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Changes in MySQL Connector/NET 5.2.3 (2008-08-19)

Functionality Added or Changed

  • Error string was returned after a 28000 second wait_timeout. This has been changed to generate a ConnectionState.Closed event. (Bug #38119)

  • Changed how the procedure schema collection is retrieved. If use procedure bodies=true then the mysql.proc table is selected directly as this is up to 50 times faster than the current information_schema implementation. If use procedure bodies=false, then the information_schema collection is queried. (Bug #36694)

  • String escaping functionality has been moved from the MySqlString class to the MySqlHelper class, where it can be accessed by the EscapeString method. (Bug #36205)

Bugs Fixed

  • The GetOrdinal() method failed to return the ordinal if the column name string contained an accent. (Bug #38721)

  • MySQL Connector/NET uninstaller did not clean up all installed files. (Bug #38534)

  • There was a short circuit evaluation error in the MySqlCommand.CheckState() method. When the statement connection == null was true a NullReferenceException was thrown and not the expected InvalidOperationException. (Bug #38276)

  • The provider did not silently create the user if the user did not exist. (Bug #38243)

  • Executing a command that resulted in a fatal exception did not close the connection. (Bug #37991)

  • When a prepared insert query is run that contains an UNSIGNED TINYINT in the parameter list, the complete query and data that should be inserted is corrupted and no error is thrown. (Bug #37968)

  • In a .NET application MySQL Connector/NET modifies the connection string so that it contains several occurrences of the same option with different values. This is illustrated by the example that follows.

    The original connection string:

    connect timeout=25; auto enlist=false;pooling=false;

    The connection string after closing MySqlDataReader:

    connect timeout=25;auto enlist=false;pooling=false;
    Allow User Variables=True;Allow User Variables=False;
    Allow User Variables=True;Allow User Variables=False;

    (Bug #37955)

  • Unnecessary network traffic was generated for the normal case where the web provider schema was up to date. (Bug #37469)

  • MySqlReader.GetOrdinal() performance enhancements break existing functionality. (Bug #37239)

  • The autogenerateschema option produced tables with incorrect collations. (Bug #36444)

  • GetSchema did not work correctly when querying for a collection, if using a non-English locale. (Bug #35459)

  • When reading back a stored double or single value using the .NET provider, the value had less precision than the one stored. (Bug #33322)

  • Using the MySQL Visual Studio plugin and a MySQL 4.1 server, certain field types (ENUM) would not be identified correctly. Also, when looking for tables, the plugin would list all tables matching a wildcard pattern of the database name supplied in the connection string, instead of only tables within the specified database. (Bug #30603)