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MySQL Router Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL Router 8.0.18 (2019-10-14, General Availability)

Changes in MySQL Router 8.0.18 (2019-10-14, General Availability)

Functionality Added or Changed

  • Added a timestamp_precision logger configuration option to configure logged timestamps. (WL #11194)

  • Added a new mysqlrouter_keyring utility to help view and manage the Router keyring. (WL #12974)

Bugs Fixed

  • On Windows, ProcessLauncher-related error handling was improved. (Bug #30188010)

  • Fixed the command line parser to better ensure that arguments are sent with proper quoting and escaping. (Bug #30171528)

  • Improved SQL quoting by the bootstrap process, which previously did not quote the username in queries. (Bug #30123992)

  • On MacOS, Router failed to start after a successful bootstrap because the loader could not locate the SSL libraries. (Bug #30096843)

  • Simplified and removed unnecessary SQL statements related to cluster metadata queries. (Bug #30042526)

  • Executing python2.7 install failed to create the mysqlx folder for commercial portable packages. (Bug #29959309)

  • SIGTRAP is now handled the same way as SIGINT in normal operations, and SIGTRAP allows debugger (such as gdb) to jump in. (Bug #29843245)

  • The internal REST API add path functionality did not always remove the current path first, which could cause an unexpected halt. (Bug #29833031)

  • Router could halt unexpectedly if unable to spawn another thread. (Bug #29759391)

  • On Windows 10, Router built with -DINSTALL_LAYOUT=WIN would create a directory named "ENV{APPDATA}" during bootstrap. (Bug #29160784)