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7.4 Connector/C++ Using Prepared Statements

If you are not familiar with Prepared Statements on MySQL, take a look at the source code comments and explanations in the file examples/prepared_statement.cpp.

sql::PreparedStatement is created by passing an SQL query to sql::Connection::prepareStatement(). As sql::PreparedStatement is derived from sql::Statement, you will feel familiar with the API once you have learned how to use (simple) statements (sql::Statement). For example, the syntax for fetching results is identical.

// ...
sql::Connection *con;
sql::PreparedStatement  *prep_stmt
// ...

prep_stmt = con->prepareStatement("INSERT INTO test(id, label) VALUES (?, ?)");

prep_stmt->setInt(1, 1);
prep_stmt->setString(2, "a");

prep_stmt->setInt(1, 2);
prep_stmt->setString(2, "b");

delete prep_stmt;
delete con;

As usual, you must free sql::PreparedStatement and sql::Connection objects explicitly.

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