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MySQL Connector/ODBC 8.0.19 has been released

Dear MySQL users,

MySQL Connector/ODBC 8.0.19 is a new version in the MySQL Connector/ODBC
8.0 series, the ODBC driver for the MySQL Server.

The available downloads include both a Unicode driver and an ANSI driver
based on the same modern codebase. Please select the driver type you
need based on the type of your application – Unicode or ANSI.
Server-side prepared statements are enabled by default. It is suitable
for use with the latest MySQL server version 8.0.

This release of the MySQL ODBC driver is conforming to the ODBC 3.8
specification.  It contains implementations of key 3.8 features,
including self-identification as a ODBC 3.8 driver, streaming of out for
binary types only), and support of the SQL_ATTR_RESET_CONNECTION
connection attribute (for the Unicode driver only).

The release is now available in source and binary form for a number of
platforms from our download pages at

For information on installing, please see the documentation at

Enjoy and thanks for the support!


Changes in MySQL Connector/ODBC 8.0.19 (2020-01-13, General Availability)

     * Functionality Added or Changed

     * Bugs Fixed

Functionality Added or Changed

     * Added DNS SRV support.
       To automatically resolve any SRV record available in a
       target DNS server or service discovery endpoint, specify
       ENABLE_DNS_SRV=1 in the DSN; the host is passed for SRV
       lookup without a port and with a full lookup name. For
       example: DRIVER={MySQL ODBC 8.0

     * Confirmed support for compiling with VS2019, and for
       supporting the Visual C++ 2019 redistributable.

     * When creating a new connection using the classic MySQL
       protocol, multiple hosts can be tried until a successful
       connection is established. A list of hosts can be given
       in a connection string, along with passing MULTI_HOST=1
       to to enable this functionality. The connection string
       looks similar to
       Other notes: the default port is used if port is not
       specified, the connector randomly picks hosts, and if a
       host fails then a new host is chosen. An error is
       returned if SERVER contains multiple hosts when
       MULTI_HOST is not enabled.

Bugs Fixed

     * With prepared SELECT statements the fixed-length numeric
       types such as INT were set to 0 instead of their stored
       value. (Bug #30428851, Bug #97191)

     * Connector/ODBC failed to compile when dynamically linking
       to the MySQL client library
       (MYSQLCLIENT_STATIC_LINKING=0); due to a mismatch between
       an internal copy of the library headers and the version
       of code implementing the library internals. (Bug
       #30292290, Bug #96835)

     * Improved handling for stored procedures and the INOUT
       For example, if a stored procedure had one or more
       parameters then an incomplete result set could be
       returned. (Bug #29467224, Bug #94623)

On Behalf of Oracle/MySQL Engineering Team
Prashant Tekriwal