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MySQL NDB Cluster 7.6 Release Notes
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MySQL NDB Cluster 7.6 Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL NDB Cluster 7.6.5 (5.7.20-ndb-7.6.5) (2018-04-20, Development)

Changes in MySQL NDB Cluster 7.6.5 (5.7.20-ndb-7.6.5) (2018-04-20, Development)

MySQL NDB Cluster 7.6.5 is a new release of NDB 7.6, based on MySQL Server 5.7 and including features in version 7.6 of the NDB storage engine, as well as fixing recently discovered bugs in previous NDB Cluster releases.

Obtaining NDB Cluster 7.6.  NDB Cluster 7.6 source code and binaries can be obtained from

For an overview of changes made in NDB Cluster 7.6, see What is New in NDB Cluster 7.6.

This release also incorporates all bug fixes and changes made in previous NDB Cluster releases, as well as all bug fixes and feature changes which were added in mainline MySQL 5.7 through MySQL 5.7.20 (see Changes in MySQL 5.7.20 (2017-10-16, General Availability)).

Bugs Fixed

  • NDB Client Programs: On Unix platforms, the Auto-Installer failed to stop the cluster when ndb_mgmd was installed in a directory other than the default. (Bug #89624, Bug #27531186)

  • NDB Client Programs: The Auto-Installer did not provide a mechanism for setting the ServerPort parameter. (Bug #89623, Bug #27539823)

  • An internal buffer being reused immediately after it had been freed could lead to an unplanned data node shutdown. (Bug #27622643)

    References: See also: Bug #28698831.

  • Writing of LCP control files was not always done correctly, which in some cases could lead to an unplanned shutdown of the cluster.

    This fix adds the requirement that upgrades from NDB 7.6.4 (or earlier) to this release (or a later one) include initial node restarts. (Bug #26640486)

  • Under certain conditions, data nodes restarted unnecessarily during execution of ALTER TABLE... REORGANIZE PARTITION. (Bug #25675481)

    References: See also: Bug #26735618, Bug #27191468.