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Changes in MySQL Workbench 6.3.3 (2015-04-23, General Availability)

Bugs Fixed

  • On OS X, after opening the Table Data Export feature from schema sidebar in the SQL Editor, the wizard's window was not wide enough to display the wizard's controls. (Bug #20822603)

  • Executing a partial MySQL Enterprise Backup job and then clicking Configure Job would emit an unhandled exception for RadioButton_set_active. (Bug #20734865)

  • Copying SQL statements from the history panel would crash MySQL Workbench. (Bug #20724034, Bug #76362)

  • Right-clicking on an out-of-focus empty field under the Inserts editor in the EER modeling table editor would crash MySQL Workbench. (Bug #20692093, Bug #76278)

  • On OS X, inserting a new row of data via the results grid would either crash MySQL Workbench after clicking Apply, or insert the rows along with additional empty NULL filled rows. (Bug #20681539, Bug #76245)

  • The Schema Transfer Wizard would always report a failure, even when the operation succeeded. (Bug #20680466, Bug #75125)

  • Triggers could not be edited after applying changes to a different trigger. Attempting to do this multiple times could also have caused MySQL Workbench to crash. (Bug #20678160, Bug #19916370, Bug #76234, Bug #74624)

  • While creating or altering a table, the ENUM type handler would remove parentheses and quotes. For example, "enum('One','Two')" would convert to "ENUMOne, Two".

    Workaround: Review and correct the SQL before submitting the CREATE TABLE or ALTER TABLE. (Bug #20667788, Bug #76214)

  • Stopping a MySQL server service immediately after installing MySQL Workbench would emit an "Unhandled exception: not a string" message.

    Workaround: restart MySQL Workbench. (Bug #20662285, Bug #76194)

  • The trigger editor would fail to save data for triggers including the BEGIN ... END construct. It would also generate a "GLib-GObject:ERROR:gsignal.c:756:emission_pop: code should not be reached" error. (Bug #20655462, Bug #76082)

  • The StrictHostKeyChecking and UserKnownHostsFile variables are now read from the SSH configuration file when using SSH for a MySQL connection.

    MySQL Workbench will attempt to load this configuration from the following locations: For Windows, %APPDATA%\MySQL\Workbench\ssh\ssh_config or %APPDATA%\MySQL\Workbench\ssh\config. For Linux and OS X, ~/.ssh/ssh_config or ~/.ssh/config. (Bug #20653285, Bug #75764)

  • Connections to MySQL Server 5.7 and higher now use mysql_real_escape_string_quote instead of mysql_real_escape_string. (Bug #20637587)

  • On Linux, the >Check for updates functionality reported a "Name or service not know" error when an Internet connection was not available, and now it emits "No network connection available." (Bug #20631579, Bug #76109)

  • Checking an Advanced Options check box under Performance Schema Setup would generate an error. (Bug #20630030, Bug #76101)

  • Executing the Table Maintenance action on a table after creating an event would fail with an "invalid column Comment for resultset" error. (Bug #20259610, Bug #75291)

  • Data could not be imported into a result set when the results did not contain a Primary Key. The new import wizard does not have this limitation. (Bug #19881191, Bug #74514)

  • On OS X, SSH tunneling would sometimes fail start. (Bug #11764879, Bug #57758)