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MySQL 8.1 Reference Manual  /  MySQL on the OCI Marketplace  /  Deploying MySQL EE on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

32.2 Deploying MySQL EE on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

To deploy MySQL EE on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, do the following:

  1. Open the OCI Marketplace and select MySQL.

    The MySQL listing is displayed.

  2. Click Launch Instance to begin the application launch process.

    The Create Compute Instance dialog is displayed.

    See To create a Linux instance for information on how to complete the fields.

By default, the MySQL server listens on port 3306 and is configured with a single user, root.


When the deployment is complete, and the MySQL server is started, you must connect to the compute instance and retrieve the default root password which was written to the MySQL log file.

See Connecting with SSH for more information.

The following MySQL software is installed:

  • MySQL Server EE

  • MySQL Enterprise Backup

  • MySQL Shell

  • MySQL Router

MySQL Configuration

For security, the following are enabled:

The following MySQL plugins are enabled:

  • thread_pool

  • validate_password

On startup, the following occurs:

  • MySQL Server reads /etc/my.cnf and all files named *.cnf in /etc/my.cnf.d/.

  • /etc/my.cnf.d/perf-tuning.cnf is created by /usr/bin/mkcnf based on the selected OCI shape.


    To disable this mechanism, remove /etc/systemd/system/mysqld.service.d/perf-tuning.conf.

    Performance tuning is configured for the following shapes:

    • VM.Standard2.1

    • VM.Standard2.2

    • VM.Standard2.4

    • VM.Standard2.8

    • VM.Standard2.16

    • VM.Standard2.24

    • VM.Standard.E2.1

    • VM.Standard.E2.2

    • VM.Standard.E2.4

    • VM.Standard.E2.8

    • VM.Standard.E3.Flex

    • VM.Standard.E4.Flex

    • BM.Standard2.52

    For all other shapes, the tuning for VM.Standard2.1 is used.