MySQL Cluster Manager 8.0 Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL Cluster Manager 8.0.37 (2024-04-30, Bugfix Release)

Changes in MySQL Cluster Manager 8.0.37 (2024-04-30, Bugfix Release)

Version 8.0.37 is the latest General Availability release of the 8.0 series of MySQL Cluster Manager. It is suitable for use with MySQL NDB Cluster 8.0, 7.6, and 7.5.

Bugs Fixed

  • Agent: With release 8.0.36, mcmd quit unexpectedly when trying to shut down if the cluster had no mysqld nodes. It was due to the new output format of ndb_info_select_all that confused mcmd. This fix removed the confusion for mcmd. (Bug #36437192, Bug #36438611)

  • Agent: The configuration for a mysqld node could not be loaded if the configuration file used !include to import another configuration file and the file path for the import contained any dashes (-) in it. (Bug #36029115)

  • Client: Some help texts of the mcm client commands contained artifacts, which have now been removed. (Bug #36398066, Bug #36210786)

  • Client: Auto completion for client commands did not always work. It has been fixed, but is also disabled now by default. To enable the function, use the --auto-rehash variable to TRUE when you start the mcm client. (Bug #34968330)