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JSON Labs Release: Overview


We’re very happy to announce that the MySQL JSON Labs release is now available on MySQL Labs!

With this work, MySQL continues to grow as a hybrid SQL/NoSQL DBMS, one that can offer the best of both worlds to application developers. Please stay tuned for additional news that ensures MySQL remains the most popular Open Source database for next-generation web, mobile, and Cloud based applications!

A big THANK YOU to everyone in the development team that made this happen!

What’s New?

This Lab release is MySQL 5.7.7 with patches for the following Worklogs applied:

Additional Info

You can see the initial blog posts covering this Lab release here:

We’ll be publishing additional posts here over the coming weeks. We’ll also be talking about this new work at Percona Live.

We Need Your Input

Please let us know what you think of these new JSON features! We’d love to hear your feedback!. What would you like to see added or changed? Did you encounter any apparent bugs or performance issues? Please let us know here in the comments, via a bug report, or a support ticket.

Thank you for using MySQL!