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Changes in MySQL Workbench 6.3.4 (2015-06-15, General Availability)

Functionality Added or Changed

  • Fabric 1.5.x support was added. (Bug #19915013)

  • Added MySQL Enterprise Firewall support. For additional information, see MySQL Enterprise Firewall Interface.

  • On Windows, SQL files are now automatically associated to MySQL Workbench after the installation.

Bugs Fixed

  • On OS X 10.11 (El Capitan), clicking Close after synchronizing a model would cause a crash. (Bug #21978855, Bug #78750)

  • MySQL Enterprise Firewall support now checks and requires the commercial edition of MySQL server 5.6.24 and above. (Bug #21149929)

  • The cursor focus would exit from the SQL editor after executing a query with the keyboard shortcut. (Bug #21141309, Bug #75733)

  • Testing an SSH connection to a host with an unknown SSH fingerprint would freeze MySQL Workbench. (Bug #21122128)

  • When selecting objects in the Forward Engineering filter, the < and > buttons were not always present. (Bug #21098504)

  • On Linux, the Audit Inspector section was missing from the Enterprise management tab. (Bug #21098445)

  • Opening a MySQL connection while the Open SQL Script dialog was open would crash MySQL Workbench. (Bug #21085623)

  • On Linux, MySQL Workbench would not connect to a MySQL server unless gnome-keyring was installed, even if gnome-keyring was not used by the user. A workaround was to set WB_NO_GNOME_KEYRING to true. (Bug #21065455, Bug #76981)

  • Executing the Table Data Import wizard with CSV data would sometimes fail when using a remote MySQL connection. (Bug #21065442, Bug #76991)

  • When migrating from Microsoft Access, the Data Transfer Setup step would fail and throw the following exception: "Error - Unhandled exception: unknown attribute 'getOS'". In other words, the tables were created but the data was not migrated to MySQL. (Bug #21025943, Bug #76926, Bug #76647)

  • On OS X, the Edit Type Mappings for Generic Migration wizard failed to function. (Bug #20986654, Bug #76896)

  • The Table Export wizard operation would suggest the .csv file extension when JSON was selected as the file type. (Bug #20956744)

  • On Linux, adding a new user to a model would display the model user's password. The password is now hidden by default, and a toggle button was added to view it. (Bug #20956578)

  • An object reference error was emitted when adding a second role for a new user under the Schema Privileges modeling tab. (Bug #20956538)

  • On the Models SQL Scripts tab, the Apply Changes and Discard Changes remained inactive after the SQL script was edited. (Bug #20930147)

  • On Windows, the object labels were overlapping on the Physical Schemas section of the Model Overview page. (Bug #20924697)

  • Executing a query containing a large number of columns (70+) would freeze MySQL Workbench. (Bug #20921329, Bug #76770)

  • On Windows, attempting to open a MySQL connection from the home page would sometimes hang. (Bug #20917040)

  • Clicking Cancel after clicking [x] to close MySQL Workbench would cause the home page tab to disappear. (Bug #20910092, Bug #76747)

  • On Windows, attempting to connect to a MySQL server that only had named pipes enabled would fail and emit the following exception: "Invalid for this platform protocol requested(MYSQL_PROTOCOL_SOCKET)". (Bug #20885645, Bug #76692)

  • Executing (applying) an Alter Table operation after deleting a table comment would not execute the query, as the generated SQL contained "COMMENT =;" instead of "COMMENT = '';". (Bug #20836140, Bug #76578)

  • The bundled MySQL client was upgraded to MySQL 5.6.24. (Bug #20747709)

  • Clicking a MySQL connection tile on the home page would not open the MySQL connection if the tile was not on the first screen of the home page. (Bug #20742205, Bug #76391)

  • In the EER diagram editor, adding non-English characters, including high Unicode characters, into table's VARCHAR field would assume the text was too large to fit. (Bug #20732306, Bug #76380)

  • After adding a TCP/IP connection over SSH to an unknown host, MySQL Workbench would hang after accepting the identity as a known hosts. (Bug #20692926, Bug #76260)

  • The Retry functionality would sometimes fail to continue a database migration after the source database server was restarted. (Bug #20577169, Bug #75985)

  • On Linux, if a query returned more than 999 rows, the row number would always show as "..." instead of the row number in the results view. (Bug #20414127, Bug #75621)

  • After completing a successful Import from Dump Project Folder operation, clicking Import again would fail with ERROR 1046. (Bug #20365353, Bug #75514)

  • Left-clicking on the Visual Explain overview thumbnail would cause MySQL Workbench to crash. (Bug #20362922, Bug #75508)

  • The Option File and Status and System Variable sections were missing information for the Audit Log plugin. (Bug #20166897, Bug #75130)

  • Performance improvements were made to the results view grid. (Bug #20024729, Bug #74836)

  • MySQL Workbench did not account for the variable change of validate_password_policy_number to validate_password_policy in MySQL 5.6.10. (Bug #19881314)

  • Dropped Fedora 20 support, and added Fedora 22 support.