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MySQL Router Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL Router 8.0.19 (2020-01-13, General Availability)

Changes in MySQL Router 8.0.19 (2020-01-13, General Availability)

Functionality Added or Changed

  • Router now utilizes metadata version 2.0 whereas all previous Router versions used metadata v1.0.1; and Router is backwards compatible with metadata v1.0.1. The Router bootstrapping error log was updated to reflect this requirement, in that MySQL Shell's dba.upgradeMetadata() exists to perform a metadata upgrade. (Bug #30381549, WL #13188)

  • Added Async ReplicaSet Cluster support.

    Added a new cluster_type configuration option to the [metadata_cache] section. Accepted values are "ar" (Async ReplicaSet) or "gr" (Group Replication). Bootstrapping checks the target instance type and sets this value accordingly. (WL #13188)

  • Added new --account and --account-create options to configure Router's bootstrap user. (WL #13177)

  • Metadata version checking functionality was added. Versions checked include 0.0.0 (a metadata upgrade is in process), 1.x.x (old metadata version), and 2.x.x (current metadata version). The metadata version is saved to Router's new routers.version field. In addition, the running router periodically updates the routers.last_check_in metadata field with the current timestamp. (WL #13417)

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed gcc 5.5 compilation warnings. (Bug #30505196, Bug #97475)

  • On Windows, when the Windows service created the Router log file (which happens when running router as a service by bootstrap), the log file became unreadable (inaccessible) by anyone else; including the local administrator. The workaround was to manually delete and recreate the log file after installation.

    Related, the --install-service parameter attempted to grant r/w rights to an existing log file and failed if it lacked rights to do so. Now it no longer attempts modifying privileges and instead reports an error if LocalService lacks sufficient access. (Bug #30471498, Bug #30916395, Bug #97389)

  • The Router's table was extended to include the username that accesses the metadata. (Bug #30435133)

  • Improved GCC 5.5.0 support as it does not support constexpr. (Bug #30406328)

  • An implicit move-assign generated an error when built with DevStudio 12.6; making it explicit eliminated the error. (Bug #30396902)

  • Fixed IPv6 metadata handling. (Bug #30354273)

  • Building Router with AddressSanitizer (ASan) now uses ASAN's crash handler on all systems, when before it would use a generic crash handler on POSIX systems. (Bug #30298740)

  • The HTTP REST API bind_address configuration option only accepted IPv4 addresses. (Bug #30287987)

  • The bootstrap process would improperly display text related to a successful setup before showing an error for failing to generate a Router configuration file. (Bug #30055358)

  • The bootstrap process did not properly store the configured access ports. (Bug #29969566)

  • On shut down, Router now removes the pid-file it generated during start up. (Bug #29441087)

  • The source tarball inside SRPM (Source RPM) is now identical to source tarball at the upstream locations (; previously there were differences causing different checksum values. (Bug #17760647, Bug #70847)