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Changes in MySQL Connector/ODBC 5.2.7 (2014-05-13, General Availability)

Heartbleed Bug

  • Connector/ODBC has been updated to use OpenSSL version 1.0.1g, which has been publicly reported as not vulnerable to CVE-2014-0160. Please see Oracle Note #1645479.1 for further details. (Bug #18533200)

Bugs Fixed

  • The functions SQLSetDescField(), SQLGetDiagField(), and SQLGetDiagRec() crashed when a null pointer was passed as a handle for those functions. This fix makes the functions check if the passed pointer is null before using it. (Bug #18431088)

  • The order of the control elements was wrong during control selection in Connector/ODBC's Windows GUI. (Bug #18240696)

  • Calling SQLNumResultCols() with a NULL parameter resulted in a segmentation fault. (Bug #18165197)

  • Connector/ODBC's GUI dialog could not be opened from within ODBCManageDataSourcesQ4 for editing an existing DSN. (Bug #18046123)

  • myodbc-installer did not initialize the allocated memory. This fix flushes the buffer with \0 for initialization. (Bug #18046120)

  • Connector/ODBC crashed when trying to prepare a query after connecting to the server with an invalid value for CHARSET. This fix checks the CHARSET value and throws an error if it is invalid. (Bug #17999659)

  • At a malloc() failure, Connector/ODBC crashed because in the driver_new() function, driver is being freed before driver->name and driver->lib. This fix corrects the order of the free() calls. (Bug #17992912)

  • Driver and installer crashed when the path lengths supplied were longer than 256 characters or when the option strings were longer than 100 characters. This fix makes Connector/ODBC return the proper errors instead. (Bug #17966018)

  • A segmentation fault occurred in SQLSpecialColumns() if the table name supplied was too long. This fix makes Connector/ODBC throw a proper error for the situation. (Bug #17854697)

  • A memory leak occurred when using Connector/ODBC to update the contents of a row. (Bug #17653461, Bug #70662)

  • A bad memory access occurred in the ssps_get_out_params function in my_prepared_stmt.c, when a call was made to a stored procedure with any IN parameters coming after the last OUT or INOUT parameter. (Bug #17640929, Bug #70642)

  • If Connector/ODBC was built from source on Unix/Linux platforms, the tests provided in the distribution (see Testing Connector/ODBC on Unix) could not be run with make test. (Bug #17615811, Bug #70634)

  • SQLDescribeCol() returned a memory allocation failure error when called without a resultset. This fix makes sure the proper error is returned. (Bug #17588101)

  • If the catalog name given to SQLSetConnectAttr() was too long, calling SQLConnect() or SQLDriverConnect() crashed the connection, and calling SQLGetConnectAttr() returned null for the catalog name. (Bug #17587913)

  • A memory leak occurred in SQLExecute() when the connection was killed by another thread. (Bug #17587617)

  • A memory leak occurred in SQLConnect() when it was invoked after a call of SQLSetConnectAttr() that used the parameter SQL_ATTR_CURRENT_CATALOG. (Bug #17586844)

  • The DMG installer for Connector/ODBC failed on OS X 10.8 and 10.9. This fix corrects the wrong identification for the drive type, which caused the installation problem. (Bug #17512040, Bug #70422)

  • A memory leak occurred in SQLSetStmtAttr(). (Bug #17441507)

  • A segmentation fault occurred when SQLColumns()'s argument for table name was longer than 256 characters or its argument for column name was longer than 129 characters. This fix makes Connector/ODBC throw a proper error for those situations. (Bug #17358838)

  • An assertion failure occurred in SQLDescribeCol() if the column number used is larger than the number of columns in the result set. (Bug #17311065)

  • A memory leak occurred in SQLProcedureColumns() when no function or procedure column satisfying the selection condition existed. (Bug #17298721)

  • A segmentation fault occurred in myodbc_casecmp() when the provided query was empty. (Bug #17085344)

  • When using Connector/ODBC in Microsoft Access, sorting a column in the data view might crash the program. (Bug #17071780, Bug #69550)

  • When the connection option FLAG_NO_INFORMATION_SCHEMA was used, calling the SQLFetch function after the SQLForeignKeys function returned bad results. (Bug #16920750)

  • When building Connector/ODBC on some 64-bit systems other than x86_64 (e.g. ppc64), CMake did not recognize that it was a 64-bit system and incorrectly used lib instead of lib64 as directory name for installing the dynamic library. This fix implements a two-step approach, making CMake check for the system architecture by reading the value of CMAKE_SIZEOF_VOID_P and also by checking the existence of the /usr/lib64 folder. (Bug #16785424)

  • The function SQLForeignKeys() did not work if the connection option NO_I_S was set. (Bug #13712420, Bug #64307)

  • Calling the SQLGetDiagField function with the DiagIdentifier SQL_DIAG_ROW_COUNT always returned 0, even if there were updated, deleted, or modified rows. (Bug #11750296)