
void * multi_alloc_root (MEM_ROOT *mem_root,...)
char * strdup_root (MEM_ROOT *root, const char *str)
char * safe_strdup_root (MEM_ROOT *root, const char *str)
char * strmake_root (MEM_ROOT *root, const char *str, size_t len)
void * memdup_root (MEM_ROOT *root, const void *str, size_t len)
bool my_compress (uchar *, size_t *, size_t *)
bool my_uncompress (uchar *, size_t, size_t *)
ucharmy_compress_alloc (const uchar *packet, size_t *len, size_t *complen)
ha_checksum my_checksum (ha_checksum crc, const uchar *mem, size_t count)
uint my_set_max_open_files (uint files)
void my_free_open_file_info (void)
bool my_gethwaddr (uchar *to)
void * my_mmap (void *, size_t, int, int, int, my_off_t)
int my_munmap (void *, size_t)
static int my_getpagesize ()
int my_msync (int, void *, size_t, int)
void my_charset_loader_init_mysys (MY_CHARSET_LOADER *loader)
 Initialize character set loader to use mysys memory management functions. More...
uint get_charset_number (const char *cs_name, uint cs_flags)
uint get_collation_number (const char *name)
const char * get_charset_name (uint cs_number)
CHARSET_INFOget_charset (uint cs_number, myf flags)
CHARSET_INFOget_charset_by_name (const char *cs_name, myf flags)
CHARSET_INFOmy_collation_get_by_name (MY_CHARSET_LOADER *loader, const char *name, myf flags)
 Find collation by name: extended version of get_charset_by_name() to return error messages to the caller. More...
CHARSET_INFOget_charset_by_csname (const char *cs_name, uint cs_flags, myf my_flags)
CHARSET_INFOmy_charset_get_by_name (MY_CHARSET_LOADER *loader, const char *name, uint cs_flags, myf my_flags)
 Find character set by name: extended version of get_charset_by_csname() to return error messages to the caller. More...
bool resolve_charset (const char *cs_name, const CHARSET_INFO *default_cs, const CHARSET_INFO **cs)
 Resolve character set by the character set name (utf8, latin1, ...). More...
bool resolve_collation (const char *cl_name, const CHARSET_INFO *default_cl, const CHARSET_INFO **cl)
 Resolve collation by the collation name (utf8_general_ci, ...). More...
char * get_charsets_dir (char *buf)
bool my_charset_same (const CHARSET_INFO *cs1, const CHARSET_INFO *cs2)
bool init_compiled_charsets (myf flags)
void add_compiled_collation (CHARSET_INFO *cs)
size_t escape_string_for_mysql (const CHARSET_INFO *charset_info, char *to, size_t to_length, const char *from, size_t length)
void charset_uninit ()
size_t escape_quotes_for_mysql (CHARSET_INFO *charset_info, char *to, size_t to_length, const char *from, size_t length, char quote)
void my_init_mysys_psi_keys (void)
void set_psi_cond_service (void *psi)
void set_psi_data_lock_service (void *psi)
void set_psi_error_service (void *psi)
void set_psi_file_service (void *psi)
void set_psi_idle_service (void *psi)
void set_psi_mdl_service (void *psi)
void set_psi_memory_service (void *psi)
void set_psi_mutex_service (void *psi)
void set_psi_rwlock_service (void *psi)
void set_psi_socket_service (void *psi)
void set_psi_stage_service (void *psi)
void set_psi_statement_service (void *psi)
void set_psi_system_service (void *psi)
void set_psi_table_service (void *psi)
void set_psi_thread_service (void *psi)
void set_psi_transaction_service (void *psi)


PSI_memory_key key_memory_max_alloca
char * home_dir
const char * my_progname
void(* error_handler_hook )(uint my_err, const char *str, myf MyFlags)
void(* fatal_error_handler_hook )(uint my_err, const char *str, myf MyFlags)
void(* local_message_hook )(enum loglevel ll, uint ecode, va_list args)
uint my_file_limit
MYSQL_PLUGIN_IMPORT ulong my_thread_stack_size
void(* enter_cond_hook )(void *opaque_thd, mysql_cond_t *cond, mysql_mutex_t *mutex, const PSI_stage_info *stage, PSI_stage_info *old_stage, const char *src_function, const char *src_file, int src_line)
void(* exit_cond_hook )(void *opaque_thd, const PSI_stage_info *stage, const char *src_function, const char *src_file, int src_line)
void(* enter_stage_hook )(void *opaque_thd, const PSI_stage_info *new_stage, PSI_stage_info *old_stage, const char *src_function, const char *src_file, int src_line)
void(* set_waiting_for_disk_space_hook )(void *opaque_thd, bool waiting)
int(* is_killed_hook )(const void *opaque_thd)
CHARSET_INFO compiled_charsets []
ulong my_file_opened
ulong my_stream_opened
ulong my_tmp_file_created
ulong my_file_total_opened
bool my_init_done
int my_umask_dir
ulong my_default_record_cache_size
bool my_disable_locking
bool my_enable_symlinks
const char * charsets_dir
struct st_my_file_infomy_file_info
my_error_reporter my_charset_error_reporter
PSI_file_key key_file_io_cache
constexpr int my_b_EOF = INT_MIN
MYSQL_PLUGIN_IMPORT PSI_cond_bootstrappsi_cond_hook
MYSQL_PLUGIN_IMPORT PSI_data_lock_bootstrappsi_data_lock_hook
MYSQL_PLUGIN_IMPORT PSI_error_bootstrappsi_error_hook
MYSQL_PLUGIN_IMPORT PSI_file_bootstrappsi_file_hook
MYSQL_PLUGIN_IMPORT PSI_idle_bootstrappsi_idle_hook
MYSQL_PLUGIN_IMPORT PSI_mdl_bootstrappsi_mdl_hook
MYSQL_PLUGIN_IMPORT PSI_memory_bootstrappsi_memory_hook
MYSQL_PLUGIN_IMPORT PSI_mutex_bootstrappsi_mutex_hook
MYSQL_PLUGIN_IMPORT PSI_rwlock_bootstrappsi_rwlock_hook
MYSQL_PLUGIN_IMPORT PSI_socket_bootstrappsi_socket_hook
MYSQL_PLUGIN_IMPORT PSI_stage_bootstrappsi_stage_hook
MYSQL_PLUGIN_IMPORT PSI_statement_bootstrappsi_statement_hook
MYSQL_PLUGIN_IMPORT PSI_system_bootstrappsi_system_hook
MYSQL_PLUGIN_IMPORT PSI_table_bootstrappsi_table_hook
MYSQL_PLUGIN_IMPORT PSI_thread_bootstrappsi_thread_hook
MYSQL_PLUGIN_IMPORT PSI_transaction_bootstrappsi_transaction_hook

Detailed Description

Common header for many mysys elements.

Many mysys implementation files now have their own header file.