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Excerpts from this Manual SHOW PROFILES Syntax


The SHOW PROFILES statement, together with SHOW PROFILE, displays profiling information that indicates resource usage for statements executed during the course of the current session. For more information, see Section, “SHOW PROFILE Syntax”.


These statements are deprecated as of MySQL 5.6.7 and will be removed in a future MySQL release. Use the Performance Schema instead; see Chapter 22, MySQL Performance Schema.

User Comments
  Posted by Mark Callaghan on November 6, 2008
The disclaimer about getrusage() should be more explicit. You cannot get per-thread resource stats from getrusage() on Linux today. PeterG provides some details on this --
  Posted by Jiju Thomas Mathew on April 10, 2009
Open PHP MyProfiler ( is just a trial to run query profiling on a php-mysql application, without changing the architecture too much. Thanks to the built in profiler
  Posted by Morgan Tocker on December 10, 2013
I have written an example replacement for SHOW PROFILES using performance_schema here:

This may be helpful for users not wanting to rely on deprecated features (SHOW PROFILES is deprecated from 5.6, and may be removed in a future version).
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