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Changes in MySQL Connector/NET 6.3.9 (2012-04-11)

This release fixes bugs since 6.3.8.

Bugs Fixed

  • When the length of a VARCHAR column was edited in Table Designer, the data type could be saved incorrectly as BIT. (Bug #13916560)

  • Any sequence of Take(n) method calls followed by Count or LongCount would cause a System.Data.EntityCommandCompilationException error. (Bug #13913047, Bug #64749)

  • When adding a ADO.NET Entity Data Model and generating the model from a database containing foreign keys, the foreign keys were not included in the generated model. (Bug #13800109)

  • The performance when setting the CommandText property on the MySqlCommand class was improved by enhancing the efficiency of a string comparison operation. (Bug #13739383, Bug #64012)

  • Fixed MySqlTime parsing to avoid throwing an exception when handling milliseconds (as result of a timediff operation). (Bug #13708884, Bug #64268)

  • When using connection pooling, the connections in the pool were not automatically closed upon application exit. With the setting log-warnings=2, you could encounter Aborted connection errors in the MySQL error log. The workaround was to explicitly call MySql.Data.MySqlClient.MySqlConnection.ClearAllPools(); upon exiting the application. (Bug #13629471, Bug #63942)

  • If MySqlCommand.CommandText was equal to null, then MySqlCommand.ExecuteReader() would throw the wrong exception: NullReferenceException instead of InvalidOperationException. (Bug #13624659, Bug #64092)

  • In Visual Studio Table Designer, when editing a foreign key relationship, choosing a column name on the left side made that column name unavailable on the right side. (Bug #13615258)

  • In Visual Studio Table Designer, it was possible to save a new foreign key relationship without filling in the fields of the Foreign Key Relationship dialog. (Bug #13613839)

  • In Visual Studio Table Designer, when adding a second foreign key, the new name was incorrectly assigned to the first foreign key in the list. (Bug #13613824)

  • In Visual Studio Table Designer, modifying the Columns field in the Indexes/Keys dialog multiple times could cause an error. (Bug #13613765)

  • In Visual Studio Table Designer, changes to a field were sometimes not detected until you switched focus away from that field. (Bug #13613755)

  • In Visual Studio Table Designer, changing the length of a VARCHAR field could cause an error. (Bug #13611677)

  • When creating a Visual Studio Web Application Project, using the ADO.NET Entity Data Model and generating the model from a database, the Entity Framework Model was not created. This operation gave an error:

    Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: NO)

    (Bug #13610452)

  • In Visual Studio Table Designer, deleting a foreign key relationship in the Relationship dialog required clicking twice. (Bug #13610283)

  • In Visual Studio Table Designer, an error could occur if you added and deleted column information for foreign keys in a particular sequence. (Bug #13610235)

  • The MySQL script generated by using the function CreateDatabaseScript used names with incorrect singular/plural forms. (Bug #13582837, Bug #62150)

  • IntelliSense would emit an error when the "-" (minus) character was typed. (Bug #13522344)

  • Creating a trigger on a table using the Server Explorer tree could produce an error message:

    Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

    (Bug #13511801)

  • In Visual Studio Table Designer, the Add -> Function Import... dialog could close prematurely when you pressed the Get Column Information button. (Bug #13511736)

  • In LINQ to Entity queries, including a child entity (1-n) and its entities (n-n) returned the wrong results. For example:


    (Bug #13491698, Bug #62801)

  • After an UPDATE statement, Connector/NET would generate incorrect SELECT SQL statements if a value in the WHERE clause was not also present in the SET clause of the UPDATE. (Bug #13491689, Bug #62134)

  • The class MySql.Data.Types.MySqlDateTime was not serializable. (Bug #11750161, Bug #40555)

  • Connector/NET would incorrectly map decimal values to ANSI strings. (Bug #62246, Bug #13050570)

  • Connector/NET incorrectly maps PrimitiveTypeKind.Byte to tinyint, instead of utinyint. And PrimitiveTypeKind.SByte mapping was added, to tinyint. (Bug #62135, Bug #13061713)

  • On Model First changed column types generated in SQL scripts to produce more suitable MySql types. (Bug #59244, Bug #12707104)