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Changes in MySQL Connector/NET 5.2.4 (2008-11-13)

Bugs Fixed

  • MySqlDataReader did not feature a GetSByte method. (Bug #40571)

  • When working with stored procedures MySQL Connector/NET generated an exception Unknown "table parameters" in information_schema. (Bug #40382)

  • GetDefaultCollation and GetMaxLength were not thread safe. These functions called the database to get a set of parameters and cached them in two static dictionaries in the function InitCollections. However, if many threads called them they would try to insert the same keys in the collections resulting in duplicate key exceptions. (Bug #40231)

  • If connection pooling was not set explicitly in the connection string, MySQL Connector/NET added ;Pooling=False to the end of the connection string when MySqlCommand.ExecuteReader() was called.

    If connection pooling was explicitly set in the connection string, when MySqlConnection.Open() was called it converted Pooling=True to pooling=True.

    If MySqlCommand.ExecuteReader() was subsequently called, it concatenated ;Pooling=False to the end of the connection string. The resulting connection string was thus terminated with pooling=True;Pooling=False. This disabled connection pooling completely. (Bug #40091)

  • The connection string option Functions Return String did not set the correct encoding for the result string. Even though the connection string option Functions Return String=true; is set, the result of SELECT DES_DECRYPT() contained ?? instead of the correct national character symbols. (Bug #40076)

  • If, when using the MySqlTransaction transaction object, an exception was thrown, the transaction object was not disposed of and the transaction was not rolled back. (Bug #39817)

  • After the ConnectionString property was initialized using the public setter of DbConnectionStringBuilder, the GetConnectionString method of MySqlConnectionStringBuilder incorrectly returned null when true was assigned to the includePass parameter. (Bug #39728)

  • When using ProfileProvider, attempting to update a previously saved property failed. (Bug #39330)

  • Reading a negative time value greater than -01:00:00 returned the absolute value of the original time value. (Bug #39294)

  • Inserting a negative time value (negative TimeSpan) into a Time column through the use of MySqlParameter caused MySqlException to be thrown. (Bug #39275)

  • When a data connection was created in the server explorer of Visual Studio 2008 Team, an error was generated when trying to expand stored procedures that had parameters.

    Also, if TableAdapter was right-clicked and then Add, Query, Use Existing Stored Procedures selected, if you then attempted to select a stored procedure, the window would close and no error message would be displayed. (Bug #39252)

  • The Web Provider did not work at all on a remote host, and did not create a database when using autogenerateschema="true". (Bug #39072)

  • MySQL Connector/NET called hashed password methods not supported in Mono 2.0 Preview 2. (Bug #38895)