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Changes in MySQL Workbench 6.3.2 (2015-03-13, Release Candidate)

Bugs Fixed

  • The icons for the data import and export features were reversed. (Bug #20645134, Bug #76143)

  • Deleting a MySQL Enterprise Backup partial backup job would generate an unhandled exception. (Bug #20637715, Bug #76129)

  • On Windows, table comments did not appear in the Table Inspector. (Bug #20330742, Bug #75459)

  • While modeling, the tables were no longer being listed in alphabetical order. (Bug #20299714, Bug #75401)

  • The Audit Log inspector no longer requires sudo access to read audit log files, and will only prompt for sudo rights if the audit log is not readable by the MySQL Workbench user. (Bug #20255637, Bug #75288)

  • The MySQL configuration file editor was missing the innodb_buffer_pool_size option. (Bug #20168131, Bug #75131)

  • While modeling, the link between two tables could not be deleted. (Bug #20123214, Bug #75064)

  • The FROM keyword was not listed in the code completion popup. (Bug #18899887, Bug #72862)