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Changes in MySQL Connector/NET 5.2.1 (2008-02-27)

Bugs Fixed

  • When using the provider to generate or update users and passwords, the password checking algorithm would not validate the password strength or requirements correctly. (Bug #34792)

  • When executing statements that used stored procedures and functions, the new parameter code could fail to identify the correct parameter format. (Bug #34699)

  • The installer failed to the DDEX provider binary if the Visual Studio 2005 component was not selected. The result would lead to MySQL Connector/NET not loading properly when using the interface to a MySQL server within Visual Studio. (Bug #34674)

  • A number of issues were identified in the case, connection and schema areas of the code for MembershipProvider, RoleProvider, ProfileProvider. (Bug #34495)

  • When using web providers, the MySQL Connector/NET would check the schema and cache the application id, even when the connection string had been set. The effect would be to break the membership provider list. (Bug #34451)

  • Attempting to use an isolation level other than the default with a transaction scope would use the default isolation level. (Bug #34448)

  • When altering a stored procedure within Visual Studio, the parameters to the procedure could be lost. (Bug #34359)

  • A race condition could occur within the procedure cache resulting the cache contents overflowing beyond the configured cache size. (Bug #34338)

  • Fixed problem with Visual Studio 2008 integration that caused pop-up menus on server explorer nodes to not function

  • The provider code has been updated to fix a number of outstanding issues.