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Chapter 7 Connector/C++ Getting Started: Usage Examples

Source distributions of Connector/C++ include an examples directory that contains usage examples. These examples explain how to use the following classes:

  • Connection

  • Driver

  • PreparedStatement

  • ResultSet

  • ResultSetMetaData

  • Statement

The examples cover:

  • Using the Driver class to connect to MySQL

  • Creating tables, inserting rows, fetching rows using (simple) statements

  • Creating tables, inserting rows, fetching rows using prepared statements

  • Hints for working around prepared statement limitations

  • Accessing result set metadata

The examples in this document are only code snippets, not complete programs. The code snippets provide a brief overview on the API. For complete programs, check the examples/ directory of your Connector/C++ installation Please also read the README file in that directory. To test the example code, edit the examples.h file in the examples/ directory to add your connection information, then rebuild the code by issuing a make command.

The examples in the examples/ directory include:

  • examples/connect.cpp:

    How to create a connection, insert data into MySQL and handle exceptions.

  • examples/connection_meta_schemaobj.cpp:

    How to obtain metadata associated with a connection object, for example, a list of tables, databases, MySQL version, connector version.

  • examples/debug_output.cpp:

    How to activate and deactivate the Connector/C++ debug protocol.

  • examples/exceptions.cpp:

    A closer look at the exceptions thrown by the connector and how to fetch error information.

  • examples/prepared_statements.cpp:

    How to run Prepared Statements including an example how to handle SQL statements that cannot be prepared by the MySQL Server.

  • examples/resultset.cpp:

    How to use a cursor to fetch data and iterate over a result set.

  • examples/resultset_meta.cpp:

    How to obtain metadata associated with a result set, for example, number of columns and column types.

  • examples/resultset_types.cpp:

    Result sets returned from metadata methods. (This is more a test than an example.)

  • examples/standalone_example.cpp:

    Simple standalone program not integrated into regular CMake builds.

  • examples/statements.cpp:

    How to execute SQL statements without using Prepared Statements.

  • examples/cpp_trace_analyzer.cpp:

    This example shows how to filter the output of the debug trace. Please see the inline comments for further documentation. This script is unsupported.

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