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Changes in MySQL Connector/NET 6.3.8 (2011-12-16)

This release fixes bugs since 6.3.7.

Bugs Fixed

  • In Visual Studio Table Designer, if you tried to save a new table using an existing table name, subsequently you would not be prompted to choose a new name, preventing you from saving the table. (Bug #13785918)

  • Visual Studio 2010 Table Designer could give an error Object reference not set to an instance of an object for schemas with certain combinations of column names and foreign key references. The SQL syntax was incorrect for the ALTER TABLE statement generated by the Table Designer. (Bug #13591545, Bug #63714)

  • When creating a project in VisualStudio using a .NET framework such as 3.0 or 3.5 (anything less than 4.0), the Connector/NET library (MySql.Data.dll) was not listed in the Add References dialog box. The workaround was to browse to the library and add it manually. (Bug #13491678, Bug #60462)

  • The columns added in descending sort order were not included in the index, as defined within the Server Explorer. (Bug #13481709)

  • In Table Designer for Visual Studio, trying to delete foreign keys from an InnoDB table showed an error, and the change was not saved. (Bug #13481362)

  • When creating a foreign key relationship in Table Designer, changes to the ON UPDATE and ON CASCADE settings were not reflected in the actual table definition, as displayed by SHOW CREATE TABLE. (Bug #13481348)

  • In table designer for Visual Studio, you could not create a foreign key that referenced the same table as source and destination. When adding a new relationship, the Referenced table list did not offer the original table as one of the choices. (Bug #13481340)

  • The comment property and index type were not added in the definition of the index, as defined within the Server Explorer. (Bug #13481314)

  • Removing a method was not affecting the indexes list of the table object, as defined within the Table Designer. (Bug #13481313)

  • When a new column was added in Table Designer without selecting an associated data type, an error would occur trying to save the column definition. (Bug #13481298)

  • Creating a table through the Server Explorer Window on Visual Studio 2010 could fail with a MySQL syntax error. The properties in the CREATE TABLE statement could be listed in incorrect order. (Bug #13475830)

  • The Connector/NET installed for all users, and thus was not available in the Add/Remove Programs dialog for users other than the one who installed it. (Bug #13447941)

  • The default value for VARCHAR and CHAR field types would contain single quotation marks. (Bug #13442506)

  • When creating a tableadapter through a Dataset form in Visual Studio, the MaxLength of the field for a CHAR column could be set to 3 times the length of the table column. Although this many bytes could be needed to hold a UTF-8 character value, the length value was not appropriate for restricting the length of a TextBox. (Bug #12860224, Bug #62094)

  • When adding a MEDIUMTEXT or LONGTEXT column Visual Studio, the facet Fixed length had to be set to false, even though these types allow arbitrary lengths. (Bug #12848277, Bug #54915)

  • Executing a LINQ to Entity query could result in a NullReferenceException error. (Bug #12776598, Bug #61729)

  • Using a combination of ListView, EntityDataSource with TypeFilter and Include EntityCollection Navigation Property, and DataPager caused a NullReferenceException error in the System.Web.UI.WebControls.EntityDataSourceView.ExecuteSelect function. (Bug #12776517, Bug #61714)

  • Connector/NET experienced poor performance when adding parameters to the MySQLCommand. (Bug #62653, Bug #13331475)

  • The Unicode quotation mark character U+0022 was not escaped by the MySQLHelper class. (Bug #62585, Bug #13092886)

  • Using a return parameter without a name resulted in an IndexOutOfRangeException exception. (Bug #62416, Bug #13006969)

  • The Mono runtime did not support hashed passwords. (Bug #62203, Bug #13041618)

  • MySqlDataReader.Close was modified to use Default behavior when clearing remaining result sets. (Bug #61690, Bug #12723423)

  • MySqlScript was modified to enable correct processing of the DELIMITER command when not followed by a new line. (Bug #61680, Bug #12732279)

  • SchemaDefinition-5.5.ssdl was modified to treat CHAR(36) columns as a GUID. (Bug #61657, Bug #12708208)

  • SqlFragment.QuoteIdentifier was modified to add MySQL quotes around identifiers. (Bug #61635, Bug #12707285)

  • Modified MySqlConnection.BeginTransaction to throw a NotSupportedException for Snapshot isolation level. (Bug #61589, Bug #12698020)

  • The ASP.NET membership provider was modified to create and query all related tables using lowercase names. (Bug #61108, Bug #12702009)

  • Modified ProviderManifest.xml to map TIMESTAMP database columns to the DateTime .NET type. (Bug #55351, Bug #12652602)